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Saturday, March 31, 2012

And so the booth got BIGGER and some HAPPY NEWS!

Hello Friends!

My March {Make-over} Madness continues!

This time it it involved my


When the space next to me became available, I was excited to gain some elbow room.

I always have a slew of stuff just waiting in the wings~

(namely the garage...Mr.OTM just loves that by the way)

and I loved being able to get it out and get in the booth.

Not that the garage is empty now.

Ohhhhh nooooo...that just created extra space.

For. More. Stuff.

{evil laugh}

Soooo, do you wanna take a peek?

Let's go!

{old gears from Charlotte NC}

{industrial bins have sold already but there's more on the way}

{love the laundry cart}

{wire cloches were a fun project and I really like them

paired up with the old architectural bases}

{the CHIPPY iron bed}

{our window green houses are back!}

{pick me!}

{the old grain sack pillow is HUGE and smooshy}

{old pink Victrola cabinet that's already been converted to just a

neat old cupboard}

There is SO much more to see. This is a big mall with loads of booths.

Worth the trip for sure!

There are a few exciting things coming up this week!

First off tomorrow, April 1st is the launch of the


To order your digital copy just click on the link at the top right of my blog.

It looks to be CHOCK FULL of inspiration!

I cannot wait to see it.

AND......here is where it gets REALLY EXCITING!

Sometime during Monday , at some point

I will become a Gramma.

I am beyond excited .

I hope I will be the kind of Gramma to little Conner Robert

that mine was to me.

She was sooooo good at it and I wish she was here to see me become one.

She would be so tickled.

This past few months sure has been a ride. Not only have I become a wife, step-mother, mother in law, sister in law, an aunt and now a Gramma too all at the age of 44.

Truly a year filled with blessings.
I love counting each and every one.
Be prepared for the onslaught of photos!

That's what Grammas do right?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Vintage Canister Set Make-over

And so the "project pile" is getting a bit smaller!

(Only I added another thing to it yesterday)

It's a vicious cycle~ I'm tellin ya!

Here we have your basic vintage aluminum canister set.

A 5 piece to boot!

These were one of those items that I saw at a recent auction ONLY when they were brought up to the front. I totally overlooked them when I previewed everything.

This is a PERFECT example of my brain screaming

"buy them...buy them....we can for SURE do SOMETHING with them!"

So I did.

Thankfully , I was inspired right away with a simple project .I have enough scraps to circle the world over like 4 times.

I love digging into my scrap basket because it makes me feel like I am actually making a huge dent and cleaning it out and well....I still could circle the world like 3 and 3/4 times.

Anyway...start with a scrap of muslin or here in my case I had some great scraps from old grain sacks so I used those.

You will also need some burlap scraps.

If you do NOT have any scraps at all...go buy a yard of muslin and a yard of burlap and after you get done with these labels, you'll have a bunch of scraps left over for your next project!

Just think...I helped you start you scrap basket!

Awww.....and trust me , it will grow and grow.....just like lemon balm in your garden! HA!

okay.....next you'll need a rubber stamp set and stamp pad.
Go ahead and stamp the words of your choice~ keeping in mind.....
Seriously, you will drive yourself nuts.
Have a few extra pieces to be able to start over on but don't obsess.
Takes the fun totally out.
I then sewed the pieces together.
Simple. Easy. Straight stitch.

After you are done with the labels adhere them to the canisters with a strong glue like E5000.
(Yes I know it's stinky but the odor does go away.)

And there you have it!

Updated vintage canisters worth millions!

You could easily do this with a set of vintage wood canisters as well! Perhaps give them a coat of paint and then apply the labels! For those of you who would just like to be able to buy these labels , I have them listed in my etsy shop (along with the canister set too!)

Thanks for lookin!

Have a great day!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

March {Make over} Madness!

Let me just start out this post by telling you that my "project pile" has never been so big.

In a perfect world, I could go junkin and everything I find would be in the perfect condition I would want and I wouldn't have to do A THING to it!

That is sooooooo not the case.

I even tell myself..."Okay self...stick to stuff that you can just put in the shop or a booth and the only thing you need to do to it , is put a price tag on it!"

That hardly ever happens.

It seems.

My creative side of my brains engulfs the entire rest of my brain telling it things like:

"oh...you could do this......

and then it would turn out like this......

or you could do this........!!!!"


Ha...so obviously I am just going to have embrace the fact that I will forever have a

"project pile."

March came in with great mild weather and I starting diggin out the goods.

First up is this absolutely adorable vintage telephone stand..... "WHO are YOU wearing?"...she was asked at the Oscars......

"Why that would be Annie Sloan......in Duck Egg Blue!"

Lovely yes???

I really enjoyed working with Annie on this project.

Everything you hear is true.

one coat......

You can find this piece in my booth at the

Sleepy Poet!

Next up is this AWESOME old work bench on wheels.

Immediately I saw "KITCHEN ISLAND!!"

Just a basic coat of satin ivory paint and some distressing and antiquing.....

and BAM....updated to fit into any ones decor.

With a simple coat of poly on the top, it just made it shine.

This piece also rolled into my Sleepy POet booth.

Trust me ....I have more to show you BUT I best be getting to the shop!

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!

Monday, March 26, 2012


Hello friends!

A quick post today to share with you all this amazing double rainbow!

We were getting a doozie of a thunderstorm while Mr. OTM and I were heading to an auction.

We were running late and trying to drive safely while getting pelted with huge rain drops.

Then all of the sudden it stopped...

and there right before our eyes was the BIGGEST MOST BEAUTIFUL double RAINBOW I have ever seen. My camera doesn't do it justice at all ..they were both huge and full and bright! Stunning! God is amazing that way!All of the sudden...being on time for the sale didn't matter so much. Mr. OTM and I both realized that this was a moment to behold....to STOP and take in all the wonder and beauty.

SOOOO happy I had my camera with me to at least capture a glimpse of this gift.

When we did finally make it to the sale.....all everyone was talking about was this!

People were smiling and commenting and HAPPY!

Just confirms that IT IS the small things in life {like this giant rainbow} that are the best things.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Booth Junk!

Hello Friends!

Today was all about JUNK.

Loading, lifting, hauling, moving, pushing, rearranging and displaying


My booth at The Depot has needed some TLC since the holidays have come and gone and

today was THE day.

I have recently been fortunate to find some killer pieces that just begged to go in this booth.

Take exhibit A for example......

This chippy cubby.

It's previous life was holding shoes at the thrift shop.

Now it's the star of the show. It won the cubby lottery!

I am in love with this thing and while I was working the booth a prop guy from HBO was already asking about it and snapping pics.

I can see it now:

TRUE HOLLYWOOD STORY: THE CUBBYYes that's a pig. In a wire basket with buckets and a garden tool tote and a paint scraper.

Somehow it works.

Okay....now here we go with the SUPER AWESOME mustard painted chippy cupboard.
I WISH I had a place for this in my house. There is blue and green paint under the mustard.
ahhhhhhh.....chippy euphoria!
The fern is from my friend Andrea a few booths down. They add the PERFECT touch to any display and are the most well behaved house plant ever.
Better than artificial even cuz they flutter in the breeze.

Some super genius {not me} took the end of a broken up crate and apparently had eggs to sell.
So BAM.....out comes the cutest sign.
.15 cents a doz. The good....ole......days......

and then we have the lovely little farmhouse scale.
Perfect to weigh jelly beans or hamburger patties.
Whatever you prefer.

It was a looooong and busy day.
I love a great booth make-over and feel good when I get in lots of great stuff.
Hopefully none of it will last long!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New pieces add to our SecondHand Farm Girl Collection

Hello Friends!

Putting together The Second Hand Farm Girl Collection

has been sooooo much fun!

As pieces fly out the door....
I continue to add new ones each week!

Merchandising the outfits is the best part.

It's kinda funny. You see, clothing is actually where I got my start merchandising. During the height of Top Gun, I worked at a department store in the Juniors section. I can't even begin to tell you how many bomber jackets I sold. Remember? With all different patches on em??

You know I totally had one too...I was lovin my 15% employee discount back then!

Anyway, it was there that I realized how much I love to display.

It was easy for me and for someone who didn't see herself as very artistic in any way, I found my niche.

Things do have a way of coming full circle. I was let go at that job so one of the buyers could give my job to her daughter.

I .was. devasted.

(and the company is now out of business...so full circle again...!!!)

BUT.....because of that job, I have been able to
follow my niche for the past 20 some years.

For that I am so thankful!

So, Second Hand Farm Girl is my full circle and I am loving it!

If you're local, stop by the shop and take a peek at what was added this week.

If you're not, I am always happy to answer questions about size and price!

I also added a car load of NEW JUNK too!

Have a great day!

Friday, March 16, 2012


Hello Friends!

Take a look at that follower button.....

go ahead.......

I'll wait............

Do ya see??????

Yep...over 1000!!!!!

Woooooooo Hoooooo!!

You know what that means...........

The give-away is right around the corner.

I am having a blast putting it all together!

In the mean time enjoy this lovely picture of my wonderful potting bench......that really isn't mine.

But I do have a few of the same flower pots as this gal does.

She's probably really sick of this whole display by now anyway wouldn't you think?. I mean it was featured in BH awhile ago and I am sure she would really like someone to just say "hey...I'll take all that off your hands for ya....geez it must be like a gigantic dust collector! If I removed all this stuff for you, you could hang up a lovely mirror or print! Less is more right?"

I know......Dream On.......Dream on..........

(stay tuned for that give away!!!)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Psssssst...Getting close to 1000 followers!!

Hello Friends!

I . am . speechless!


I am verrrrrryyyyy close to hitting 1000 FOLLOWERS!

Whoa Nelly!

That may not be a huge deal here on blogland where so many other blogs have a gazillion more than that , but to me


I feel so grateful that so many of you give a hoot about this lil ole blog of mine!

When I started this , my computer knowledge consisted of using Mircosoft word to create a flyer, sending emails and listing stuff on ebay.

Blogging opened up a whole new world!

Uploading photos, adding gadgets, photo editing,layouts...stuff I never dreamed I could do.

The VERY BEST PART of all this blogging

is ALL OF YOU....

hands down, no comparisson!

All the time you spend reading, looking, commenting, emailing has not and never will go unnoticed.

I appreciate all that you have given me and continue to do so! You keep my creative wheels spinnin!

Soooooo....in honor of this MEGA HUGE accomplishment.....

When that follower gadget hits 1000.....

I am going to have a SUPER DUPER GIVE~AWAY!

STAY TUNED to see the stuff!

I am sooooo excited~ you're gonna love it!

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hello Friends!

You are all invited to join us for our



MARCH 9 & 10 10-6

The shop is bursting with everything you need to welcome in the Spring season!

We've got wonderful greenery, bunnies, birds, wreaths.......

Eggs, nests, birdhouses, new candle scents.....

TONS of chippy, crusty, rusty, JUNK FINDS.....

Plus our Second Hand FarmGirl Collection has many new pieces added

for this event!

Refreshments, prizes and FUN!

Olde Tyme Marketplace

121 N. WHite St

Marshville, NC 28103


Be a dear and BRING A FRIEND!!!

See You Then!