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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Junk In Tennessee

Hello Junk lovers!
A few months ago I got a call from a sweet gal in Tennessee who has been a follower of my blog for awhile. She wanted to know if I would come to Tennessee and stage a couple rooms in her house for a home tour she was participating in.
All expenses paid.
Ummmmmm.....YES I said in less than two seconds flat all the while knowing I should have said something  more professional like,
"Let me my secretary take a look at my calendar and check my availability."
What a great time it was. Such a beautiful home and such a sweet lady.
No photos...dead camera batteries.
Honestly, I swear I should buy stock in camera batteries.
After working , we got to go JUNKIN!
As you can see...WE HAD A BALL!

We were in the Bristol area and they were getting ready for some big event with a British band and the whole town was sparkling! We had to reallllllllly look for the stuff I like to buy~ but it was there.
That area has alot of GLASSWARE (ugh) and old dark furniture.

We were in an adorable town named Jonesborough (oldest town in Tennessee and the Story Telling capitol of the WORLD!) The antique store there was the most musty smelling place I have ever been. I could hardly breath in there. They had 300 fans blowing around that horrible air and even though I am a die hard junker, I was in and out FAST.

We stayed in that general area and hit some yard sales and flea markets.

That's where I found these cattle ear tags!

These AWESOME primitive grapevine trees came  from a wonderful shop in Bristol.
HEY...did you know that when you are in Bristol~ one side of the street is Bristol Tennesse and the other is Bristol Virginia? How cool is that?

Here is my FAVORITE piece we found. It is an old watch makers cabinet. The condition is rough but nice and sturdy.
Gonna give it a little love and see what happens.
This piece is heading to the shop.

For some reason ~ everything I was finding was either vintage green , chippy white or brown.
No complaints here!

This little shabby dresser looks so sweet once we reattach the mirror. It's a smaller size which makes it be able to fit just about anywhere.

Here's another kick I've been on...fruit pickin bags!!
So worn and ragged and tattered.

All in all it took us about 4 hours to get there and worth every mile for the scenery alone. Wouldn't some of those photos be nice right about now?
Not really you say...You just want to see the junk???
I hear ya.
You guys have issues.
Thanks for reading!


Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

You could have stopped in for a visit along the way - I've got plenty of junk!!

Jolanda said...

Prachtig!! love it!

trash talk said...

Jonesying here in Texas. Two questions...do you ship...and how much?
P.S. I'm not kidding...e-mail me!

bettyj said...

So glad you enjoyed my state. If you had come on down to Cumberland Gap, you could have put a foot in Ky, one in Tn, and bent over and put a hand in Va. On the Pinnacle is a point where all 3 stated meet. When I lived there I had to grocery shop in Ky, but went through a corner of Va to get there. Interesting huh?Looks like you got some goodies.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Wow...you found some awesome treasures!