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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

EVEN MORE JUNK FINDS...........................

I don't really know what it was about this old Army cooler......the color was great, it's smushy, the zipper works..it just had THE look you know?? Who knew military could be so chic? Take a look at the old chippy foot locker....I am thinking this one is staying put in my house someplace!
The little table was a SC find for $1.99! Apparently it is going to take a whole lotta muscle to get the drawer to come out...it won't budge! I love a challenge.....we'll see who wins.

The old chippy red metal can will look great at Christmas with a tree in it! The little chippy grater cost an arm and a leg (15.00!!!!) I know what you are thinking...what the heck????? But....I bought it for myself (GASP!) and have already made it into an adorable little accent light for the foyer. How do you ask????? You take a string of 50 white christmas tree lights and shove them up inside it an plug it on in! No skills required! Takes less than 2 minutes I swear!

A chippy meat grinder? But of course!! I was kind of thinking a candle would look cute in it...we'll see on that one. And finally the lamp is chippy concrete....it looks like it belongs in a garden. Okay...there is still more to come...I promise! Have a great day!


trash talk said...

I am in love with the lamp...I'd ask how much, but I'm afraid the shipping would sink me! OK, how much?
Great finds!

Denise said...

Love it ALL!

I think the idea for the grater lamp is perfect!


mornings322 said...

Great, great, finds. There's never anything around here like that.

Have a good day


Jackie said...

HI love all the stuff, but how much is the wheelbarrow??? Jhendrickson6@att.net Thanks

cityfarmer said...

well we all love something different ...I'd love to know more about the canvas bag ...this maybe our first transaction.

EMAIL ME WITH DETAILS $$$, size, etc!!

please check my junk on BOTH blogs!! (city and stuff)

Wizard of Was said...

Great treasures!I just picked up one of the old mail bags. My daughter wants a pillow made out of it....You're right it is so much fun to recycle and repurpose. Have a great week end.



The Texas Woman said...

I do like "no skills required" projects! And LOVE LOVE the chippy red can. Red and orange are MY colors!