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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well here it is in all it's glory....the garage! It has recently exploded into a gigantic mess and needs to be cleaned out! That is today's make-over project for me. Mr. OTM is watching the the shop as I VOLUNTEERED to do this today. What was I thinking?
Actually I'll tell you what I was thinking.....I am secretly hoping to uncover some long lost treasures that I may have forgot about! It could happen!
I just had a thought...if you are visiting my blog for the FIRST time ~ you'll probably never come back after seeing these pictures! OMG! I am so embarrassed! There's still time to click off~ come back another day when you see a blog title like ..
" What I bought with my lottery winnings!"
Good grief....please give me another chance if you have decided to stay!!
Can't say I didn't warn ya! LOL!
My main goal is really to be able to get back into this corner....
because of this....the darn hot water tank! She decided to poop out on us and we've been taking cold showers for a week. Monday we are getting a new one installed and I will be celebrating with a nice loooooong hot bath with new lavender bubble bath already to go!

You better tune in for the after pictures or I will never forgive you. To see my mess like this and then to not come back for the after would break my heart! Who knows~ I may get totally inspired and make some toile curtains for the windows, hang a crystal chandelier and be able to post this on the next Where Bloggers Create!
I better get started..........

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

White Wednesday

These are a few of my favorites things that I have had around the house at one time or another. The little cupboard was beyond heavy! It was from England and made out of slate~ you can imagine! This is a quickie post as I have a full plate today but couldn't miss out on White Wednesday! Be sure to visit Faded Charm to see all the chippy goodness!
Hope your day is blessed!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!

I was watering my plants( second time today) this evening out on the deck on the back of my house. It occurred to me that most every single thing I decorate with back there is a thrifty find! Even the plants were an "end of the season" deal for $ 1.00 per pot.The barrel water feature was a steal at a yard sale about 6 years ago for 15.00. The angels, little birdhouse and tall planter in the background were also thrift store finds .

The concrete statue was $4.oo auction deal. One of my favorite accents out there is this old metal lantern. This was once an electric lamppost light. The top is hinged on so it tilts open, which is perfect for a candle. I remember paying 10.00 for it and thinking I paid too much!
I must have been close to broke that day and still had to buy either gas or groceries.
My other super fav thing is the old garden gate. I bought that in Ohio at an auction I would go to every Monday. It was usually me and a bunch of old guys. I always had a blast. One of the guys brought this to sell that day specifically because he knew I would buy it. He came up to me afterwards and told me that he almost threw it away but then he saw all the chippy rusty paint and remembered "that girl who always buys all that chippy junk at the auction!"
THANK GOODNESS~ 15.00 later I was thrilled!
I am linking this post to Nifty Thrifty Tuesday at Coastal Charm. Swing on over there to see other awesome thrifty cheap-o finds!


So here we are again on a Monday morning~already. This past weekend "flew" by didn't it?
For me, this was one of those weekends that while extremley busy, felt great because I got a TON accomplished! For those of you who ask me " Beth, how do you do it?" Here is a play by play!
Friday night 7:00 pm: Deliver an awesome old workbench to a client in Charlotte. While there she wanted to show us her house. It's always a treat to be able to see inside a customers home and to see how the decorate with all the things they have purchased from the shop.
I was drooling by the time we left and realized I hate my house.
Just kidding. But it made me want to put it on the market and buy and old bungelow. Debbie had hers decorated beyond amazing. Sorry I didn't have my camera handy. It was the best!
Friday night 8:00pm: Mr. OTM treats us to a FANTASTIC dinner at Mama Ricottas in a trendy part of downtown Charlotte . To me it was trendy because it was outside of Marshville and they had cloth napkins~ and my Peach Bellini cost $8.00.
I had water with my meal which was Mushroom Ravioli in a tomato cream sauce ! Too die for!
SATURDAY 6:30 am: Time to hit some garage sales!! We scored a MAJOR deal on a beautiful old Savannah Style three tiered concrete fountain. Too say it is heavy is an understatement. Thank goodness it came in 7 pieces. We have it inside the shop already. The next time it will be moved will be for the lucky buyer! Overall it was a fun morning with some great finds!
SATURDAY 10:00 am: Head on over to the shop and get it Open for the day. Mr. OTM was a sweetie and minded the place so I could go back home to work on my table make-over.
SATURDAY AFTERNOON: With a heat index thru the roof, I did manage to get my table done. When Mr. OTM got home from the shop we loaded the truck to take a huge load to my booth at the Sleepy Poet. My gosh were we sweating. Unreal THIS HEAT! Anyway we got everything loaded only to find out the antique mall had to close early because their electricity was knocked out! I got nervous we were going to get a downpour so we then had to get out our plastic tarps and cover the load in the truck. We didn't get any rain.
SATURDAY EVENING: Too Hot to cook~ went for Mexican!
SUNDAY 8:00 am~ Braved the heat and headed out to a Flea Market. Stepped on a nail! OUCH!!! Found a few things and came home to re-load the truck to take it up to Charlotte.
SUNDAY 1:00 pm~ Arrive at the Sleepy Poet. Head to my booth to do a COMPLETE MAKE-OVER! We got old stuff out and loaded a cart, took new stuff off truck and transfered it to a cart ,loaded old stuff onto truck, took new stuff back to the booth. WHEW! Keep in mind it is now 104 degrees. The booth has needed some updating and I was soooo HAPPY with the new look!It looks COMPLETELY different! Tons of new great stuff in there!!
SUNDAY 5:00 pm~ Took a load on over to THE DEPOT! Took a farm table out of the booth and put in three new big pieces. Heading back over there today to give that booth it's BRAND NEW MAKEOVER!!
SUNDAY 7:00~ Arrived back in Marshville at the shop where we had to unload the truck( again!) and water the plants .
SUNDAY 8:00~ Dinner was a ice tea and a biscuit. Just didn't feel like much. We were pooped, smelly, sticky, sweaty, just gross. Pretty glamorous life huh?
SUNDAY 9:00pm~ Captain Phil repeat on Deadliest Catch
SUNDAY 10:00pm ~ Design Star
SUNDAY 11:00 pm~ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
So there ya have it! I am going to be a busy bee again today re-doing my booth at The Depot. Can't wait to see how that turns out! I already loaded my camera!
See ya later!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


In a moment of serene brilliance I came up with THE NEWEST WEIGHT LOSS craze to hit the nation!!! It's called STAND TO LOSE!
All you have to do is this:
When your heat index reaches 105+
all you have to do is get up and go STAND OUTSIDE! Let mother nature do the rest!
Before you know it you'll be sweatin your a** off and be in bathing suit form in NO TIME!
TO order your DVD now, simply send 19.95....
NO WAIT ....if you call within the next 365 days you'll get this FABULOUS NEW PROGRAM for ONLY 9.95!! Yep that's right. AND AS OUR BONUS to YOU if you act right now, YOU'LL RECEIVE A DETAILED MAP on how to actually GET OUTSIDE!!!
MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you are NOT 100% satisfied, simply return the DVD and KEEP THE MAP AS OUR GIFT TO YOU!
I don't know about me sometimes.....Anyway....
(so what the heck does this table have to do with this?) THIS is actually the reason I am on a dehydrating mission outside today to make over this bad boy! I love the form!
Notice the railing. There is one on either side. It's a make-over in progress. I am working on it right now but needed to come in and cool off for a minute and apparently gather my wits!
Stay tuned....

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's just me...

So here I am in all my glory~ doin what I love to do best!
I snagged, took , stole, borrowed this photo from Sue at Vintage Rescue Squad.
She recently did another Southern Fried post about our day of junkin. Hop on over to her place to read all about it!
Back to this photo.....it made me laugh.
THIS right here is me at my best. Maybe not the best outfit, or hair really ...good grief ....it's so unbelievably hot down here. I think the equator runs right though North Carolina now. UGH!
Anyway, this was one of those perfect days....Throw your hair up in a clip, slap on some mascara and lip balm, t-shirt, flip flop, truck load of junk wonderful kind of days. The best part was sharing it with a new friend that loves junk as much as I do. The other funny thing about this picture is what you don't see! The day before Sue and I were to meet up, I didn't realize that Mr. OTM was going to be taking the truck to the shop to get some work done on the air conditioning. They had to take the WHOLE DASHBOARD off and well, they didn't get it all done that day and I HAD TO HAVE the truck if we were going junkin so I had to take it as is....with the dashboard laying in the backseat.
Yep, welcome to Redneck Ville, I am your Mayor.
I was embarrassed for like 0.5 seconds. Then hit the road to start the hunt.
So, there ya have me. Keepin it real , doing what I love!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


One of the only drawbacks about being in this business is that you have to sell stuff in order to stay in business!
Stuff that you would love too keep!
Problem is~ you can't keep it all.
These are a few of the things that have sold that I will miss!The rusty plate holder with all the ironstone platters.....sigh
This little cupboard was meant to keep but it was like just a centimeter too tall to fit under my kitchen cupboards.......sniff

This tool box......I can't even talk about it.

Yep , the birdcage. I believe I cried.

The chippy old fridge! Oh the agony! I LOVED this piece!
All of these went to wonderful homes I am sure!
Somtimes it's just so hard to let um go!
To see more wonderful white goodness, hop on over to Faded Charm!

Monday, July 19, 2010


The day after a ShopKeeper Sunday I have a huge list of stuff to catch up on:
1. Laundry
2. vacuuming the floors
3. putting laundry away
4. emptying the dishwasher....major ugh.....
5. putting all the clutter away that has accumulated over the last few days
6. the list goes on , you know what I mean
So, I got up early to get started and I got to # 4 and decided to go to Hobby Lobby and maybe...just maybe hit a thrift store or 2....maybe.
Maybe turned into definitely....
Exhibit A:
genus: chippius rustus metalus plant standius
of the vintage familius...
aka: Vintage Chippy Rusty Metal Plant Stand
For like dirt cheap too! As soon as I laid my eyes on it I thought that it would be the perfect place to put......

THESE!! What do you think???
Turns out my inner MAXXINISTA needed a fix so a few weeks ago I went into TJ's and these were just sitting there on the shelf
like "hey wass'up I can't believe we are still here and nobody has bought us yet!"
I couldn't believe it either! To have all nine there and not be missing the 7 or something was a super shock! I bought um but really didn't know where I was going to put them. I'll confess...they've been riding around in the trunk of my car.
Don't judge me.
Too hard.

I couldn't wait to get home today and put it all together. I LOVE IT!
Now I just have to decide if this is going to stay at home or go to the shop to use as a display.
Please help me with some ideas as to what I could put inside all the buckets!

Okay~ back to Hobby Lobby...(I really did go)!
I must have been living in la~la land recently. I have heard of this Where Women Create
I have read it on many blogs
I have heard of Jo Packham
I am friends with Jo Packham on Facebook
here goes....
I had no idea this was a MAGAZINE!
I can hear you all....go ahead...just say it.....I'll do it for you
I know! I know! I think ...I just ...I...I...I....ugh
I have no idea but I am sure glad that I found this out.
The magazine is amazing and I am just floored at the spaces these women work in. I have got to get my act together and get my space done. I feel ashamed of myself just looking at the cover!

I bought the little crochet baskets there today too. Didn't need them at all~ just had to have them.
So that's it for today.
Oh wait....anyone else wonder why all the judges (esp. Vern) on Design Star are so rude this season. Is it just me? Genevive is way uptight too. They are almost mean.
Okay, enough rambling.
Talk to ya later!!

P.S. Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad has done a great post on her visit to the shop. Hop on over and take a peek. She'll be doing another post soon of where I took her on our day of junkin so you don't want to miss that either!
She's got a GREAT BLOG! Go check it out!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


What are you doing today?? Why not head on down to the shop for
SHOPKEEPER SUNDAY today from 11-5!
You'll get a chance to rummage though great stuff like this.....this.....
and this!!!

Here's the BEST PART! Mr. OTM has got the BBQ fired up as I type and I made up my baked beans and cole slaw so come hungry!
I better get goin~ our vendors are on their way and will be here any minute to set up! Can't wait to see what THEY BRING!!
Come on down! We'll see ya later!

Friday, July 16, 2010

New friends!

" You just never know who you re gonna meet~ so make sure you brush your teeth!"
I read that in a book a long time ago and ya know something, IT'S TRUE!
A few weeks ago I was working in the shop and it was a busy day. Lots of customers and I had just torn up a display because a big cabinet sold.
This one customer and I started chatting and she was just full of compliments and sweet things to say about the shop. She offered me her card....Yep, THE ANNA GRIFFIN.......
designer extroidinaire!

Many of you know her wonderful scrapbook designs along with stationary, invitations, rubber stamps and more...

like her fabric! Turns out she is from Marshville and was there helping her Dad decorate the little restaurant right across from my shop that he had recently purchased. It was such a joy meeting her and I believe we could have talked all day! The one thing she said that will stick with me was" I have never loved Marshville more than I am today~Thanks for being here!"
Wow Anna, you made my day! To see the talent of this wonderful woman go to http://www.annagriffin.com/. You will be amazed and inspired.

This past Tuesday, I met a friend for life! Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad was heading in my direction in NC. We emailed , set a time, and next thing you know she was standing in my shop Tuesday morning! As soon as we met neither one of us could shut up and I new then and there I would always want to know this lady!
I had a FULL DAY planned on junkin so we hit the road.
Our first stop was Red Robin for lunch! Had to fuel up for the rest of the day. I know I had to have been talkin with my mouth full but GOOD GRIEF...there was just so much to talk about!

After that we went onto The Sleepy Poet where we both found some awesome stuff! She was worried that she was "crampin my style on my day off!" Don't worry I set her straight! Junkin is so much better when you have a bud with you. I was waiting for that item that we would cat fight over but it never happened. Sue likes weird stuff so I didn't have to worry! LOL! Just kidding! We have similar yet different tastes and I had a ball. After that we went onto see my friends Susan and Wendy at Southern Comforts when Sue practically blew a gasket and bought a boatload! Next trip was The Depot at Gibson Mill and after that Sue said she is definitely coming back down!! What a great day! Thanks for making the effort to make a pit stop in NC SUE!! Can't wait to do it all again!
And yes...... I had brushed my teeth!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well hey there!! How ya all doin? These last few days have been some busy ones for sure around these parts!
Mr. OTM and I made it home safe and sound from our latest junk pick up mission!
This post is just a teaser pic of what we had loaded up on our final leg home.
It looks hilarious! When we got home it was late and we had to unload everything so Russ could take the truck to work the next day and by that time it was dark and Food Star was coming on so I didn't get the "off load" pics yet. Don't worry they are comin!
I am linking this to White Wednesday over at Faded Charm! I admit this is a sorry post for WW but I just wanted to be a little stinker and give you just a peek!On a funny note, this was a word verification the other day on one of the blogs I was leaving a comment on! Anyway you want to spell it.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I know what you are thinkin.....
that kinda sounds like Smothered & Covered at Waffle House!
Not that I would know...never been actually.
Okay, maybe once or 25 times.
I really can't say.
I am addicted to their raisin toast...dang it!
Okay ~ there I said it!
Well look out Waffle Houses across America because this weekend Mr. OTM and I are goin on a ROADTRIP!I have left things like these....
and these...

TATTERED & SCATTERED across the country!
Across the country might be s~t~r~e~t~c~h~i~n~g it a bit. BUT these are bought and paid for and I am DYING to go pick um up!
Some super secret hot spots are mapped out and I cannot wait to see what lurks out there.
You know I'll be takin pictures sooooooo....
Stay Tuned to see what winds up in the back of the pickup!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I was a lucky girl last Friday! Mr. OTM gave me the DAY OFF and he tended the shop while I went junk huntin. The weather was wonderful. We got a much need break from this volcanic heat we've been having and I couldn't wait to get outside and enjoy the day.
After a hanging a load of laundry on the line~ I headed out to the flea market !
Here's what I found....

I stood there and kept trying to figure out how many of these old finials I wanted. Go with odd numbers they always say...okay 3, 5 how bout 9?
I just bought um all...12. Turns out "they" aren't always right! lol!

This lamp base needed a new cord...desperatly~ BUT I loved the chippy look! I put it in my booth Friday night and it's already sold. I had a feeling about that one.

This old clock face was my SUPER MOST BESTEST FAVORITE FIND of the day. It's an old Elgin face and it's GLASS! And are you ready for the price??? I really shouldn't say. I mean it's just not proper really is it? Too brag and such?
I know!!
I am not kidding!
I gave the guy a hug.
He called security.

These old ceiling tin panels were another great find and in super condition.
I have a feeling we'll see these around town alot because the price was right and alot of dealers grabbed these up.
A side note~ the guy that I bought the $5.00 clock face from (there it is in your face again...how rude...somebody stop me) bought up the rest of um.

And finally~ if there is a chippy little old primitive shabby table I will stop dead in my tracks and scoop it up. I can't pass um up. They go right along with old scales, things with drawers, wire baskets, stools.........!
Hop on over to Faded Charm for White Wednesday and take a peek at all the GREAT WHITE stuff on display!