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Friday, June 29, 2012

Open Sesame......

Hello Friends!!!
I need your help!
Can somebody hop on over here and please help me take the lid off my milkcan?

If you can't swing by.....I'd LOVE for you to share any
TIPS or TRICKS that you have used to get lids off old milk cans!

This thing is as tight as Scrooge!
But...I have hope because even ole Scrooge loosened up in the end!

Sooooo...PLEASE let me know what I can do !
WD-40 has already been put to the test but perhaps I didn't let is sit long enough.
Who knows....All I know is that I am desperate for this lid to come off. And I have a feeling that there are other friends out there with the same problem this morning! Our lids are stuck!
Thank you in advance!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Marshville Fresh Produce Market

Today is the first day of our NEW FRESH PRODUCE MARKET in downtown Marshville!
The vendors are located in the parking lot right behind the shop!
You'll find Fresh Produce and Homemade Baked goods!
This is a wonderful addition to Marshville and an event that is sure to grow!
Held every Wednesday (except Holidays) from 10-3.
Come on out ans support your local farmers and friends!

Friday, June 22, 2012


WELL WELL WELL.....look who just waltzed into the shop to join us for
Come shop this FUN EVENT now in our 4th season!!
The parking lot and front porch will be FILLED with
wonderful vendors selling THE BEST
Antiques~Primitives~Vintage Finds~Homemade Baked Goods and GREAT JUNK!
Our ANNUAL PLANT sale will be in full swing too!
Plan on bringing the biggest vehicle you own...OR rent a U-HAUL!
Mark your calendars.....
Sunday at the Marketplace
June 24th    11-5
BRING A FRIEND OR TWO..(as long as you still have room left in the car to haul home all your junk!!)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Ohio Road Trip...Such a blast!

You may not believe it but I didn't quite get all the junk I wanted.
Soooo if you're planning a trip to Ohio anytime soon~ I left plenty for ya!
I just ran smack out of room to haul it!
If I wasn't such a big baby and too nervous to haul  the trailer by myself~ I guarantee I would have filled that up too.
(I seriously need to get over that fear....just can't figure out how yet)
This trip was SO much fun. There were unexpected surprises that made it  unforgettable!
I will get to those in the next post for sure.

In the mean time~ I ran out to the truck this morning to snap a few pics for you to see it all before I start unloading it today at the shop.
I have stuff tucked inside stuff!
PLUS.....and this is no joke....I was snappin bungee cords!
One hit the roof and scared the "you know what outta me!"

This is a fantastic haul and I can't wait to get to digging in it all today.
It's like Junk Christmas!!
Have a great day friends!
More pics to come!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Filling up the space

One of the hazards of having booth spaces and a shop , is that when you commit to hit the road and do a show , you tend to half to hoard up some stuff so you'll have awesome things to sell there too.
I recently expanded my booth space in the Sleepy Poet in March.
Since I was in "FULL ON HOARD" mode for Lucketts, the booth space
never really got all the goods it should.
Wellllll, let me just say that

I've kinda been like a crazed junk lady filling it up.
Workin on projects....
Actually getting them done...loaded...priced and displayed....
(sometimes all in the same day!!)
Who cares if I have paint in my hair while I'm trying to restock!
Lord knows there's probably more on my arms that I missed when I tried to wash it all off!

It feels great to get caught up on filling up the space.

All of these photos were taken last week and a bunch of the stuff you see here is gone already...

But TRUST ME.....there's more where that came from!!!!
My husband still continues to dream of the day when we can actually park the car
in the garage.
He even brings it up once in awhile like there is a glimmer of hope or something.
Silly Husband....Garage is for JUNK!

One of my favorite pieces is the tall , long aqua table that we covered with antique chippy ceiling tin!
It's a great height for a work table or buffet.
I'll be sad to see this one go. If I only had a bigger house.
HEY...here's a thought...a bigger house means a bigger garage .....sooooo
if we had a three car garage~ TWO could be for junk and ONE for the car!
I'll have to use that one next time!

Old industrial work bench,,,just waiting patiently for someone to take it home and use is as an island!
(Yep...it's even on wheels.)
I made the wire cloche (and didn't cut myself once!) It comes with the old architectural column base too!

This french script bookcase is kind of in limbo. I want to keep it~ I really do have a place it could go, but that would mean getting rid of the piece I have there now.....which I love too.
Decisions Decisions. I figured if someone bought it then that would make up my mind for me!
I have since added more pieces and am loving the additional space!
I will be taking a ROAD TRIP to OHIO this weekend and hope to find some PRIMO JUNK to bring home to help fill
in all my spaces!
See ya when I get back!
P.S. YES.....THE SHOP IS STILL OPEN WHILE I'M GONE! Stop by to see Kim or Mr.OTM!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We picked the Color!

Everyday on my way to the shop I pass by this adorable old house.
It had been for sale for ages (we even took a look at it...mostly cuz we were nosey about the inside* wink*)
and finally one day we saw that it had sold.
We haven't met the people who bought it, but I like um already.
They have been updating it in stages.
The porch floor was last summer's project and it is looking great!
This summer it looks like it's getting a brand new paint job!
I LOVED how they chose the color....
They let the community choose!

See the white board?
That's the voting board.
Take a close look at the porch walls too.
You'll see sections painted all different shades of green.
On the board ~ you had to sign your name under your favorite color!

What a great chapter to add to the history of this house.
It looks like it was a pretty close race between  #3 and  #4
(the two colors you see here).
I loved # 2 and kinda made Mr.OTM pick that one too but  we were the only two in that column.
What do I know right?? LOL!
I can't wait to see it all painted and will be sure to share with you all the final results!
Wasn't this a great idea?
Makes me want to paint my house.....
only it's brick.....
and Mr. OTM would have a COW......