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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well here it is in all it's glory....the garage! It has recently exploded into a gigantic mess and needs to be cleaned out! That is today's make-over project for me. Mr. OTM is watching the the shop as I VOLUNTEERED to do this today. What was I thinking?
Actually I'll tell you what I was thinking.....I am secretly hoping to uncover some long lost treasures that I may have forgot about! It could happen!
I just had a thought...if you are visiting my blog for the FIRST time ~ you'll probably never come back after seeing these pictures! OMG! I am so embarrassed! There's still time to click off~ come back another day when you see a blog title like ..
" What I bought with my lottery winnings!"
Good grief....please give me another chance if you have decided to stay!!
Can't say I didn't warn ya! LOL!
My main goal is really to be able to get back into this corner....
because of this....the darn hot water tank! She decided to poop out on us and we've been taking cold showers for a week. Monday we are getting a new one installed and I will be celebrating with a nice loooooong hot bath with new lavender bubble bath already to go!

You better tune in for the after pictures or I will never forgive you. To see my mess like this and then to not come back for the after would break my heart! Who knows~ I may get totally inspired and make some toile curtains for the windows, hang a crystal chandelier and be able to post this on the next Where Bloggers Create!
I better get started..........


time-worn interiors said...

We cleaned on our warehouse yesterday, but I wouldn't dare show picture on my blog! My husband is the king of hoarders! I have even threatened to call the show! It's the only thing we fight about! Made some head way yesterday! At least you can see the floor in a couple of places!

Sue said...

When you are done, do you think you can stop by my garage and help me out? You will be happy when its all finished, good luck!

Take care, Sue

stefanie said...

ok, how did you get a picture of my gargage? hahaha, great minds think and hoard alike!

Amy Kinser said...

We all have rooms, or at least closets, like that, and if we say we don't, we are probably fibbing. Good luck on the cleaning and hopefully you will find some treasures in there.

Prim & Proper said...

I would gladly help you clean out your garage, we can store everything in my garage!

ted and bunny said...

hi there!
Well, "Garage Make Over" is my kinda title!

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a message about Bruce- glad his antics made you feel good (hmm...you didn't have to clean him afterwards!!) I hope you'll stop by again.

We came to NC this year for the Metrolina in May.
My cousins moved from California to SC and we try to get to see them each year, the East Coast is a much easier trip for us.
Mary's hobby is antiquing so I'm her excuse, and the boys just have to tag along/carry/drive whilst we indulge ourselves!

Hope you're having a good weekend,
ps we don't have a garage- but you oughta see the state of my shed!

Tamarah said...

Oh Beth this is ONE project I don't envy you....hahahahahaha....If I had MY WAY our garage would look like yours....Alas, Mr SVJ has claimed ours & I dare'nt even TRY to 'go there'....!!

Good luck....!!

Tamarah :o)

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

A chandy, hey you got my attention. I'll be back...

Barbara said...

I am new to your blog and I am SO inspired. Someone that takes after me! Yor garage sort of looks like my sewing room and a bit like my bedroom. You are giving me hope that I too can renew! Thanks