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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hello Friends!

I did something a little different this year when it came to decorating my back deck with plants and flowers.

This year I used ALL JUNK PLANTS!!

{If you listen to them at Lowes they have a bit more class and selectively call it the

Distress Cart.}

Oh do I LUVVVV the "distress cart!"

How could I not? It's totally in my nature to give things a second chance. When I see many of these plants just basically needing a good dead heading , a little cut back and healthy dose of fertilizer I grab one of the BIG flat carts and load up!

I wish I would have thought to take some before photos of all these. Little shrunken messes they all were, just dying for a drink all withered and sad..........and cheap.

Have I ever mentioned I *LUV* cheap?

It's funny who you meet back there too ...at the junk cart.

Whoever you do meet you feel like you've know um all your life.

You start chatting about how cheap you both are and how you love seeing the plants come back to life and what you found on it the last time you were there (yesterday) and how sometimes it's fun to by a "mystery" plant and see what happens and what's the best fertilizer to use and how you really don't NEED any more plants or flowers and so on.....

These were my "mystery"plant. I knew they were petunias but not the color!

I was tickled pink!

Garlic chives. Twenty five cents.

Sweet potato vine is one of my all time favorites. You can't beat the color and the impact it has.
Plus it gives you tiny potatoes!

The tall chippy metal piece is actually the top of an old post lantern that I turned into a candle holder.

My little concrete garden angel was bargain too. She was only 2.00 because she had a broken foot. We made a deal. I asked her if I would find her foot and glue it back on, would she grace my garden and nurture all my junk plants. We shook on it. She's doing a fantastic job by the way.

So tell me.....how many of you go diggin in the junk cart?

Ain't it fun? If you've never done it....you are missing out!

The only problem is , once you start , you can't stop and you wind up spending perhaps more money than you want to. I look at it this was....I am saving a life.....a little tiny plants life. I am giving it a chance to bloom and grow and be all it can be. To one day leave the nest and go to college , then get married and have a family of it's own. LOL!

Let me know what you find when you go.

Don't say I didn't warn ya!! *wink*

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I love you guys.

I really do.

But I have to confess....

that these pics are just a small portion of the stuff we found today!

I had to stop taking photos cuz the darn { keepin it clean}

mosquitoes thought I was delicious.

You should see my ankles.....

{or maybe not}


Mr. OTM and I had an absolutely WONDERFUL day today.

Birds chirping.....

Sun shining....

Breeze blowing......

junk lurking......!

We got up this morning to send off my parents back to Ohio. They stayed with us over night on their trip home from Florida. Even though it was a super short visit, I loved it just the same.

After they left we decided to head out to a new untapped flea market.




After we finished up there we decided to go Antique Malling!

Love hittin new places and rummaging through new territory.

Take a peek at the first of the stuff I took off the truck.The ladder.....adorable size....super color

This old rusty crust tractor seat is precious. Yellow and precious.


Now take a lookie and this tray!!! You are gonna flip. It's got a glass base and tightly woven sturdy painted a hundred times wicker and the handles are metal!

Can't decide to place this one on ETSY or my dining room table.

Chippy in all the right places...


Okay...now I need your help. I got 9 of these old fence sections. Each one is about 3 feet long, with rusty crusty old chippy paint.

Got any ideas???

My first thought was a trellis.

So far......that's it.

AND......Honestly the VERY VERY VERY BEST part about today was a total shock!

A total surspise! The best find of the day.

Out of the clear blue I get a phone call from one of my dearest friends in the world who I was unable to locate for about 6 years. I had tried to find her number. I knew she had moved. I did alot but nothing ever came together. Then all of the sudden...today I am talking to her on the phone. OH* MY* GOSH! I was sooooooo happy! I wanted to hug her through the phone. Picked up right where we left off and I can't wait to chat with her again this week. Judy...if you're reading this, the smile on my face is has been there since about 1:00 this afternoon. I am so happy to have found you. Or that you found me.

SO that's my day. All in all , it was perfect. One of the best I've had in a long time.

I sure hope you're day was just as blessed.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In a panic....

So there I was......happily snoozing away this morning.....

When BAM!! All the sudden I woke up and my first thought was.....



That sent me into a tailspin panic!

You know the kind when all the sudden get real warm and you can't sit still and you need to blog about it to at least SHARE the panic just a little with your loyal followers? (You're welcome by the way...if I've sent you into a panic of your own I can't apologize...I needed some company while I stress....I can be a stinker like that...)

Oh the work that needs to be done in these next few.....very few months!!I can't help but ask....

Where does the time go?????


We've got 4 Sunday at the Marketplace Events left for the season....

A Boll Weevil Festival

A Bella Rustica Barn Sale in Nashville

A Holiday Show in Greensboro

Harvest Tyme at the Marketplace

Candle Light Night

Christmas Tyme at the Marketplace


the Shop will be totally transformed for the holidays!

And there is a wedding in there too~ Aug. 20th!

I have no idea how it will all get done....

But it does.

With a boatload of prayers.

And my absolute love for what I do.

Your support.

And help from Mr.OTM....{thank goodness for Mr. OTM!}

So now that I've calmed it down a bit and have created mass hysteria for a few of you~ I feel better! LOL!

So today I am just gonna head to the shop.......

Gear up for today's fantastic customers.....

(and maybe ....just maybe.....open the dreaded Christmas closet and just take a peek at what lies ahead.)

Then again...maybe not.

Yep.....I think not.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Well......We could always strap it on the roof....

Good morning friends! Today is another lesson in how desperate times call for desperate measures. In the junk biz that izzzzz.

Mr. OTM and I went on a junk trip and filled the truck with a bunch of awesome stuff.

We had loaded and re-loaded the truck countless times.

We were on our LAST re-load.

I had paid and we were out in the parking lot.




AND THEN I SPOTTED THIS 10 foot beauty lurking behind some bushes.

Mr.OTM sees me going over to take a peek...

He yells "come back Beth come back, we don't have any more room!"

{Between you and me...there is ALWAYS more room.....}

No price so I had to go back inside. He knows he's lost me at this point.

When I heard $70.00 bucks I KNEW we had to figure out how to get this thing home.

That's when my darling of darlings says those magic hillbilly words.....

We could always strap it on the roof!!

{Ahhhhh...I fell in love all over again.}

So that is exactly what we did!

Cue the music cuz we headed down the road for our two hour trip home!

There once was a story bout a gal named Beth...

Strapped the sign on her roof and couldn't care less....

She got a trunk full o junk and couldn't be more happy.....

So off to the shop and unload it merrily!!!!!

Oh the pride of being a junk dealer!!


P.S. If any one is in need of an adorable chippy boat anchor I just listed one in my Etsy shop!



Friday, June 17, 2011


I am so EXCITED share this BIG NEWS with you all!

So a few months back I was contacted by the sweetest gal Linda asking me if I would be interested in being a vendor at this new barn sale she was putting together as a major fundraiser. Hum....she had me at Barn Sale. I was DEFINITELY interested~ then all the questions started coming. This is BIG TIME for me! How could I possibly do this? I would have to get some help. What will I take? Will I have enough? Will they like my stuff? Where will I stay? Will my display be good enough? How will I haul it all? I can't back up a trailer!! UGH.....! Well after a good dose of HOW CAN YOU NOT DO IT from Mr. OTM (YOU live for this kinda stuff, he said!!) all of Linda's confidence in me and my friend Wendy coming along~ I was so excited at the invitation that I knew I HAD TO DO IT!!! . I had to do some crafty schedule maneuvers but LOOK OUT NASHVILLE .....HERE I COME!!!

I am going to be in excellent company!

MAGNOLIA PEARL clothing as in THE MAGNOLIA PEARL is going to be there!



SOOOOOOO, if you all decide you need a road trip plan it for

SEPT 16 &17 and head on into Tennessee!

Visit the official Bella Rustica blog to read all about it and follow updates!

Who knows , while I'm there I may also get a record deal and hit it Big Time on country radio!

LOL!! For now I'm just gonna pray that I hit it Big Time with the customers that attend the show.

A girl can dream!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Hello Friends!!

I just had to let you know.......that for all the ones who voted for me to do the chair seats with the different feed sacks.....
You Were Right!
I got them done last Saturday morning......
Set them all outside the back of the shop......
Within AN HOUR they were GONE!
One of my best new customers Carol, snagged um right up!!
She knew better than to leave um for Sunday at the Marketplace.
I appreciate all the other great ideas that some of you shared with me as well. I've got my junk radar tuned into chairs {especially matching sets} so I can try some of them!

Got lots to share this week!!
Stay Tuned!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Pics of NEW SHOP DISPLAYS...All set for Sunday at the Marketplace..THIS SUNDAY!!

So remember all that junk in the back of the pick-up??

Welllllll..........here is proof that I did actually unload it {3 times} and get it ALL PUT OUT IN THE SHOP.....PRICED AND DISPLAYED!! It is CRAMMED FULL!!!

We are all set for this month's


JUNE 12TH 11-5!

We've got some great outdoor vendors selling all kinds of antiques and collectibles!

The end of the flowers and plants will be REDUCED for quick sale!

We're also going to go a little fancy schmancy with the addition of

Brazilian Bon-Bon's! Wait til you try these...Oh * My * Gosh!

So just to tease ya a bit.....here are some displays that have put together this week!
To see more....

You need to plan to come....

and enjoy the afternoon......

surrounded by all kinds of chippy, junky, goodness....

at Sunday at the Marketplace......

And while you're there you MUST get a bag of these....


See Ya Sunday!!

Olde Tyme Marketplace

121 N. White St

Marshville, NC 28103

Conveniently located one turn off Hwy. 74 behind BB&T Bank!!

Questions call 704-942-6258

Monday, June 6, 2011

Major Restocking!!!

Happy Monday Morning!!

So Saturday was finally the day when I was able to load up the truck {more than once} and haul some HUGE LOADS to the shop for some MAJOR RESTOCKING!

This was the first load....

all these loads include my Lucketts finds as well as all the other goodies I picked up in Virginia and Maryland!

This is just the first load of 3....yep THREE that we hauled over there!

I always get the shop crammed for our Sunday at the Marketplace event which just so happens to be THIS COMING SUNDAY ~ June 12th !

You don't want to miss out on all this goodness!

Chippy pandemonium!!

Displays have been redesigned to accommodate all this stuff!

Shop pics to follow!

Stay tuned!!

P.S. THANKS to all who commented and helped me decide what to do with the chairs!

The feed sacks won hands down! I'll be whipping those together so they'll be available by the weekend!

Saturday, June 4, 2011


This has been one busy week for sure!

Since I opened my Etsy shop this past Wednesday, I have been having so much fun!

Even had some sales already and I am just so tickled!

THANK YOU to all who have visited and left such sweet comments!

I can't wait to add even more goodies!

Speaking of goodies~ Southern Marketplace is having their

GRAND OPENING EVENT today June 4th from 11-7!

They are located on Hwy. 74 in Indian Trail in front of Lowes.

I went by last night and tweeked my booth:

{added in some touches of red and fresh flowers}!

The place is FULL of all kinds of great items:

shabby furniture, floral, nests, cloches, Willow Tree, jewelry, cottage, chippy stuff and more! They are going to have refreshments along with door prizes drawn every 30 minutes!
To help celebrate the day I will be offering 10% off your entire purchase! The discount will be taken at the register.

When you're done there hop in the car and come on down to the shop {only 25 minutes}! I have been restocking this week with lots of my recent finds and the shop is pretty packed!

Have a great day...AND hey...I may even see a few of you!!

That would be great.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


You read that right OTM fans!!

Can you believe it????? We are finally open on the web!

Yee to the Haw!!

Please take a hop on over to the shop and browse around!

I added the Etsy Mini on the sidebar so all you have to do is give it a click and


You're there!

I don't care if you shop at lunch time....

I don't care if you are in your jammies......

I don't care if it's 2 am.......

as long as you're there

I will be too!Speaking of being there...this is ANOTHER BIG DAY for Olde Tyme Marketplace!


It would not be possible in the least if it weren't for YOU!

Since the day I opened the shop I have felt the blessings that have been showered upon me.

On June 1st 2007, I opened up my front doors and said a boatload of prayers.

I had spent everything I had to stock the shop to the point that I forgot to save anything to put in my cash register. A dear friend came to my rescue with 100.00 in change so I could do business. She believed in me and knew that I would be able to pay her back in a jif. She was right.

I continue to say a boatload of prayers. I continue to be ever thankful and mindful that I am very lucky to be able to do what I love.

I appreciate each and everyone one of you.

Thanks a Million!

P.S. FYI...just SOLD my first item on Etsy!!