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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Introducing Oopsy Daisy.....

Hello Friends!

I would like to introduce you to a new line of candles that I started selling at the shop:

Oopsy Daisy!

One of my wonderful customers approached me one day telling me about candles that she was making with her friend.I was thrilled she wanted to sell them in the shop.

Each candle is natural soy......for a nice clean burn.

They hand pour each candle into a unique recycled glass!

I love the selection and they smell FANTASTIC.
Scents include Lemon Mint, Clean Cotton, Lavender, and
As I type this post I am burning the Lemon Mint and the
fragrance is wonderful.

She also makes them in these perfect round tins for easy gift giving!
These will be available at our
MARCH 9 & 10 10-6!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Art of Stalking Junk.....

Hello Friends!

If I were to write a book about JUNK.....

One of the chapters would have this title:

The Art of Stalking Junk

In that chapter I would share with you this TRUE STORY of how I did just that yesterday afternoon.

I left the shop about 11:00 am on my way to do a design consultation. Since I didn't want to show up to a professional appointment with my car loaded with junk, Mr. OTM and I emptied it completely prior to me leaving. (I love the feel of am empty car almost as much as one that is full of junk!) ANYWAY.....my first stop was to get some gas. After emptying my 401k into the gas tank, I pulled out onto busy Hwy. 74. As I pull out , I spot a pick up truck with a trailer filled with metal. I follow behind it.

LOTS of metal........"hummmmm" I say to myself.."all that stuff looks pretty beat up....like maybe they are going to the scrap yard or something!"

Holy Cow THAT WAS IT! I was positive they were scraping all that stuff.....HUGE bags of soda cans, old washing machine parts.....and on the VERY END of the TRAILER......

WAS THIS!!!!That's when the stalking officially began!

I HAD to get their attention to see if they would pull over.

More so, I had to see if they would pull over for some crazy chick , on a busy highway.

I pulled up next to them twice and both times I got a

"what's up with this crazy chick beside us look??"

FINALLY, they rolled down their window and I asked them if they could pull over.

THANK GOODNESS he said okay!

So, I am completely pumped up and excited to get this deal done!

Except.... that they decide to "pull over" into the turning lane which , as you know,

is the center of the highway.

Not the most convenient place for your first stalking episode, however it definitely added to the excitement!

"Good grief" I think , "if I don't get killed this whole thing is gonna be so worth it!"

I look around to see if any cars are heading our way or anything like that.

So far , so good.

The guy approaches my car and I tell him I want to buy that metal chest of drawers on the back of the trailer.
He laughs and says that he never had anyone ask him to pull over like that before that didn't have flashing lights and a uniform!

Anyway we cut a deal and I suggested that we move out of the road an into a parking lot!

Lord knows I didn't want my picture to wind up on the front page of the paper because I caused a 5 car pile up in Marshville. I am sure the newspaper article would proceed to explain exactly WHY I was in the middle of the road in the first place....and I am positive that many of you would totally understand ...however...safety first right ???

So anyway....

THANK GOODNESS the trunk was empty!

The guys loaded it up for me and I was good to go!

Not before I give them a business card and tell them to please feel free to stop by the shop first before they head to the scrap yard in the future.

You never know where you are gonna meet a good source!
My fist stalking episode was a success!

And fun...I had to call Mr. OTM right away and tell him what I just did.

He wasn't surprised......one.......bit.

Now fast forward to that evening. I tried a more conventional means of purchasing by going to an auction. Not as much drama like being in the middle of the road or anything, but fun none the less. Especially when I scored.............

this AWESOME 6 foot chippy chalkboard!

It was one of those...."I don't care how much it is I MUST have it" kind of things.

Thank goodness it was wellllllllll below what I envisioned having to pay, considering the fact that my 401k was in the gas tank remember?




This one is probably going to Lucketts with me..

If I can part with it.

We'll have to see.

So there you have it! Two fabulous JUNK FINDS on the same day, but with two totally different stories.

Either way , I was completely happy and went to bed with a smile on my face!

Hummmmmm.....perhaps I should write a book.........

The End!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Great News from LUCKETTS!!!

Hello Friends!!

I have been bursting at the seams to tell you all this news!!!


LUCKETTS SPRING MARKET!!!!!YEP! It's true!! Olde Tyme Marketplace is gonna hit the road to Leesburg Virginia May 19 & 20!

To say I'm excited is a total understatement. There is SO MUCH talent at that show and to think that I get to share in that this year is CA-RAZY!

I'm already designing my booth in my head and pray that I have enough super cool stuff to take.

If you've never been to Lucketts to shop...wellllllll this would be a perfect time to plan a road trip....a serious junk filled road trip...the kind where you need bungee cords and everything!
This is gonna be great!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Introducing.....SecondHand FarmGirl !!!!

Hello Friends!!!

This is so exciting! I am SOOO happy to introduce to you a NEW SECTION of the shop.....

SecondHand Farm Girl!!

This is an idea that I have been working on for quite awhile and am thrilled to have it all finally come together.

SecondHand Farm Girl is a fun collection of

gently worn clothing all with a ROMANTIC PRAIRIE FARM GIRL style.A SecondHand Farm Girl is a gal who.......

loves denim.....

cotton and crochet.......

lace and ruffles.......

she's not afraid to get her hands dirty but

loves to look pretty when she's not.....

she's tough and gentle and the same time......

and.....she LOVES a bargain

Our selection is ever changing and affordable. Many items are one of a kind and can easily mix and match to create a fantastic outfit.

Plus EVERYTHING here goes GREAT with a pair of cowboy boots.

So slip them on and come on in to see if

YOU are in fact a

SecondHand Farm Girl!

See You Soon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

You want to see some Junk Pics? Plus mystery piece revealed!

Hello Friends!

WARNING!! This post is LOADED WITH CHIPPY goodness!

I have no doubt.....You can handle it!!!

Here are a few of my FAVORITE pieces that we found while on our recent junkin trips!

Every time we come back from pickin...Mr. OTM always asks me...."So what is your favorite piece you found??"

Usually I have an easy answer......

but on this trip , it was hard.......

But I think I narrowed it down to this.......

a perfectly chippy old cast iron bell! For what ever reason, I LOVE this thing!

This wicker rocker is A-Dorable.....

and I got a kick out of the description written on the price tag of the picket fence plant stand ...it read "Mission style farn stand" yep....farn...yep mission style....lol!

all chippy and rusty in just the right places.....

the crown hanging baskets aren't old but they are zinc and zinc=old lookin so I had to have um.

This old cabinet is KEWL. When you see it up close you can tell it was pieced together using a bunch of different materials.


Duh duh duh daaaaaaaaaaaa...............

For those that guessed a MIRROR......you know your stuff!

So tell me....WHat do you think???

Killer or what?

crazy chippy.................

So there you go......hope you enjoyed all these great pieces. You will be able to find them in the shop, in my booths or in my etsy shop!

Have a great day!!