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Monday, June 21, 2010


Well it wouldn't be Monday without showing you this weekends TRUCKLOAD of JUNK finds!
Mr. OTM woke me up at 5:30 so we could head out early to try to beat some of this
"center of the earth" heat we are having here in NC! UGH! It's hard to be a die hard junker AND hate relentless heat...BUT the show must go on ~ bad hair and all!
This is what a packing job looks like when you have sweat rolling down your back and into places you need not mention! JUST THROW IT IN THERE!!
I was worried about the table~ thinking it might blow out but that would mean having to REARRANGE the whole mess....Mr. OTM said he had it "pretty nestled in with other stuff"...
that was good enough for me......it made it home!

Okay here we go with the goods! There are a few surprises.......

LIKE THESE!!!! I will TOTALLY CONFESS THAT THESE WERE A BLOG INFLUENCED PURCHASED!! Dolls kind of creep me out, they always have~ espicially Raggady Ann! OMG..run for your lives! It's the eyes~ I am not an eye person, what ever that is.
Anyway, these were sitting there STARING of course and I thought" Theresa of Time Worn Interiors has these things looking at her in her WHERE I CREATE ROOM!" The way she has them displayed look great and in a non creepy way....so I bought them....BUT .....they aren't sticking around here...THEY ARE FOR SALE so if you are interested...shoot me an email....FAST...PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Another surprise ~ at least for me was the bunch of baby shoes. I don't normally buy things like that but I loved how they all had such a wonderful tattered and worn look all with different shades of white. My thought was that they would look neat all in a glass vase or under a cloche.

Yet another surprise was the old wrought iron chippy porch columns ! It's not a surprise that I would buy something like this~ the surprise it that I COULD AFFORD THEM! I always look at these at markets and always turn away because they are about as much as Ford F-150. Not this time~ and they are TOO DIE FOR! Needless to say, these were my fav find of the day!

The last surprise purchase is the bundle of netting you see on the bench. It's fishing net and has four metal stakes with a sinker and the net is awesome. I have no idea what it is actually used to catch and I don't normally buy old fishing gear BUT I loved the look! If you have any ideas of what it is please let me know!

That's it for today! As always ALL OF THIS IS FOR SALE! So if you are dying to get any of it (doll heads , doll heads, doll heads) just email me and I can give you a price and shipping quote!
Have a great day and stay cool...not Fonzie cool...cold cool...you know what I mean? LOL!


Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Wow Beth...how wonderful and I love the iron porch columns too....great find.
Now those doll head are creepy....do you know that when the TV shows focus in on peoples faces, especially creepy bad guys...I NEVER LOOK INTO THEIR EYES...it's a fobia I have that they will enter my mind like MANSON! Silly I know but it's what I feel...lol

Well, I do love all your treasures.

The Vintage Attic said...

Ok so you call it junk I see gold...I tried to find on thing that I liked more that another but couldn't..Love it all, not much on the doll heads, still find them a little creepy. Have fun with all the loot.


time-worn interiors said...

OMG! Beth how much for the baby doll head? Loving it!

Amy said...

Okay my fav are the doll heads, just posted about my new one purchased at the rosebowl last sunday. LOVE THEM!!!
You always have the best finds, I don't know how every week you continue to stumble upon such awesomeness.

"B" said...

One man's trash IS another's treasure. When I remodeled my parents' home 5 years ago, I couldn't wait to rip out those wrought iron columns and haul them to the dump!

The Cedar Shingled Barn said...

How lucky! You have some great finds! I especially like your porch columns, lovely!!



Hi Beth,
You find the "COOL"-est treasures. I would love to go junkin with ya!
Hubby had me up early also..estate sale had old toys!!!
LOVE the "rent" sign :) Do you have any old real estate signs...cheap???
Thanks for showing me your goodies!
Deb :)

Janice Hough said...

Did you say Rageedy Anns creep you out? Alot of us crafters love our rag dolls and most are quite beautiful. i owe alot to raggedy Ann and Andy since selling them has put my children through college one is now a Doctor and to me and my fellow crafters we love Rageddy's. Also they are not creepy. I did notice in your shop that you did sell dolls. Raggedy Ann's are the best in my eyes. janice

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Hi Janice!
Yes...when I was a little girl I never did like my traditional Raggedy Ann doll~ she scared me because her eyes are so big! Thank goodness all the prim ones that are so popular today come in so many variations that many are quite adorable!

Ann said...

Beth, I can relate to the doll's heads staring at you. Our youngest - he's 9 - doesn't like things looking at him when he's going to sleep. Teddy bears, etc must face down! ~Ann

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Fun finds, Beth! What is it with doll heads these days - they've always kind of creeped me out too but they're slowly growing on me!

Shelley said...

Had to laugh at those doll heads! Like you, dolls creep me out! Clowns too!!