If You're in the Market for great junk...You've come to the right Place!

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Soooooo...tell me...really....what's on your Christmas list this year???
Do you dare to put JUNK right at the top??
You know you wanna.
Just do it.....
and see what happens!
Look at this load I brought into the shop today......
If some one bought me an old chippy crusty rusty faded blue keg like that......
I would flip out!!!
Have you ever received a FAB piece of junk for Christmas??
I'd love to know all about it!
Do share!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Rusty Wreath.....

Hello friends!!
I  was super excited about this "wreath" I made today!
I spotted this old farm piece in a antique shop this summer.
Loved the patina and knew it could be something cool.
Today I finally got inspired and made it into a wreath.
Couldn't have been an easier project:
Step 1: Buy super cool rusty piece even though it will sit in the garage for 6 months
Step 2: Head out to garage while you are already late getting to your shop
to gather items you need for customers that day. Spy rusty piece sitting there.
Step 3: Finally get in the car to leave for shop when INSPIRATION STRIKES!
Step 4: Get back out of the car and grab rusty piece!
Step 6: Get to the shop, unload rusty piece, push everything on the counter that WAS your priority for the day to the side so you can have room to create!
Step 7: Grab ribbon and greenery and put on rusty piece even though you haven't finished turning on all your lights, flipping your open sign, or unlocking doors.
Step 8: Take photos and begin the social networking blitz!
Step 9: See if you have any "likes!!!" (you gotta look right??!!) wink wink!
Step 10: Finish opening your shop
It's that easy!! Proof positive that not all Christmas wreaths need to be green pine...
they can be "green" in other ways!!!