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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Okay gals!! I thought this would be a fun post to do!! WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE PIECE OF JUNK that you have ,where did you get it and how much was it??!!
My absolutely favorite piece I found was about 10 years ago at a yard sale. It was this old looking base cupboard that had a round hole cut in the top. Apparently there had been a table saw bolted on to the top and the customer right ahead of me had just taken it off and bought it and was loading it into his car. He was getting ready to leave and I asked him if he was taking the cupboard and he said no! So, jumping for joy I hopped on over to the gal that was having the sale and asked her 'how much for the cupboard??" She proceeded to udder the best four letter word on the face of the earth......FREE!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!! Well I loaded that baby up in the trunk of my Chevy Cavalier (yep it was hangin out the back with a bungee cord to hold the trunk lid down) and couldn't wait to get it home and fiddle with it! Well after unloading it I hosed it off in the backyard and I opened the two doors to clean inside and LO and BEHOLD.......right there , nailed to the inside to was an ANTIQUE WOODED SPICE CUPBOARD!!! The kind with eight little drawers and the spice names stenciled on . Whoever put it there had used it for nuts, bolts, nails and screws. I was totally freaking out and just blowing a gasket!!! I had to reload the whole thing back into the car and take it to my Dad's so he could get it out for me. I spare you the look on his face when I pulled into the drive way.......................Anyway, he rescued the spice box for me and I was back home to now decorate! Remember the round hole in the top of the cupboard?? Well I wound up putting an old enamelware bowl in it and filled it with potpourri and a candle. It sat out in my sun porch and I have never had a piece of furniture that received more compliments than that. The spice cupboard hung on the wall in the kitchen where I could gaze it while I slaved away preparing meals! So there ya go....can't wait to hear your story!!


jdeere1 said...

I have to say that my favorite piece of junk (well--ol' hubby thinks everything I bring home is junk!) but, my favorite is my buffet in my dining room! Oh how I wish I had pictures of it when I got it! We had just gotten married. We had nothing! The only furniture we had was junk that our families didn't want. We had the most God awful ugly couch that was fake velvet and had coffee grinders all over it...but back to my story of my buffet! There used to be a big flea market at Kent State Ashtabula called "Super Swap Shop". Bart and I went there the year we got married and low and behold...there was a buffet. I always dreamed of having a buffet to put my wedding china in. Well it was in such bad shape! It was this disgusting thick enamel red paint. It was missing all the hardware. But it was only $25.00. My husband bought it for me and we took it immediately to the antique refinisher down in Ashtabula Harbor. We went right from Super Swap Shop to this refinishing place. When he called me to come get it...I could not believe it was the same piece I dropped off! Holy Toledo! I will have to post a photo of it when I get all my Christmas decorations on it! I'll post it at citylifetocountrywife.blogspot.com after Thanksgiving! It has now become my most cherished piece of furniture! And yes...it is full of my wedding china! I have had it for 18 years now!

Dawn said...

I have so many favotite junk pieces, but I guess I would say the old post office box I have hanginf over my sofa! We had been looking for a large old tim sign or something big to hang over the back of the sofa of our new living rm. One day Mike calls and says your not going to belive what i found at a tag sale. He got home and I saw this and thought, Oh thats going over the sofa. I had to clean it up alittle. It was so heavy to hang but i just love the little mail slots to decorate with. I will try to post a pic of it on my blog!! dawn

Gayle said...

I can't believe you got us all worked up by your description of your junk treasure, and then you didn't even share a picture? C'mon, have some mercy! LOL

oldetymemarketplace said...

LOL!! I didn't even think about a picture!! Sorry about that! I don't have the cupboard anymore but I do have the spice box. When I get a chance I will post a pic of that!
Have a great day!