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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Best Swap EVER!!!

IT FELT LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING!!! I am so glad that I had signed up for the OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS SWAP on Char's blog Pickled Pepper Patch. I had not done a swap in 8 years. I used to do them often but got so discouraged with how they would almost always turn out. Char has rules and I like that. I got the BEST PARTNER in swap land.........Becky from Primitives N Stitchin! She made almost everything in the package. I absolutely LOVED it all, The snowman is made from quilt batting the warm and natural stuff that I love...he is holding his hat upside down with a little Christmas mouse peekin out of it! The soap keeper shelf is A~W~E~S~O~M~E! I have since found 4 places for it to go in the house! The soap smells wonderful and cleans like no body's business! The berry wreath is around a candle at the moment and the little bag ornaments she made for me to be able to use for valentines too! How great is that??? There are prim tapers also that must have snuck down below the picture but they are in a wooden bowl on my table. But I think my super fav item is this one below.........................
SHE MADE THIS QUILT PAD!!! Isn't is beyond beautiful??? Again she thought of how I could use this for the Valentine holiday BUT I want it out all year! She really outdid herself with this. The workmanship is perfect. She is such a talent. If you are ever lucky to get her as a swap partner you will be very lucky indeed. I should mention...THIS WAS HER FIRST SWAP! I feel so honored to have been her partner.Thanks BECKY! I L~O~V~E it ALL!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

My goodness Beth, she sure did out do herself, I love the wood soap holder!!! The quilt piece is superb no wonder you are so happy...good for you!

trash talk said...

That quilt is frame worthy...which I think you should do. You could keep it up all year and enjoy looking at it every day. What a talent.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Java said...

What a great swap!!

prashant said...

The quilt piece is superb no wonder you are so happy...good for you!

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