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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Washin Bottles....

My goal yesterday was to complete some Etsy orders for my bottles.
I have boxes of old bottles just like this that need to be cleaned.
While I was doing that , I came across a petrified mouse inside one of the big blue bottles!
I don't know who was more "petrified"~ HIM or ME!
Even though he was dead......long dead , poor little thing~ it scared the wits outta me!
He got flushed but not after a few words about his life and legacy.

Bottle cleaning is a long process and some of um need to soak for hours.
One tip I have found works GREAT is to spray Greased Lightening inside the bottle and let it sit for a few minutes.
Take a bottle brush and scrub away. Works wonders!!
Have any BOTTLE CLEANING TIPS you'd like to share??
Please feel free~ I'd love to hear um.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Product Submission Photo

It took me HOURS to decide on this photo.
Literally~ I've been at this since 8:00 pm and this post is getting ready to go live at 11:30 pm.
So here's what I had to do:
I need to provide a single product shot to use in the High Point Market Week Preview guide.
I needed something that could convey the "look" of Olde Tyme Marketplace.
I knew without a doubt that it had to be chippy AND white. But it also had to say
farmhouse, rustic,weathered, original finish, natural patina, industrial and architectural.
It had to make the readers want to see more.
Sometimes I make stuff just too dang hard.
I kept second guessing myself and thinking that it is soooo different from all the other submissions from last years Market Preview issue. Everything looks so professional and cutting edge and perfect. They all look great!
That's when the light bulb went off! It looks sooo different from the others! Yippee right?
Different is good.
Heck~ different can even be fantastic. So I hit submit button  and fully  expect a phone call sometime tomorrow from the preview rep asking me if I'm serious about using this photo. LOL! I guess we'll see what happens!
I am more than open to their assistance being a newbie at this.
I also had to add a short description to add under the photo. Here's what I went with:
Olde Tyme Marketplace
A rustic weathered collection of farmhouse, architectural and industrial pieces specializing in original finish.
Or something close to that.
Anyway, let's hope it brings um to the showroom!
I'll let you know if I get the call.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Here's a Clue~It's Chippy AND it Floats......

Well today was a FIRST in our JUNKIN HISTORY!
We bought a BOAT!
A white chippy VINTAGE 1951 wooden Sunfish Sailboat!!
I am all but crazy over this thing!
Scratch that.....I am totally crazy over it!
This is exactly how it was when we pulled up to it.
I hopped out of the truck and in less time than it takes to say
Chilly Chilly Chick Chick (previous post)
we were inside payin the man!
She is 13 feet long with fabulous chippy white paint over blue paint~ and a beautiful "you can't get it from a can"
natural patina!
We have already taken it up to the High Point showroom (also a previous post)and now all I have to do is figure out how to display her!
Got any good ideas?? One option is to hang it from the ceiling.
I am so excited to get this cuz it's something different and I have never seen one before~ let alone in my booth!
This should be fun~ stay tuned!!

Friday, July 20, 2012


You are invited to come on out  THIS SUNDAY to  spend an afternoon in the country with us at:
The shop is filled with TONS of NEW JUNK FINDS

PLUS our OUTSIDE VENDORS bring even more

Plan on sharing your Sunday with us at:
Hours for the show: 11-5
Conveniently located one turn off Hwy. 74 behind BB&T Bank.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Have You Ever Wanted to Rescue a House?

I sure do.
This one to be exact.
You never know what you are going to to find when you're driving on a country road in the mountains.
I was doing just that one day right smack dab in the middle of a massive rain storm.
To tell you the truth, I was a little  scared gripping the steering wheel with white knuckles!
I was going probably 15 miles an hour because I simple couldn't see it was raining so hard .
I was hoping to find a place to be able to pull over and wait it out because the drop offs on the side of the road
were super scary too.
That's when I went around this curve and saw this beautiful old  log house.
I found my place to pull over.
And fell in love.

It has been my dream all of my adult life and then some to have a log home. Not a big fancy schmancy A-frame or anything.
I want this.
This two story, square cut  antique beauty with a front porch.
To see it just sitting there falling apart breaks my heart to no end!
I want to rescue it and fix it up and live it and sit on the front porch while that big tree shades the front yard.
It's funny how there is someone out there somewhere who owns this and doesn't want it
all the while there is someone else who has wished all her life for this very thing!

The sun came out after the rain and I snapped these  photos before my camera went dead.
When I was putting my camera back in my bag, a herd of cows came out of the woods and were surrounding the cabin.
Made me want the cows too.
It all looked so wonderful.
I think I may have choked up a little.

People have asked me why I work so hard.
This is the reason.
Someday I want to rescue a house that needs me as much as I need it.
Gosh how I wish this was the one.
Have you ever wanted to rescue a house?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I am not an Antique dealer......

THIS is the reason I call myself a junk dealer and NOT and antique dealer! Any reputable antique dealer will know the style of this...couch, sofa, davenport, settee...in a jiffy. ME...not so much.
I am calling it a vintage sofa.
So there!
(Seriously...if you know......please tell me so I can at least pretend to have a little clout in this biz~ and I need an accurate description for the price tag!)

Let me set the stage...I found this in Goodwill.
It's like 20 feet long
(at least 6 cuz my feet don't touch the other end when I lay down)
It's in PRIMO fabulous condition , covered  in a brown ultra-swade (the way I would spell it)  OR ultra -suede( if
you already have clout)
It has a GAZILLION tacks (that look amazing)
And was a PERFECT candidate for a simple make-over that would TRANSFORM and update it in a heartbeat!

Here it is during the make-over. Let me just say that poor planning not being patient left me with only a LINER brush to use to cut in around all the tacks. It took FOREVER in 200 degree heat in the shade  to do it  but why would you think I would bother to get in the car and drive to the hardware store to grab a different brush!
I had a project to complete people...I need to see results!!!!
I am my own worst enemy...I swear!
(How bout that hillbilly bucket "prop shelf"? Nice huh?? TOP SECRET TRICK OF THE TRADE!)

Looking at this photo you would never guess it's 200 degrees outside with the cute little sun dapples and fluttering leaves.....ugh......

And here we are with the after!

We already took it up to the High Point showroom yesterday and I think she looks great
with the brick walls and wood floors!

The distressed finish took it from blah...to BAM!

I am really happy with the results on this one. I would love to find more pieces like this that just need a quick update.
One thing I know for sure...I WILL be running to the hardware store in the near future to get some different brushes!
Have a great day!
P.S. remember....if you know what style this is...pleeeeze let me know!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The day I found a chicken in my yard.....

You just never know what a day is gonna bring~ especially in the country.
This is a TRUE and funny story that happened on a Sunday at the end of March.
Mr. OTM and I had gone to a flea market that always has a vendor selling bunnies and chickens.
I joked with Russ about how I was going to get a bunny and raise all these rabbits and have them hop around the yard and such. He gave me the "not on your life look" that I expected and that was that.
To get his goat even further on the drive home I said that I've thought about the bunny thing and decided we should just get chickens! As you can imagine I got "THE LOOK" again with a firm NO WAY attached to it.
We did buy a couple knock out rose bushes that day and when we got home we headed to the side yard to plant them.
When we got to the flower bed I looked over to a part of our yard that leads up a path to our fire pit.
There in the middle of the path was a small gray, black and white speckled bird. Just sitting there, watching us.
We head over to it and for a second wonder if it's a baby buzzard or vulture or something.
I took the end of my watering can and nudged it's fanny a bit and then....(here's where it gets funny)
We couldn't believe it! Russ said that if he hadn't seen this whole thing play out he would have thought I set him up!
I don't blame him~ I couldn't believe it either!
We have NO IDEA where it came from or how it got here!
She started following us around everywhere. She would hop into my lap and sit on my shoulder.
She would always try to get close so I would ask her "are you chilly?" and that's how she got her name: Chilly.
Chilly Chilly Chick Chick to be exact.

I apologize for the out of focus photos! I am taking this thru my bedroom window.
She loves to hang out on the deck at the back of the house.
I wanted to find out exactly what kind of chicken we had.
One of my best friends, Kelly works for the Ohio State extension office in Ohio . She had me send her some photos and showed them around the office. In a matter of a few minutes I found out that we have a
Silver -Laced Wyandotte : a docile and friendly breed that is a wonderful layer!
These are recent photos that show how big she has grown!
She loves her chicken crumbles.
She hasn't stated laying yet but I am getting excited!
Here's where she goes from your average barnyard chicken to Miss Smarty pants:
she has figured out which window is the bedroom window and will sit on the sill til I get up to feed her!
This is what I see when I open the blinds in the morning. She gets up around 6:30 am  and hops down from her high perch where she roosts all night.
She isn't loud or noisy , just patiently waits to get some crumbles and cut up peaches.
She LOVES peaches!!
She is joy to have around and (you won't believe this) but her and the cat are buddies. I worried about that and the next thing you know they are both sleeping side by side in the flower bed.
I wouldn't mind getting a few more.........
Think I'll run that past Russ today and see what kind of "look" I get.
We both love having her around so maybe...just maybe I see an adorable little coop in my future!
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July Friends!!
Summer is truly here...with the heat to go along with it!

The shop WILL BE OPEN TODAY regular hours 10-5
should you want to celebrate with some SHOPPING!
I hope you all have a great day!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Opportunity Knocked......

When you open a business , obviously your main goal is to succeed and be able to enjoy what you are doing.
You also continue to dream on how you can grow and flourish to keep the experience evolving.
I've been in this business for 25 years. During this time I have had  the joy of being able to work in many different facets.
I opened my first shop in 1987 fresh out of high school (I knew EVERYTHING I could possible need to know right???lol!) and that has created the path of this  fantastic career of doing what I love!
Along this path I designed and made every product I sold. At one point I was asked to help a friend of mine set up her show room at some major trade shows across the country. In return I was able to feature my products in a small section of the show room and take orders. Not much of a display for my things but a  presence none the less.
It was during that time I was "discovered" by the owner of a leading home decor company and I contracted with them for 5 years to design products for their company. As a designer I was also encouraged to work some of the major shows through out the country. The experience was amazing and I learned ALOT about how this business works.
All the while I did this, I would find myself imagining what I would do with my OWN showroom one day.
I would day dream about the products and how they would be displayed. I would get all excited at the thought of working with designers and new clients.
One thing was for certain: I wanted to take all that I learned and  be able to sell MY LOOK of "antiques" and use my designer eye to incorporated the right touches that clearly defines me. Every chippy, rusty, crusty side of me. I was done being in the shadows of others and wanted to be able to
"spread my wings."
Some day.
Well, I am so excited to tell you that SOME day became TO day!
At this moment I am all tinglie and pinching myself to believe it.
Last week I got a phone call that put my dream into motion. The gal on the other end , Karen,  left me a message that I was thrilled to hear. She had seen my booth displays at  The Depot and The Sleepy Poet was most impressed with my products and display design.  Because of this she said that she would like to invite me to become part of the Antique and Design center in High Point NC.
I am PROUD to say that I have OFFICIALLY signed on as one of the exhibitors for the Fall Market.
I am showroom 53.
My dream is now making me a nervous wreck.

This is their ad for last years fall market.
I love the motto:
Continental ~Glam~ Industrial ~Garden ~Artisian Made ~Chic ~Glorious!
Speaking of GLORIOUS.......
take a peek at my showroom!

The back wall is beautiful brick , the floors are gorgeous hard wood  and the side walls are a wonderful neutral soft sage green. I don't have to do a thing except decorate it out!
Yep..it's as simple as that! UGH!
Right now the previous vendor has to move his things into the showroom across from me (neat stuff huh?) and then I get to get started. I already can't sleep.
I go over and over the layout in my head.
I need some big pieces for certain and have been lucky to score a few this past weekend.

I cannot wait to see these floors filled with awesome items and CUSTOMERS!
Then...maybe then will I be able to relax.
The best part of realizing this dream is that it goes hand in hand with my other dream of having my shop.
My hope is that by having the showroom I can lead designers and clients to the shop for year round service.
Mr. OTM is excited too. He has already shared some great design ideas and so far things are falling into place.
His encouragement means the world. Couldn't do it without him.
So there you have it! I just filled out the contract and put it in the mail box.
Opportunity knocked...(pretty loud too!) and I can't belive that I had the courage to answer it.
Here I come dream!