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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

J~U~N~K..better not get in the way...I'm junkin~~~yeah yeah~~~...I'm junkin!!!

Does anyone recognize that cheer??? Its the one where you say...U~G~L~Y you ain't got no alibi...you ugly ...yeah yeah...you ugly!!! Well I think the JUNKIN CHEER sounds pretty darn catchy...just thought of it a second ago too while I was waitin for the pics to upload....I think it's a keeper!!!! Anyway....Okay......to help divert attention from the last post where everyone got a hilarious little glimpse into my life as a junk hunter( go ahead...read it first then come back...I'll wait..............) I came up with that cheer AND some great pics of my junk finds last weekend...take a peek.............. All of it just looks so darn good together...........the big antique picture was a trade.....stunning!
Ole crusty, rusty stackable metal bins.....23.95 ea if ya want one

Scored TWO old wire baskets...one with swinging handles, the other with handles on the side...the wicker vanity tray is chippy perfect and the little old white suitcase was painted white by someone OTHER THAN ME!

ABSOLUTLY the most adorable old chippy blue wicker side table! The basket on top has a lid that lifts up!! Don't ya just want to hug it???? The little old stool has old blue paint on it too...I can't take it!!

This old tool tote is.....fantastic...no wait...fabulous...no...um....TOO DIE FOR...THERE!! Don't you just love all the drawers. I am thinking this is going to get a chippy white make-over...any thoughts???
OKAY, SO THERE YA GO....IT'S ALL FOR SALE SO JUST EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT TO KNOW PRICES AND IT CAN BE YOURS!! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow.....now say it with me....j~u~n~k.....better not get in the way......I'm junkin...yeah yeah....I'm junkin...................:0)

Monday, August 24, 2009

I am NOT making this up...read on............

Are you ready for this one?????......It's a goodie! Let me just set the stage for you.....so I am in Goodwill today and spy this "must have" little cupboard WAAAAAAAAAAYYYY on the top shelf. I reach for it and it is juuuuuuusssstt out of my reach by like an inch. So I decide to ask for some help.....the first person just looked at me and walked on.... next I see a tall guy walking by and ask him but his cell phone rings so no help there. I decide to ask an employee but they can't climb a ladder, I asked another worker and they said they'd be right there...so here I am GUARDING this cupboard and warding off any potential "thrift store pandemonium" if someone dared try to take this thing ...so I am waiting...and waiting...and waiting and nobody! So I go get this stool...you've seen them....they are used to put in bathtub to sit on ...anyway....I get up on the thing and ...well here it is...the legs fold up underneath it and I am left hanging...clinging to the top shelf of the Goodwill housewares display shelving!!! Can you believe this???? A lady sees me and runs to get a chair. I am beyond embarrassed but...........I GOT THE LITTLE CUPBOARD!!! The lady that helped me get down agreed that it was worth it. I was dying....then laughing at myself because this has got to be one of the most RIDICULOUS THINGS I HAVE EVER DONE TO GET A BARGAIN! Are you still picturing this? Have you peed your pants laughing? I am reliving it all over again this moment and still can't believe I did this!! It has made me think back on all the "situations" I have got myself into ...all in the name of junk! It's been quite a ride so far!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

ShopKeeper Sunday!!!


Featuring outside vendors dealin with antiques, good junk, handmades, homemade bread, jams and jellies, home canned goods, vintage finds and MORE!! We'll have the grill on too!!PLUS THE SHOP WILL BE LOADED WITH NEW JUNK FINDS AND GREAT NEW DISPLAYS!! TOO MUCH FUN FOR ONE SO BRING YOUR SWEETIE OR A FRIEND OR TWO!!

121 N. White Marshville, NC 28103

ANY QUESTIONS?????.......JUST CALL 704-942-6258


Monday, August 17, 2009


So I was finally able to just sleep in, relax , get up whenever.... ARE YOU KIDDIN?? Up at the crack o'dawn on Saturday I rustled Mr. OTM outta bed (with the promise of coffee and breakfast biscuit)and headed out to some yard sales! I love it when you can find sales with more than just baby clothes......This was a great day! The basket has already had the makeover you see here. I got two of these vintage wire bicycle baskets and painted and aged them up and added the old metal utility pole tag. They look super hanging on a wall or wherever! The little clocks are actually a cupboard...it opens up to reveal two cubbies inside. UPDATE....VINTAGE BICYCLE BASKETS...BOTH SOLD!!!
Okay...here's the deal on the big white old postal cubby box.....I DID buy it at a yard sale in Ohio....but like over a year ago....does that still count? I have just decided to take it up to my booth at the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte. Just look at how it all goes together....everything is either crusty or rusty!!

Butterfly and dragonfly candle holders look great with the placemats....wait a minute...I did buy them at the same sale so I think that gal already had that idea goin on.....anyway she had good taste!

I felt like I was being stalked when I was buying this little old vintage birdhouse....I'm not kidding!!! The guy finally fessed up too! As I was picking it up, there was this guy standing right behind me at bit too close , looking over me. After I had it in hand he backed off a bit to not seem so "in my space". Well as I was asking the lady how much, he moved in closer and so I must have gave him a look because he admitted that he was wanting it and was waiting to see what I was gonna do....he said he was trying to be "inconspicuous"! Well , we both started laughing because he was so bad at it!
Okay, some of these items are going to my booth and some are going to be heading to the shop for this weekends SHOPKEEPER SUNDAY!! It's all for sale....just let me know if there is anything you'd like to get your grubby little hands on!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

EVEN MORE JUNK FINDS...........................

I don't really know what it was about this old Army cooler......the color was great, it's smushy, the zipper works..it just had THE look you know?? Who knew military could be so chic? Take a look at the old chippy foot locker....I am thinking this one is staying put in my house someplace!
The little table was a SC find for $1.99! Apparently it is going to take a whole lotta muscle to get the drawer to come out...it won't budge! I love a challenge.....we'll see who wins.

The old chippy red metal can will look great at Christmas with a tree in it! The little chippy grater cost an arm and a leg (15.00!!!!) I know what you are thinking...what the heck????? But....I bought it for myself (GASP!) and have already made it into an adorable little accent light for the foyer. How do you ask????? You take a string of 50 white christmas tree lights and shove them up inside it an plug it on in! No skills required! Takes less than 2 minutes I swear!

A chippy meat grinder? But of course!! I was kind of thinking a candle would look cute in it...we'll see on that one. And finally the lamp is chippy concrete....it looks like it belongs in a garden. Okay...there is still more to come...I promise! Have a great day!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I can hear you out there......" We thought she quit shoppin it has been so long since she showed us some junk!" HARDLY!!!! LOL!! I finally got around to snapping some pics of all the junk finds I have accumulated in this past month. I have traveled alot.....to Ohio, back to Charleston SC with my friend Wendy, and to Maryland to see Russ's girls! Well you know that I had to go rummaging and foraging while I was in all those places and I found some great stuff along the way. Let's take a peek shall we................ Picked up the little wagon and chest in Maryland...take a close look at the old iron it says QUEEN on it...love that!! UPDATE!! WHEELBARROW SOLD!! HEADIN OFF TO CALIFORNIA...THANKS JACKIE...ENJOY!!!!

This little cupbaord is an old phone box....meaning that it used to have a phone inside it and basically protected the phone from the elements...don't you love the phone #? The little old chippy birdhouse is in that fab green color ...fell in love right away....the old general store counter string holder was an Ohio find and the Amish man I bought it from told me that he "quit using one of those along time ago because tape is a whole lot easier!" That cracked me up.

The tall white chippy shelf in the back was a steal in SC! It is a bit lopsided and I can't figure out if it's supposed to be that way or what. I think Mr. OTM will have to level it out for me. Okay...there is the first batch....LOTS MORE TO COME SO STAY TUNED!!! If you want anything...just shoot me an email!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Come on in...New Stuff in the Shop!

The ole schedual has been a hectic one lately but I finally got around to posting some of the new goodies and displays we have going on in the shop!! Enjoy peekin! I have been wanting to get my grubby little hands on one of these tin roosting houses for ages....WE FINALLY GOT TWO OF THEM!! They sure look great hangin on a wall , sitting out ona long bench on the porch...you name it!

This stenciled primitive box would be a great place to store magazines or use as a planter! The lamp in this picture looks wood BUT it's metal..pretty cool and different!
Our large metal stars are back in stock and ready to go.

The old slatted bench here is WONDERFUL! It has that crazed paint in the old green and ivory color that is too die for, turned spindle legs, bentwood handles and in super condition. One of our great sellers recently have been the old metal picnic baskets!

Well I hope you enjoyed your mini visit. I am off to get to the shop now and unload goodies from buying this past weekend . Promise I'll take pics! Have a great day!