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Monday, July 23, 2012

Here's a Clue~It's Chippy AND it Floats......

Well today was a FIRST in our JUNKIN HISTORY!
We bought a BOAT!
A white chippy VINTAGE 1951 wooden Sunfish Sailboat!!
I am all but crazy over this thing!
Scratch that.....I am totally crazy over it!
This is exactly how it was when we pulled up to it.
I hopped out of the truck and in less time than it takes to say
Chilly Chilly Chick Chick (previous post)
we were inside payin the man!
She is 13 feet long with fabulous chippy white paint over blue paint~ and a beautiful "you can't get it from a can"
natural patina!
We have already taken it up to the High Point showroom (also a previous post)and now all I have to do is figure out how to display her!
Got any good ideas?? One option is to hang it from the ceiling.
I am so excited to get this cuz it's something different and I have never seen one before~ let alone in my booth!
This should be fun~ stay tuned!!


blhitchcock901 said...

Loveit! I say hang it from the ceiling and fill it with all your other great chippy, patina, crusty and rusty finds. Oh my! Did I say I looooove it?

trash talk said...

Okay girl...now I'm the one reading things that aren't there. I thought you said you were going to hang from the ceiling!
Love it. We had a piroque at one of our shows. It's hard to properly disply, but it can be done...if you hold your mouth just so. A friend used one as a serving buffet and it was wonderful.
Ahoy matey!

kim said...

Awesome!! See if it will hang like the tables on a boat. Then decorate like a buffet or as a leisurely swing! Just my first thoughts:) Can not wait for photos!!
take care

Clark said...

Hey do you still have that chippy boat?

Clark said...

Hey do you still have that chippy boat?

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Yes! We still have it and it is for sale.