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Monday, October 15, 2012

Mid- Market Update

Guess what? It's Monday already. That's totally news to me because I have been so screwed up on my days since
Market started. I feel like I have been lost in this world of make believe between all the FABULOUS products,
crazy talented people,knock out displays and wonderful customers.
I know that Thursday is coming (the last day of Market)  and I will have to snap out it~
but that's okay too cuz I miss being at the shop but til then, I will enjoy this euphoria I step into every morning
I snapped just a few ....(.meaning two) pics yesterday of two of my fav dispalys at the shop.
The first is my new sign. So simple but I love how it looks hanging in the booth.

Second are all these little vintage clocks and clock parts inside this super shabby shelf.
For those of you who know me well....I can hear you saying....."there's the twig and branches!!" You know it!! LOL!

Oh~ for those of you who are on Twitter~ I learned a few things these past few days and have actually done some tweets! Makes me feel so grown up!! LOL! I invite you to follow me not only on  my blog and Twitter but Facebook and Pinterest as well. You never know where Olde Tyme Marketplace is gonna turn up next!
Stay tuned for more pics of Market!

1 comment:

Burlap Luxe said...

Hi Beth, so kind of you to pay any attention to my conversation with myself, taking notice warms my heart.
I am not yet finished with the piece, but I was liking the out come and could not wait to post it.

I love your new header, I think I told you this on my last visit and your background page has our perfect patina of old, grey, white, and distressed.

I will return later this evening to read all that I have missed.

Keep inspiring what you do best (everything)