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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We picked the Color!

Everyday on my way to the shop I pass by this adorable old house.
It had been for sale for ages (we even took a look at it...mostly cuz we were nosey about the inside* wink*)
and finally one day we saw that it had sold.
We haven't met the people who bought it, but I like um already.
They have been updating it in stages.
The porch floor was last summer's project and it is looking great!
This summer it looks like it's getting a brand new paint job!
I LOVED how they chose the color....
They let the community choose!

See the white board?
That's the voting board.
Take a close look at the porch walls too.
You'll see sections painted all different shades of green.
On the board ~ you had to sign your name under your favorite color!

What a great chapter to add to the history of this house.
It looks like it was a pretty close race between  #3 and  #4
(the two colors you see here).
I loved # 2 and kinda made Mr.OTM pick that one too but  we were the only two in that column.
What do I know right?? LOL!
I can't wait to see it all painted and will be sure to share with you all the final results!
Wasn't this a great idea?
Makes me want to paint my house.....
only it's brick.....
and Mr. OTM would have a COW......


Anonymous said...

How Cool!!!

Anonymous said...

How Cool!!!

Protector of Vintage said...

Lovely home!!

Bente said...

What a nice way to choose the color.

Have a great day