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Sunday, August 26, 2012

So true......

I just wanted to share with you this wonderful advice that I received  recently.
I had a situation this week where this statement came in handy .
Perhaps you may have dealt with or a dealing with something where this can apply.
I love this advice because  it is SO SIMPLE yet SO TRUE.
Eleanor was right in the money.
Thanks Ms. Roosevelt.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day of Love Junk Finds!

Hello Friends!
So Monday Mr. OTM and I celebrated our anniversary by headin out to do some junkin!
We (meaning me) decided to call it a Day of Love!
(yes....I am that corney!)
Take look at what we found!

Everything is for sale so let me know if you need a price.

All of this is going to wind up in all different  places between the shop, the booth spaces and now the showroom.

The chair is going to get "deconstructed." There is burlap GA-LORE under there!

The little side tables were a fabulous 1984 lacquered mess until I slapped a coat of chalk paint on um!
These have already landed in my Sleepy Poet booth~ 78.95 for the pair.

Oak dresser and mirror ~ nice and sturdy and crackile and chippy.

The mannequin and I share the EXACT waist size!!!  We could be twins!!!

Who can't use an old chippy white stirrup?

This bowl find was ...CRAAAAAAZYYY!

So there ya have it~ our Day of Love Junk Finds!
We really did have a blast.
We ended the evening at a great little restaurant in town called Bibi's.
I has shrimp and grits...too die for and our dessert was
Homemade Apple Cake with a Cheddar Cheese Caramel Sauce.....Holy Ta Moly was is delish!
Off to the shop to start decorating for Fall!
Have a super day!

Monday, August 13, 2012


Hello Fellow Junkers!
If you would like to get in on the selling , contact me ASAP to snag your space!
One of my vendors just sent me the weather report (I never look)
and ........
It's gonna be a GREAT DAY!
You can either email me, leave a comment with your info, send me a Facebook message
or call me 704-942-6258.
You KNOW you've got a bunch of junk to sell.....
why not come out and make millions !!!
Spaces are going quickly.
We'd LOVE to have you!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Junk In Tennessee

Hello Junk lovers!
A few months ago I got a call from a sweet gal in Tennessee who has been a follower of my blog for awhile. She wanted to know if I would come to Tennessee and stage a couple rooms in her house for a home tour she was participating in.
All expenses paid.
Ummmmmm.....YES I said in less than two seconds flat all the while knowing I should have said something  more professional like,
"Let me my secretary take a look at my calendar and check my availability."
What a great time it was. Such a beautiful home and such a sweet lady.
No photos...dead camera batteries.
Honestly, I swear I should buy stock in camera batteries.
After working , we got to go JUNKIN!
As you can see...WE HAD A BALL!

We were in the Bristol area and they were getting ready for some big event with a British band and the whole town was sparkling! We had to reallllllllly look for the stuff I like to buy~ but it was there.
That area has alot of GLASSWARE (ugh) and old dark furniture.

We were in an adorable town named Jonesborough (oldest town in Tennessee and the Story Telling capitol of the WORLD!) The antique store there was the most musty smelling place I have ever been. I could hardly breath in there. They had 300 fans blowing around that horrible air and even though I am a die hard junker, I was in and out FAST.

We stayed in that general area and hit some yard sales and flea markets.

That's where I found these cattle ear tags!

These AWESOME primitive grapevine trees came  from a wonderful shop in Bristol.
HEY...did you know that when you are in Bristol~ one side of the street is Bristol Tennesse and the other is Bristol Virginia? How cool is that?

Here is my FAVORITE piece we found. It is an old watch makers cabinet. The condition is rough but nice and sturdy.
Gonna give it a little love and see what happens.
This piece is heading to the shop.

For some reason ~ everything I was finding was either vintage green , chippy white or brown.
No complaints here!

This little shabby dresser looks so sweet once we reattach the mirror. It's a smaller size which makes it be able to fit just about anywhere.

Here's another kick I've been on...fruit pickin bags!!
So worn and ragged and tattered.

All in all it took us about 4 hours to get there and worth every mile for the scenery alone. Wouldn't some of those photos be nice right about now?
Not really you say...You just want to see the junk???
I hear ya.
You guys have issues.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Hello Friends (furry and otherwise *grin*)!
I saw this pic on a site called For the Love of Animals and I just about melted.
Is this not the best?
I want to snuggle up right along with him.
I knew you'd love this one.
Just wanted to share cuz I knew you'd melt right along with me.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

French Juice Bottles......

Hello Friends!!
These have got to be one of my most favorite finds this season.
While rummaging thru a pick-up truck bed full of old bottles in Maryland (yes I was all UP in it!)
I came across these beauties!

Mr. Pick-Up owner had no idea what they were when I asked.
A few moments before he had just told me a saga about what a big time bottle collector he was.
I listened politely all the while knowing I was gonna ask him if I could get in the truck bed and start looting the whole mess!

Anyway, I did a little research and was pleasantly surprised to find out what they were!!
Don' t you just love the shape?
AND the rusty metal lid?
AND the color!
AND the nubby texture glass???

I only have 5 left (after keeping a couple) and put them in my Etsy shop.
I hope I don't regret it!
I have never seen them before and well.....you know how that goes.
By the way, if any one of you saw me in the back of that pick- up truck.....
thank you for not posting any pictures.
You're the best!