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Monday, April 30, 2012

This Just in....I tried chalkboard paint!

Here's a nifty little idea that I came up with last week after being
slapped with  grasiously given  a thousand old chairs!
(seriously it was more like 33 but they are in STACKS!...geez!)

I FINALLY got my hands on a can of chalkboard paint.
I know ....I know.....where have I been right??
Anyway, I grabbed a piece of cardboard and made a stencil.
Freehanded...nothing perfect.
Mostly because I'm impatient and want to see the finished project already.
Anybody else like that?
And here ya go!
You could also do this on the back of the chair as well!
Took like 5 minutes a chair.
After I did this (and what you don't see here) is
I took and old feather pillow and cut it in half.
(YES....there were feathers......everywhere.)
I wanted to create a chair seat for each chair I did so I figured this would be easy too.
It really was except for the feathers  and the fact that my sewing machine is inside the shop and wellllll
let's just day that the feathers were an issue.
You can imagine.
Who knows what's going to get chalkboard paint on it next! This stuff is a blast!
I realize I'm probably  the very last person in blogland  to try this stuff....
But I am hooked and if you haven't tried it yet either....You better get goin!
You'll Love it!
Have a great day.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Rub a Dub Dub!

Hello Friends!!!
Anyone remember this AWESOME antique  french zinc farmhouse tub that I went on and on about it being my super
favorite piece that I took to the Bella Rustic show last Sept.??
I was POSITIVE that it would sell.
It didn't.
I  had one girl who wanted it but her biggest vehicle was a mini cooper.
Now I can pack a car...but um...there was just no way.
So I brought it home, where it has been resting in the trailer ever since.
I hadn't given up on it. Noooo way!
I was waiting for the moment when I became inspired about what I could do with it and where.
That moment happened this morning via pinterest!!!
Take a look at THIS!
Is this not the most gorgeous idea!!!???
SO now I have a problem.
Do I keep this beauty and enjoy it like this at my house...
Do I make it my Super Favorite Piece that I take with me to Lucketts Spring Market in May?
I can't quit looking at it.
I even went outside and opened that trailer and had to let tub know I've got big plans for her!
She was as excited and I am!
Thank You Pinterest!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Today is THE DAY...Sunday at the Marketplace!

   Hello Friends!
(and right now it looks like rain)
Not to worry.....
the SHOP is PACKED to the rafters with literally (6 loads)
The trailer FULL OF FLOWERS , BASKETS and PLANTS arrives any minute.....
Some fabulous die hard vendors come prepared...
The BBQ is goin, beans and slaw are ready!

P.S. NEW...look for our PHOTO OP STOP !!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sunday at the Marketplace is HERE!


Winter's over......

Spring has begun.....

It's tyme for Sunday at the Marketplace!


THIS Sunday~ is going to be a BLAST!

The shop is being stacked, crammed, and loaded to the gills this week with TONS of my recent junk finds from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia!

Our vendor line up is AWESOME!!!! Shabby, chippy, rusty, junk finds, handmade wares, homemade baked goods, flowers, plants, BBQ, farm finds, antiques and MORE!

So excited to see everything they bring!


Sunday at the Marketplace

121 N. White St

Marshville, NC 28103

APRIL 22nd 11-5

Want to be a vendor????? Give me a jingle: 704-942-6258

Friday, April 13, 2012

Here I Am!

Oh .....My......Goodness!

I feel like it has been FOREVER!

Well let me tell you....I am the same gal that you have always known....

except now I can officially add Grandma to my resume!!

It was so exciting and just pure JOY!

Being away for the week was amazing to be able to experience this whole event.

Wouldn't trade it for nothing.

So what's been going on while I was away?

Take a look at this.................

That's right!!!

You are looking at the ULTRA FAB Parisienne Farmgirl E-zine that came out April 1st!

Am I telling you something you already know? Probably.

No doubt you have heard about this in blog land. It's really hard to keep a secret here.

It's all over the place and for good reason.......

It's FAB.........TRES FAB to be exact!

In case you live under the same rock I do sometimes, then you'll appreciate me filling you in.

First off the photography is wonderful...just look at the cover!

Inside is where it gets crazy!

Recipes, more photos, articles, projects, more photos fashion, more photos....on and on.

In case you haven't ordered your subscription.....DON'T PANIC!!
There is still time!

Click on the Parisienne Farmgirl button at the top of my blog and VOILA....you are instantly transported to be able to purchase.

You Will Love It!

And guess what?????

You just might see some of your favorite bloggers lurking in the advertisements........

Recognize this one???
Let me know what you think!
So glad to be home.
Missed ya!