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Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Well hey there!! How ya all doin? These last few days have been some busy ones for sure around these parts!
Mr. OTM and I made it home safe and sound from our latest junk pick up mission!
This post is just a teaser pic of what we had loaded up on our final leg home.
It looks hilarious! When we got home it was late and we had to unload everything so Russ could take the truck to work the next day and by that time it was dark and Food Star was coming on so I didn't get the "off load" pics yet. Don't worry they are comin!
I am linking this to White Wednesday over at Faded Charm! I admit this is a sorry post for WW but I just wanted to be a little stinker and give you just a peek!On a funny note, this was a word verification the other day on one of the blogs I was leaving a comment on! Anyway you want to spell it.....


Amy said...

That is awesome!
the truck load too.
I can't wait to see what you got you always find such awesome stuff.
I know it will be to die for

Romeo said...

Oh the pillows in your header make me want to climb through the screen and settle right in for a nice long nap....well until I hit my head on the screen....can I tell you that it was not cooperative at all with my plans for a nap on those pillows?

Ah, just as well though or I'd have missed the truckload of.....eeeekkkkk will you look at all that good stuff with the old white paint.....quick hide it....oh oh, "she" saw it....well heck, now "she's" foaming at the mouth and all over my keyboard....*sigh* there is no hope. Want to guess what "she'll" be dreaming about tonight???


Romeo and "her"

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

That's funny Beth about the word verification. I got one one time that had worry spent different and I was leaving a comment for someone that was going through hard times, itsn't that a weird one to get. Happy WW!

Creative Style said...

Love you style, you have awesome stuff!!!! I would love to go junkin with you.. :)

Love your blog!


Becky C said...

Hey, I'd love to go junkin with you, too! Let's plan a trip:) And I can't wait to see all that chippy white stuff revealed from the truckload! Glad you had a good hunt.
Becky C
Buckets of Burlap

Sandi said...

That IS a tease, but I see lots of white!! :) Happy WW!

Creative Ambitions said...

Funny! Looks like you have some white treasures in there!

Sue said...

Your truck looks like my son's truck right now. He has a HUGE load to deliver to a customer that bought a bunch of stuff yesterday at my store and is being shipped to Korea. I ALWAYS stare at trucks on the freeway when they look like yours because they are always filled with such great stuff.

Take care, Sue

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Yep, the little tease but it sure looks like some wonderful JUNK to be seen at a future post I guess...and oh too funny for the word verification.
Aren't they fun to read???


Tammy said...

Your truck load looks amazing! Can't wait to see more pics. I'm going to make it to the Sale on Sunday...see you there!
Tammy :-)

Faded Charm said...

Looks like you found some great white and chippy pieces you lucky girl. I love all of it any way you spell it!


Rebecca said...

My trucks been like that too often-that's why all my husband's barns are full of my stuff-not his farm machinery. Can't resist it though-it's too fun!

Gail Kramer said...


So nice to "meet" you! Now it's my turn to drool over your blog! I love everything I've seen/read on your blog so far and have signed up to be a follower!

I can't wait to go back and read your old posts!