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Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's just me...

So here I am in all my glory~ doin what I love to do best!
I snagged, took , stole, borrowed this photo from Sue at Vintage Rescue Squad.
She recently did another Southern Fried post about our day of junkin. Hop on over to her place to read all about it!
Back to this photo.....it made me laugh.
THIS right here is me at my best. Maybe not the best outfit, or hair really ...good grief ....it's so unbelievably hot down here. I think the equator runs right though North Carolina now. UGH!
Anyway, this was one of those perfect days....Throw your hair up in a clip, slap on some mascara and lip balm, t-shirt, flip flop, truck load of junk wonderful kind of days. The best part was sharing it with a new friend that loves junk as much as I do. The other funny thing about this picture is what you don't see! The day before Sue and I were to meet up, I didn't realize that Mr. OTM was going to be taking the truck to the shop to get some work done on the air conditioning. They had to take the WHOLE DASHBOARD off and well, they didn't get it all done that day and I HAD TO HAVE the truck if we were going junkin so I had to take it as is....with the dashboard laying in the backseat.
Yep, welcome to Redneck Ville, I am your Mayor.
I was embarrassed for like 0.5 seconds. Then hit the road to start the hunt.
So, there ya have me. Keepin it real , doing what I love!


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

I am smiling at your post right now ! Don't you just love those junkin' days !!
You go girl !!!


Painter's Place said...

This story is so funny!!! and yes it is as hot here as it is in Charlotte! I'll have to stop by your store next time I'm down that way. I love going to Concord Mills!

Gracie's Cottage said...

Cute photo and I am heading over to read about your adventure this very moment - can't wait!


Amy said...

let nothing stand in your way of a good junkin' day
I have a feeling if the floor board were out you would Flintstone you way around. LOL

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I am just green with envy that Sue got to come junkin in your neck of the woods. Oh I so need to take a road trip your way!

Sherry said...

That is so funny! That would be me too. Like, the "I was embarrassed for about 0.5 second" and then you had to go junkin'. Thanks for stopping by.

Debbie said...

Hello Beth...your blog is so cute! I love someone that can be "real" and down to earth. You don't need to look perrrty when you're goin' junkin'...just ask me! I'm a pro!

Tammy said...

Beth- You are a total HOOT! I love it. This looks and sounds like such a FUN day you had with Sue. Maybe one day you and I can get together and go junkin together! BYW I'm lovin' the little white birdcage I got from you last week! I did a shout out to you , Janna and Tammy on my Blog this week...go over and check it out...
Stay in touch! I'm telling everyone about your shop!

Happy Weekend!
Tammy :-)

sissie said...

Well girl, I can sure feel your pain because I live right here on the coast of North Carolina and it is HOT!!

Glad you got your truck and went junkin. Nothing can stop us junkerettes!!



Miss Gracie's House said...

a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! Sounds like fun...love all of your treasures...esp. that little rusty cart with buckets...i have one too...it's bent out of shape but i'm determined to fix it!

Linda said...

Great pic...it is the best kind of day!

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

I loved this photo; glad to see it more-widely circulated. And no worries about me "outing" you about the dash. I've had duct tape on my car for a YEAR, not just one day. XOX