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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Tyme at the Marketplace...THIS WEEKEND!

You have been invited to join us.....TO share in all the Sights , Sounds and Scents of the Holiday at

Christmas Tyme at the Marketplace.

This festive event kicks of with our much anticipated
Candle Light Night
Friday Dec. 2nd from 6-9
Shop under the glow of twinkle lights and candles while the live band serenades you as you meander thru the shop.
Tasty treats have become a tradition as well as the prizes that are given away at random.

The fun continues all weekend...Saturday and Sunday
Dec. 3rd and 4th from 10-6.

We are pleased to announce that we have once again been accepted to collect donations for Angels Rescue. Please consider bringing a bag of dog or cat food for a furry friend in need.

We look forward to Sharing the in the
Spirit of the Season
with you.

Olde Tyme Marketplace
121 N. WHite St.
Marshville, NC 28103

Sunday, November 27, 2011

You'll NEVER GUESS what one of our Best Sellers Is.....

Okay so I know a bunch of you are saying......

"It's the Butter Maple Syrup Candle....That's an easy one Beth!!"

While you are correct....we have a little unsung hero that just sits on our counter and sells like crazy!

That's right.........CHICKEN POOP Lip Junk!!!

This stuff is AMAZING and actually contains no poop at all....which is a good thing in fact considering you use it on your lips!
Not only does it fly out the door (hee hee) It is some seriously great stuff!!!
Plus.....and here's the Best Part.....it always makes people smile or laugh.
I love products that can do that!

WOnderful ingredients include lavender, orange and jojoba oils
so you can count on it smellin good too!
This makes a PERFECT stocking stuffer for gals, dudes, kids, gramps , gramma, your second cousin , friends, your co-workers, your co-workers kids, teachers, the mail man, your banker, your neighbors, firemen, cowboys, construction workers, ballerinas, Santa, waitresses, movie stars, life guards, base ball, soccer and football players, oh......hockey players too, farmers, Aunts and Uncles, Train engineers, your florist, newspaper delivery person, magazine editors, auctioneers, fishermen, boat captains, JUNK PICKERS, dog groomer, carnival workers, 4-h advisers, B&B owners, authors, BLOGGERS, chefs, nurses, doctors, bus drivers, State Highway Patrolmen, Sheriffs, the Mayor, scientists, Veterans, mechanics, landscapers, hikers, mountain climbers, campers, Scout Leaders, Sunday School teacher, make-up artists, shoe salesmen, fashion designers, Game show hosts, barbers, crossing guards, service men and women, volunteers, accountants, lawyers, parade organizers, wedding planners, dentists, EMT's, interior decorators, song writers, entertainers and clowns.

The price: 2.99 each or
2 for 5.00
If you've got to have some, just let me know in a comment but be sure to include your email address or just email me directly.
Have a great day!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Burlap thrift store MakeOver!

Hello friends!

It has been quite awhile since I shared with you a good ole fashioned

Thrift Store Make-Over Post!

Lord knows I've done a bunch of them but remembering to to take the all important BEFORE picture helps in the over all post ....know what I mean? Lots of times that doesn't happen.

Well ....THIS time I remembered!!

After making the car payment and buying a turkey yesterday I decided to head into the local Goodwill. I found this cutie laying in a heap of faded pointsettas.

The burlap caught my eye and so I picked it up and started to imagine what I could do with it.

The face was make from panty hose (ick..) and 1984 called and wanted their gold wings and thread back......
So I gladly gave it to them and transformed that

into THIS!

Christmas always brings out my primitive side and as soon as I started working on this

my primitive Santa took shape.

Gone is the panty hose head.....

Gone are the gold wings and thread....

Gone is the loopy twine hair......

Now we have a tea dyed old feed sack head.....
Vintage trim around the collar.....
Old curly wool for the beard....
Pine accents.....
A new hat and mittens.....

and a brand new twinkle in his eye!

I really enjoyed seeing this transformation! Usually it a piece of furniture so this was fun to do something different. Challenge yourself and head to the thrift store to find something like this and give it a holiday make-over. Could be a stocking, snowman, wreath, Santa or whatever! Use your imagination and create something that you will just love!

My Santa is for sale and is headed to the shop but you may want to use yours as a gift or just for yourself.

Either way....you are gonna have fun!
ho ho ho!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Meet my New Purse!

Hello Friends!

Isn't it fun to be in the market for a new bag?

I love bags and seem to always be on the look out for

the next best thing.

Well I am here to tell you ......

I found it!

This time I owe it all to LL BEAN!

If you were to look at my collection of bags, totes, luggage etc...you would definitely notice a trend.


I love the durability and texture and depending on the bag you can even throw it in the washing machine .

My new LL BEAN bag is called the Sea Washed Canvas Guide Bag. I ordered the khaki but is also comes in olive too. (yep.......it was tempting to order one of each, I'll be honest.)

Let me count the ways I love this bag:

1. LOADS of space

2. It's not heavy

3. Was not too pricey (only $49)

4. The color will hide dirt

5. Will stand up to being tossed in the pick up during junk trips

6. adjustable strap

7. handy pockets

8.convenient bag handle

I am a more rugged kinda girl when it come to purses for everyday use. They have to stand up and I don't want to cry a river if it gets a mark, scratch or rip especially if it was a more expensive bag.

This one is PERFECT!

My new BBF.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Marketplace Update....

Hello Friends!

Thought I'd give you a little update on Marketplace home front!

First off.....My Mrs. Meyers soap arrived yesterday and all is right with the world.....

The shop is FINALLY coming together with all the Christmas decorating!

You can see the floor and actually shop! Some displays still need work but it is looking like an Olde Tyme Christmas! The carols are playing and I am continually putting out new products.

AND........The MOST AWESOME NEWS OF ALL.........

My nephew~ Colton Richard was born on 11/11/11!!!

He is doing wonderful~ as cute as the dickens and I will be getting photos together soon.

I think he's the most precious thing ever. I will hopefully get to go back home to hug him in person soon.

I am a super proud Auntie!

And finally ,

for those of you who are thinking

"Rustic White Farmhouse Christmas" this year.....

I added some wonderful chippies to my Etsy shop this morning!Take a peek.....

there's more to come.....

{this bag is perfect for all of Santa's letters headed to the North Pole!}

I will be adding additional items later this evening.

Hope your day is great!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mrs.Meyers Holiday soap scents!!

Today is off to a GREAT START!!!

After having to trudge thru the holidays WITHOUT my FAVORITE Mrs. Meyers soap scents last year...I knew I couldn't go thru it again this year! {insert total drama here~lol!}

I blame this whole thing on Target really if you must know.

I went in one day to get toilet paper and and cat food and right there on the end cap was this soap......on sale.

So I had to take a wiff and BAM....hooked ....line and sinker!!

Since my Target decided not to sell the holiday scents anymore I was left wandering lost in the woods wondering how on earth I could get some!

I hopped onto the ole internet train this morning and decided to look up ole Mrs. Meyers for myself.


I am soo glad I did. Not only did I order this "sure to be awesome" Orange Clove....
I TOTALLY stocked up on my super all time most favorite scent ever:


It is bliss in a bottle.
And...it's only 3.99.
If you think you need this too {and you do...you really really do}
go to www. mrsmeyers.com.
It really is the small things in life isn't it?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Show pictures!

Hello Friends!

So it happened like this.............

Friday morning the show began at 10:00 am. Based on last years show I still had a good 45 minutes until the crowd got thick.

So I take my time to get my last minute stuff together.

That included getting all my bags situated...

Money in the cash register....

Credit card machine fired up.....

Check out area organized......


Snapping pics of the booth.

Welllllll........NONE of the above happened.

At 9:45 I had made my first sale (to another vendor) and we chatted until the show opened and by then it was too late!People were flooding in and sales were brisk all DAY!
We sold out of sleds.....

wreaths were gone.....

had to make some more that night in the hotel room.

{Let me tell ya....you get some weird looks from folks when you traipse thru the lobby at 11:00 at night with a mountain of greenery , ribbon, an old sled and berries}
I was pooped but I HAD to get some things done to be able to sell on Sat and Sun!

The old feedsack stockings were a show Best seller!

So on Sunday morning I finally got around to taking some pics for you!.

{Plus I finally got my check out area organized right before it was time to tear down!}

I love doing Christmas in red and white and it looks like the customers did too.

A HUGE thanks to all the new customers I met and also for the FABULOUS blog followers that introduced themselves too. It always so much fun to meet new friends.

With the show behind me, I am now in FULL ON CHRISTMAS DECORATING MODE at the shop!

This week you will have to enter at your own risk. It will be a disaster zone for a few days but the result is always worth it.
It's beginning to look alot like Christmas............

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Holiday Market in Greensboro...THIS WEEKEND!!

Today is such a great day to be outside. My wreath workshop is in the garage so I have LUUUVED being able to be outside while getting all this done.

I've been up to my earlobes in pine, burlap, gingham,ice skates , old sleds ......

you name it!

I am almost ready to start loading the trailer for the trip to Greensboro NC for their

Holiday Market!This is one of the wreaths that I just got done that is on an old chippy white sled.

It's going to be a bit hard to part with this one.

It's a little different than the others that I have done ~ most of them have red berries with gingham bows. But I thought that if I were shopping at this show and I saw this , I would buy it so I am gonna leave it as is !
For those of you who plan on attending the show here is the info:

The Holiday Market

Greensboro Coliseum

Greensboro NC

November 4, 5, 6

Go to www.gilmoreshows.com for a $1.00 off coupon and more information!
For those that are unable to attend the show because they live a gazillion miles away~ don't worry...I'll be sure to take some pics!