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Friday, June 29, 2012

Open Sesame......

Hello Friends!!!
I need your help!
Can somebody hop on over here and please help me take the lid off my milkcan?

If you can't swing by.....I'd LOVE for you to share any
TIPS or TRICKS that you have used to get lids off old milk cans!

This thing is as tight as Scrooge!
But...I have hope because even ole Scrooge loosened up in the end!

Sooooo...PLEASE let me know what I can do !
WD-40 has already been put to the test but perhaps I didn't let is sit long enough.
Who knows....All I know is that I am desperate for this lid to come off. And I have a feeling that there are other friends out there with the same problem this morning! Our lids are stuck!
Thank you in advance!!



Cute one, leave the lid on it. Mary

Anne said...

That is the coolest milk can I have seen!Love that chippy paint and rust.I don't know how to get the top off.

BettyJean @ ShabbyTeaParty said...

I believe milkcan lids are known to fit very tightly, but it looks as though this lid may be either painted or rusted on. To knock it loose you'll probably need to wedge something like a large flat screwdriver into the space where the lid fits into the opening and give it a few whacks with a hammer or rubber mallet. Continue all the way around. So as not to dent and ding the can or scrape the paint too much I'd first wrap a towel around the area where you insert the screwdriver. Hope this helps. I found you through My Little World by SuzeeZ. Warm Hugs,

Barbara said...

Hmmm...Beth, have you tried using a pry-bar? Place in crack between lid and lip of can and pry the lid a little at a time, gradually working your way around the entire lid. If that doesn't work, not much else to do but get some dynomite...LOL Blessings...

Recycled Rita said...

I know what you are going thru! I have a selzer bottle (vintage) that the seal is just working too perfectly and we have tried everything. It still has soda water in it and I am afraid it will mold eventually! If you know what to do with it, I would love a clue! karen...

Angie said...

LOL - Have you tried beating the heck out of it? That would be my method - not that it usually works.

I have no idea how I ended up here, because I've been blog hopping, but I'm glad to have found you! I'd love to have you visit me - I'm celebrating my 1 year blog anniversary and have 7 wonderful giveaways all ending at midnight tonight.

Angie @ Knick of Time

Patty said...

Hi Beth. did you get the lid off your milk can yet ? I'm just now reading about it because your blog goes to my dashboard and I always forget to go read all the blogs that go there. Do you have a way yet for us to get an email instead ? Anyway...about the milk can. If the lid is still stuck, here's another idea. Usually, sticking things in the freezer will help, but since you can't put the whole can in there, I thought you could try this: Get a container that the top will fit down into if upside down. Fill with ice water. Maybe put a plastic bag over the can so you don't get it wet and perhaps rust further. Let it sit in the ice water for awhile then you can take it out and start tapping around the edges. Hopefully, the metal will contract enough that this might work. If I've written this in a way that doesn't quite make sense, please email me.