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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Country Roads...Take Me Home

Whew!.......1364 miles later~ I am home! What a time I had! I am completely pooped and worn out which is exactly how I should feel after a week back in my old stomping grounds.
I had THE BEST TIME. I got to see family. I got to see dear friends. I got to go through some of the BEST JUNK scattered across Ohio~ ALOT of which ended up in the back of the truck!Every single vacant space in this truck was loaded up.....
I hit every Antique Mall, yard sale, garage sale, auction and even want ads in the classifieds (thanks to Linda who owns the B&B I stay at...she was reading them and saw a few items listed that she thought I might want!! She was right!)
My dear friend Karen came over to help me do the final load up. She has been though alot of loading, packing, lifting, unloading, hauling and more with me so by this point I trust her opinion! She helps put things into perspective and when I heard her say " I think you can fit it ALL" I was so excited to not have to leave a bunch of it for my others to bring down to me. I want all my junk around me after I buy it! I didn't want to have to choose what to leave behind...the agony! LOL! SO we did fit it ALL! .

Here it is....my junk all around me......literally!

Just a spot for me is all I need and I am a happy camper. I admit though, that I am ALWAYS so happy to get out of the truck when I get home and UNLOAD it all. So as I unload and organize a I promise to take pics to let you see all goodness that is heaping in the back of my truck!
Stay tuned! It's good to be home!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010


It's been awhile since I have been back to my home state OHIO for some serious junk huntin and time with family and friends! The past few visits have been super short with not enough time.....(there really is never enough time to get it all in.) SOOOO, I will be turnin the Buckeye state inside out to get a primo truckload of junk!! I'll be gone all week so don't think I forgot ya! The shop will be open while I am gone! Between my girl Kim and Mr. OTM the doors will be OPEN!!
Okay...so yesterday morning Mr. OTM gets up at 6 and wants to know if I wanted to hit the pav for some yard sales. Ugh...that moment of deciding to stay in bed for just a few more OR the thought of snagging something awesome can be torture! The junk thoughts usually win the war and thus we headed out bright and early!
Whoa Nelly did we find a dandy! Check out what I found as soon as we walked into this first sale.....
I spazzed OUT! Now, I realize that the two tall ones aren't old but I was NOT going to pass them up. The smaller one however is vintage. These will look awesome in the booth! It is so hard to find mannequins that don't cost an arm and a leg. (does anybody get that?? arm and leg...mannequins...??? hello? anybody? it's kinda funny right? ) Ahem...anyway it was amuzing watching Mr. OTM carry them out of the place.

So, I am leaving you with this FAB FIND and will be loadin up on pics while I am gone of what is hopefully going to be a fruitful , fun filled, junk buying frenzy!!
See ya when I get back!

Friday, August 20, 2010

What a day....

It could have been a WHOLE LOT worse. Yesterday morning Russ (aka Mr.OTM) was on his way to work like normal. It was lightening at home when he left but not raining here. Ususally his work day gets called off when it rains, so I wasn't surprised when he called me about 8:30 to tell me he was coming home. I love when he comes home like that. Anyway, when he gets home he proceeds to tell me he was involved in a SIX CAR PILE UP ON I 485! I am just standing there speechless before the freak out happens. Turns out it was a massive mess with cars leaving the scene, it was dark, raining, just bad. He knew a blue car was heading toward him so he veered into the guardrail and the blue car hit him anyway. The truck has some boo-boos but the important thing is Russ didn't have ANY! Oh thank goodness. I was weirded out all day yesterday with "what-if's".
To show my undying love we ended the day loading and unloading a huge truckload full of CONCRETE garden statues and birdbaths at the shop in a MONSOON rainstorm, flooding going on all around us, lightening everywhere. I couldn't help but stop, be in the moment, be overwhelmed and thankful for all that I have been blessed with. Most of all Mr. OTM.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


So here it is ....finally!! Again this post is long with lots of pics! Click on pics to enlarge and read captions! You don't wanna miss a thing right?Blah~ boring bedroom with freebie furniture...

I had been trying to figure out how I could make the furniture work so I wouldn't have to run out and buy anything right now. Paint was the obvious choice...you'll see in a sec...
The mattress propped up against the wall is now INSIDE the closet! Can't believe it fit either!

Just a bunch of mix and match stuff with no personality. I had been wanting to get this done for ages and we had company coming from Ohio~Bob and Karen! Karen was (an still is!) one of my SUPER ALL TIME BEST CUSTOMERS when I had my shop in Ohio. She was so sweet to want to come down and see my place down here. I loved having them and their visit was just the motivation I needed to get it done. Honestly it took a day~ that's it. Tweeking on the other had continues!!
So are you ready for the afters?? Let's go............

The wall color I totally snagged from my dear friend Wendy. She has a room painted this color and she was kind enough to share. It is Simply Gray from Waverly available at Lowes....

Here's the dresser re-do.......

coat rack cribbed from my master bedroom.....

You should have seen me trying to get this duvet cover on....picture a WWF match up with me getting my butt kicked. I FINALLY got the thing on and love it but dang!

the headboard re-do and the stinky little expensive impulse purchase antique toile chair.

just REST.....ahhhhhhhhhh

here is alot of my favs...the table, the cupboard, the stool, the chippy box, the letters, birds and tiny little antique mirror ( a 1.00 yard sale find)

mix match frames add dimension...

these letters can also be hung, which may happen when I get the tweeking done

the mirror is just too darn cute

bargain corner!

the table I had in the back corner of the garage for the LAST FIVE YEARS! Ugh! So HAPPY to have it inside again!

the picture above the bed used to hang in my dining room in Ohio....

this wall will be getting more mirrors eventually when I find the right ones. Liz Claiborne garage sale hat .50.

Well there you have it! I can't tell you how happy I am to get this room done! It has a personality now and I can continue to tweek it as I want. I do have an old feedsack pillow I am working on for the bed. This make-over cost about $65.00 for the paint for the walls, bed and dresser, the valances I picked up at a yard sale and the duvet cover. The other items I had around the house and had purchased over time. I am linking this to Kathleens White Wednesday over at Faded Charm. Please enjoy all the other wonderful white always on display over there.
Also, MANY THANKS to all of you who have left such nice comments and continue to inspire me with all your heartfelt goodness!
Have a blessed day!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I can honestly say that this post took me longer to do than the kitchen!! Whew!....Warning... there are a TON of pictures here and it is looooooooooong but I love lots of pics when I am looking so ENJOY!!This make over was long over due....

burgundy walls made it dark......

the wide border brought the ceiling down in an already small kitchen. We have dreams of bumping it out one day but until then....

we had to stick with a tight budget and use alot of what we had already. I had already taken down the curtains in this photo because it was too dark in there to get a picture...duh that told me something right there!

The HUGE snack bag box is totally charming right?
Okay...enough befores.....are you ready for some afters??
Here ya go...

Whoa.....I am LOVIN it!

Nice and bright and fresh!

Not to mention is is clean a whistle!


this was such an inexpensive update to the pantry...sheet of wainscoting costs about 20.00 at Lowes. We plan eventually to add it as the backsplash around the kitchen too.

I love how it makes it look like an old vintage built in cabinet

one of my fav finds ever!

my mom gave me this old cutting board that now has a rightful place of honor

With no money for stainless steel, granite counter tops or a new floor, I was really pleased with how everything blends together now

pst.....that's the date we met....subliminal of me huh??? I can be sneaky like that!

I don't miss all the baskets up there...this is neater looking to me and easier to clean

had to keep the wine rack!

inspired detail

gotta have some green accents...it seems to always pull it all together!
So there you have it. I am loving this whole look now and it was all put together for about 200.00 including the paint, paneling, sink and new faucet all bought over time. This doesn't include all the goodies I already had around the house.
I am going to link this to White Wednesday over at Faded Charm. There is alot more inspiration to see over there too!
Have a great day!