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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Whites from my booth...

I had to go re-stock my booth yesterday at The Depot and I snapped some shots for you!
Some you may recognize from being in my driveway a few posts back!
They look way better here!
As always, I have boxes. I love um and can never pass them up (unless they are uber expensive!) You can use them for so much!
Here is a piece of that chippy porch wrought iron. A perfect wall accent~ inside or out!

Here are the other two corner pieces. I LOVE how they look in the booth! They added height and interest.

Simple yet sweet.

Here is another driveway goodie~ the little baby shoes , so worn and tattered. Again, they look way better here don't you think!
I hope your White Wednesday is calm and serene today! Off to look at everyones whites!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Good Morning!! Yesterday I hit a couple thrift stores and decided to take my camera along with me to show you all the lovelys that I DIDN'T BUY! Usually I am showing you all my loot from a weekend of yard saling and flea marketing but since we had the big anniversary weekend at the shop I couldn't head out . A HUGE thanks to all who came out by the way....I appreciate each and everyone of you!

Okay peeps...are you ready for this? I know you'll be SHOCKED at some of these items I left sittin on the shelf...........maybe.

I actually thought about getting these lamps (the pair) but they were too retro comtemporary modern for any of my booths. The little lovely to the left is stunning though....

a sea of clubs.....

Wanted it...didn't work..totally busted on the back...bummer!

I wish I had thought of these darn crock thingies....they are ALWAYS there...

See what I mean...ALWAYS! And always minus the cork lid!

Oh I bet I could......maybe.....no I think so....yep, I'd give it a try....

Don't you love this...must be a tad on the heavy side huh?? Bunch o wimps.....

I thought the price was a bit steep ...I mean these things are like a dime a dozen! Knock off a hundred bucks and they might actually sell it!

This one was a toughie but alas I passed on the strapless leather dress with the very flattering ruffle right on the waist...........

Now these were cute! I mean it, little old vintage jammies with navy weathervanes all over the place. I ALMOST bought um..

TOTALLY passed on this one.........

Oh...lookie here....this was a surprise! NOT! Remember my post on this? They are ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS at EVERY SINGLE THIFT STORE I GO TO.....ALWAYS! Right along with ..........

THIS ONE!!! ALWAYS ALWAYS!! Seriously, go to any TS today and I promise you they will be there! (p.s. I read um both...tee hee...who didn't right?)

"Darling, I must have you now, don't go! I cannot find my shirt! My desire is so strong I cannot wait any longer.......!" ( I left them two alone and kept movin...lol!)


Nordic Track graveyard...

I know someone is thinking, what's wrong with those lamps?

These were at every single craft show I ever did...and sold like crazy. Wish I had thought of this too.

And for the GRAND FINALE....TA DA!!! The title of the print? A Star is Born! Good Grief!

SO I could have done this all day! It was fun taking pics of all the weird and wild stuff that lurks inside the TS jungle! I am linking this to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm!
I do have some finds that I got at ShopKeeper Sunday the other day that I will post later on. Til then enjoy these beauties! Have a great day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Do you like to shop? For antiques? And Junk? And Handmade goodies?Do you like to eat? BBQ? Burgers? Dogs? Ice Cream?

Come see us today...........

Too see stuff like this.........


TODAY from 11-5!!
The LOT will be FULL as well as our front porch with the BEST VENDORS selling antiques, junk, handmade items, vintage finds and MORE! The shop is PACKED with new finds and it's nice and cool in there!!
See ya later alligators!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I can't believe it either but the shop is 3 YEARS OLD!!!
To celebrate we are having a HUGE ANNIVERSARY PARTY WEEKEND!
The fun starts:
Join us for an evening of wine and cheese (sweet tea too!) and some Sinatra! The shop will be PACKED with LOTS of NEW FINDS~ be the FIRST to see um. Give aways all evening!
The fun continues:
The FIRST 25 customers will receive a $10.00 gift certificate to use that day~ PLUS QUICK SALES will occur ALL DAY LONG!
The party train keeps going:
We'll have the parking lot FULL OF VENDORS selling the best junk~antiques~ handmade goods and MORE!!
Come HUNGRY because the BBQ IS BACK!!!
121 N. White St
Marshville, NC 28103
We look forward to thanking each and every one of you who have helped us reach 3 years old!!
See ya there!!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

White Wednesday around the shop.....

Look what I picked up at a garage sale on Saturday for $1.00!
I'm such a kidder!
Could you just imagine? I would LOVE an old truck like this someday! When I pulled into the parking lot of my shop the other day this was there. I found myself imagining Olde Tyme Marketplace on the doors~ a bed full of junk~ a cool horn! When I finally snapped out of it I realized the least I could do was take a picture for White Wednesday.
This week I took some pics of chippy whites around the shop. Hop on in~ lets go take a look!ya gotta have Faith....

old postal scale with rust and white....ahhhhh

bankers bag pillow and old Royal River feedsack pillows...

I just got this display done the other day. That big cupboard is actually and old icebox minus the door but still h~e~a~v~y! The bottom has a flap that flips up to insert a zinc pan. It is the perfect kind of white~ crackly AND chippy!

I love sharing whites with you all! Can't wait to see everyone elses! You never disappoint!
I love Wednesdays!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Well it wouldn't be Monday without showing you this weekends TRUCKLOAD of JUNK finds!
Mr. OTM woke me up at 5:30 so we could head out early to try to beat some of this
"center of the earth" heat we are having here in NC! UGH! It's hard to be a die hard junker AND hate relentless heat...BUT the show must go on ~ bad hair and all!
This is what a packing job looks like when you have sweat rolling down your back and into places you need not mention! JUST THROW IT IN THERE!!
I was worried about the table~ thinking it might blow out but that would mean having to REARRANGE the whole mess....Mr. OTM said he had it "pretty nestled in with other stuff"...
that was good enough for me......it made it home!

Okay here we go with the goods! There are a few surprises.......

LIKE THESE!!!! I will TOTALLY CONFESS THAT THESE WERE A BLOG INFLUENCED PURCHASED!! Dolls kind of creep me out, they always have~ espicially Raggady Ann! OMG..run for your lives! It's the eyes~ I am not an eye person, what ever that is.
Anyway, these were sitting there STARING of course and I thought" Theresa of Time Worn Interiors has these things looking at her in her WHERE I CREATE ROOM!" The way she has them displayed look great and in a non creepy way....so I bought them....BUT .....they aren't sticking around here...THEY ARE FOR SALE so if you are interested...shoot me an email....FAST...PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Another surprise ~ at least for me was the bunch of baby shoes. I don't normally buy things like that but I loved how they all had such a wonderful tattered and worn look all with different shades of white. My thought was that they would look neat all in a glass vase or under a cloche.

Yet another surprise was the old wrought iron chippy porch columns ! It's not a surprise that I would buy something like this~ the surprise it that I COULD AFFORD THEM! I always look at these at markets and always turn away because they are about as much as Ford F-150. Not this time~ and they are TOO DIE FOR! Needless to say, these were my fav find of the day!

The last surprise purchase is the bundle of netting you see on the bench. It's fishing net and has four metal stakes with a sinker and the net is awesome. I have no idea what it is actually used to catch and I don't normally buy old fishing gear BUT I loved the look! If you have any ideas of what it is please let me know!

That's it for today! As always ALL OF THIS IS FOR SALE! So if you are dying to get any of it (doll heads , doll heads, doll heads) just email me and I can give you a price and shipping quote!
Have a great day and stay cool...not Fonzie cool...cold cool...you know what I mean? LOL!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

White Wednesday

A week sure goes by quick! Here we are with another White Wednesday.
Here are some chippy white pieces around my house that didn't cost an arm and a leg.
Take a peek....
Old restaurant sign 20.00 at a garage sale....
old chippy lantern 15.00 at a flea market.....

old firkin picked up at a thift store for .99 cents....

HUGE chippy three piece cabinet picked up at a Habitat Restore. This is my ULTIMATE find ever. Original price tag...$4,965.00....my purchase price 700.00. I got lightheaded in the store!

All of my ironstone is chippy too! Each piece pratically has a chip on it someplace but I have never paid more than 1.00 for each piece you see here .
Another reason decorating like this is so fun...CHIPPY CAN BE CHEAP!
Get on over to Faded Charm to see more chippy goodness!
Enjoy your day!