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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mrs.Meyers Holiday soap scents!!

Today is off to a GREAT START!!!

After having to trudge thru the holidays WITHOUT my FAVORITE Mrs. Meyers soap scents last year...I knew I couldn't go thru it again this year! {insert total drama here~lol!}

I blame this whole thing on Target really if you must know.

I went in one day to get toilet paper and and cat food and right there on the end cap was this soap......on sale.

So I had to take a wiff and BAM....hooked ....line and sinker!!

Since my Target decided not to sell the holiday scents anymore I was left wandering lost in the woods wondering how on earth I could get some!

I hopped onto the ole internet train this morning and decided to look up ole Mrs. Meyers for myself.


I am soo glad I did. Not only did I order this "sure to be awesome" Orange Clove....
I TOTALLY stocked up on my super all time most favorite scent ever:


It is bliss in a bottle.
And...it's only 3.99.
If you think you need this too {and you do...you really really do}
go to www. mrsmeyers.com.
It really is the small things in life isn't it?


heather mize said...

I'm off to order some now! thanks for sharing, I usually use their basil. Didn't even know they had holiday scents. Hurray for Christmas!!!

TheCrankyCrow said...

Oh....I'm so on this. I love specialty soaps - and had problems finding the brand I was addicted to (besides, it was putting me in the poor house at $15 a bottle!) Off to check it out! Thanks for sharing the secret! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Tammy said...

GURL!!! I LUV some Ms Meyers! I've been getting mine at Wal Mart...but not sure they have the Iowa Pine or Orange Clove...but I'm checking it out tomorrow !!

KG said...

I discovered these in a Duane Reade (NYC ubiqutious drug store) and have become obsessed. I now see they actually did sell the full line, but I so want this stuff to come in their all-purpose cleaner!!! Can you imagine, all your floors smelling like Iowa Pine! Your entire kitchen smelling like orang clove??? Ohhhh the possibilities...

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

So funny because I just bought both of those scents at a grocery store in Lancaster County. They only carried them in a few things but I didn't care. Like you, I love the orange clove but LOVE LOVE LOVE the Iowa Pine. Also pinned a recipe earlier for making refills of it. You use one of their bars of soap and grate it up....it's all here http://pinterest.com/pin/133419207680453470/ if your interested. Love this stuff! Have a great day! Jenn