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Friday, October 17, 2008


This is really interesting! Russ and I had a wedding to go to in Pennsylvania two weeks ago and we took the opportunity to stop by and see The Natural Bridge in Virginia. To say the least it was beautiful! Thomas Jefferson bought it for about 2.50 cents years ago and George Washington helped him survey it and even carved his G.W. initials on the side of it. You can still see them to this day. We walked the entire path to reach the waterfall and it was just so relaxing and beautiful. We practically had the whole thing to ourselves. You could hear the birds chirping, water rushing, leaves crunching, squirrels scampering. The temperature was cool and crisp....PERFECTION!
I was in heaven...the only thing that could have possibly made this any better was if there was something like the Natural Bridge Primitive Shop, or a Thomas Jefferson's Primitive Goods, along the trail! I know there was like no chance of that, but a gal can wish can't she?? I should have put that on the comment card!
If you ever get a chance to go, I know you will enjoy it! Now I have to get back to work!!


Anonymous said...

Never heard of it before but it looks like a beautiful peaceful place!


Beth - I just read your WHOLE blog and what great reading it was. I love your ideas and your humor made me snile. I hope you keep posting as I will visit often. Hope one day to meet you and Lisa...Fondly, Judy


Hmmm..you do know I meant to write SMILE !!! duh!! Judy

Pots 'n Prims said...

Well David & I have never stopped there! I always want to but am always soo anxious to get to Pa! So we'll have to stop one day!
And, of course if we get to do our Pa road trip this spring, then I have to take you to see Judy! :) You'll luv her just as much as me! :)
Now, get back to it!

jdeere1 said...

Oh Beth---It is soooo beautiful! It looks just like a place we went to on Mackinac Island! You could walk to the top and there was an observation area...and you know how I am about those! Remember Chimney Rock?? LOL! It sounds great! Sometime on our way down South, Bart and I will HAVE to stop there with the kids!
Take care! Wish I was there this weekend for your BIG ....shhhhhhh!! :)

Linda said...

I was there several years afgo with a friend who moved from MA to Greensboro. I also know a gal who lives in Waxhaw. She is an interior decorator too!

Thanks for stopping by!