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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Hello Friends!
I get alot of emails from fellow bloggers who live too far away to be able to
make it to one of our Sunday at the Marketplace shows.
There are always lots of tears and foot stomping and well frankly....
it ain't pretty!  LOL!
So this morning, after reading such an email from Carol..(yes Carol you know which one) hahaha,
she said ...and I quote ,
"You could at least show us the Junk we Miss!!!"""

Your wish is my command!
Roll um!!

We had stuff fresh out of a barn in Virginia....cobwebs and all.....

just get on in there and RUMMAGE!

rusty pots and old pans....

handmade recycled items like this table out of an old door!

Steampunk Junk and everything you need for any altered art project....

parts and more parts...

Old soda crates....

to chick feeders....

to the chicken herself!

Get a room you two!
Geez! They were like this all day!

This is just the tip of the iceberg!
We have some of the BEST VENDORS around who always bring it!
We only have one more market day left for the season! Oct. 21.

It's always fun to see what junk awaits.
There you go Carol and the rest of the junk fans who can't make it.
We sure would love to see you sometime~ til then enjoy the pics of all the junk you miss!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Harvest Tyme at the Marketplace...Sept. 21 & 22

C'mon in Friends!!
It's TYME for our Annual
Friday Sept. 21
Saturday Sept. 22
The shop is all decked out and JAMMED PACKED with everything you need
for your Fall decorating!
You know we'll have TREATS ...PLUS
some prizes too!!

The FUN continues on Sunday Sept. 23
for our
Sunday at the Marketplace
Come shop with our outside vendors who always
bring the best in antiques~collectibles~vintage goods and more!

Plan to visit us this weekend to start
off a

Olde Tyme Marketplace
121 N. White St
Marshville, NC 28103
conveniently located one turn off Hwy. 74 behind BB&T Bank.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Things I do for JUNK

It's not everyday that we decide to pack up the truck and head out on a junk run at 8:30  at night and drive and drive and drive just so we can be there Bright and Early in the mornin to get started!
But Sunday night we threw caution to the wind and tossed together an overnight bag (still packed TWO pairs of undies...just in case. I am more of a planner so this was me being "reckless!" lol) and hit the open road!
Wild and free and pooped to the max when we got there.
Memories being made I always say.
He didn't hear me. He was busy snoring while it was my turn to drive.
So I reminded him as we were coming home last night  and the headlights just decided to GO OUT on the truck.....on the interstate none- the -less...in the pouring rain.
(I think I hear a country song in there somewhere!)
You will LOVE what we did here......since the brights would work if they were held on...I got a bungee cord and hooked it around the bright switch and hooked the other end into where the seat belt strap comes out! Worked perfectly except it was raining so hard and the wipers needed to be adjusted and the bungee was in the way and ....UGH!
Soooo, Mr. OTM had to just hold the switch the whole way home.
We are 1/2 mile from pullin into the driveway and VOILA~ the lights just magically appear BACK ON!
Yep...memories being made! LOL
We did have a great time and got a slew of great stuff!

This is just a small sampling because as I am trying to take these pics ~it is getting ready to pour!

The old metal rusty "R" light is one of my all time finds ever! LOVE IT!
The white farmhouse bench is sweet too!

Apple Antiques decided to make their sign out of an old grinder pad! It's pretty heavy and I love the color!

And yes....we got pumpkins!!! Loads and loads of pumpkins.

I honestly wonder how much money I could spend on  pumpkins and gourds if I was able to just go and get all that I wanted! I get to the farmers market and just want them all.

As I was taking this~ it did start to rain cats and dogs as you can see proof on the pumpkins!
I loved this old enamel ware platter and found a bowl to go with it too.
Most of the items that you see here will go to the shop for our Harvest Tyme at the Marketplace Open House
The things I do for Junk!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Hello Friends!!
One of my favorite times of the year is when the mums arrive at the shop!
The porch takes on an instant transformation from summer to fall!
Today was the day.
Well at least I got the mums today. They will arrive at the shop tomorrow and I'll have fun putting them about.
Right now they are making the back of my truck look like an Autumn wonderland.
Today was all about corn stalks. I got those up and a fall breeze even blew while I was at it!
Such a great time of the year.

LOVE all the colors.
Can't wait to see them on the porch.

I am working on some awesome fall planters that will ready to go, mums and all!
Here's a sneak peek!
THese will be ready for the Boll Weevil Fesitval this weekend as well as our

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Seven Deadly Sins of Outdated Decor.....

Hello Friends!
While munching on my Special k this morning, I was skimming thru the Charlotte Observer and landed on
She got my attention.
After reading the whole thing , I was like....
"Oh.... I SO think everyone else would love to see where they fall into The Seven Deadly Sins of Outdated Decor!"
Here we go.....
SIN ONE~ NO MORE MAUVE!  She states that while the heyday for this color peaked in the 80'S and 90's, there is NO ROOM for it in our future. I have to agree~ get out of the time warp.

SIN TWO~OVERDONE LIGHTING aka Track Lighting being "bulky and clunky". Excess lighting( including recessed lighting) clutters up a beautiful ceiling. She says floor lamps are making a huge comeback...my question is "Where did they go?" and I cannot possible put a floor lamp in my kitchen.

SIN THREE~BAN THE BORDER...oh I am soooo guilty on this one. Yep...STILL have a border in the master bath...and guess what...I STILL like it but I know....it's gotta go. "While wallpaper itself is staging a MAJOR comeback~ the 6 inch wide borders are sooooo yesterday."  Okay okay....I can take a hint! Geez......

SIN FOUR~TILES: TIME TO COME CLEAN Her point here is that basically bright vivid patterned tiles are WAY OUT and clean subway tiles are WAY IN. Bring color in with accessories, not zig zaggy horrific tiles.

SIN FIVE~ SIMPLER SOFAS.....NO MORE FLORALS! Okay, I hope my mom sees this. She's been in love with floral patterned sofas forever. The author says that "Fabric in dramatic patterns isn't generally a wise investment!" (I think I should just show that part to my dad!)

SIN SIX~NO MORE DROOPY SWOOPS (especially mauve ...eek!) Nice simple tailored valances are IN....using mega yards of fabric for window treatments is out! Again....classic look=IN....flouncy and droopy =OUT

SIN SEVEN~ SOFTER COLORS FOR RUGS....Avoid the cheap mass produced Oriental rugs in hideous colors. If you have a nice expensive rug in a  dark color ~ for a mere $500.00 you can get a chemical wash done to make the colors softer! Easy as pie! (geez)

So to sum it up:
Later today you need to ditch the sofa, scrape the tiles off the walls, rip off the borders, tear down all the excess lighting,dye your rugs , paint the walls and scrap the swoops!
Don't forget to take tons of pics!
Oh ...and You're Welcome!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Save the Dates!!!!

Just a little reminder of all the FUN FALL events that we have coming up this month!

 September 15th all day through-out the town
Fun~ Food~ Rides~Entertainment~Arts & Craft vendors~ Contests!

Sept. 21 & 22   10-6
Join us for our Annual Fall Open House where you will find the shop
all decked out for the Fall season with everything you need to decorate your home!
Prizes~ treats~good junk~fun!

SEPT. 23    11-5
Continue the fun of the weekend with our wonderful outside vendors!
They always bring the best in vintage, collectibles, great junk, antiques, primitives and more!
An event you don't want to miss!


Saturday, September 1, 2012

I Can't Carve.....

Hello Friends!
Are you ready for Fall like I am?
Last year I finally admitted to myself something that I have denied for years......
I can't carve a pumpkin.
I am Carve Challenged.
My pumpkins always look like a massacre , which would be great if that's what I was going for, but I tend to decorate more with a Fall Harvest theme instead of  Nightmare on Elm Street kid of thing.
Most of the time they just wind up in their natural state like the ones above.
Nothing wrong with that except I have been blessed with some creative genes or two and would love to do something a bit different once in a while.
Like this year for example.

Thank goodness for Pinterest!
You simply type in Pumpkin ideas and
Don't you just love how E*A*S*Y this look is?
I wanna do it today, cept I don't have any pumpkins yet!

I know, I know.....the one in the middle has CARVED DOTS. Here's the thing,
last year I actually did this look but it wasn't what I was going for so I feel pretty confident that I can give this another try.
I'll let you know how it goes.

How much do you love this????
Apples...in a wreath.
You could use gourds or even mini pumpkins!!
All super ideas for me, the carve challenged!
Can't wait!!

sources: thesweetsurvival