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Sunday, November 2, 2008


Well I am still on a flea market high and had to share it with you all! I had hardly any money to spend today and most of what you are looking at was only 1.00!!!! My most expensive "splurge" was the little one drawer stand that looks like it had a mirror on it at one point. Needless to say it was a great day. I almost didn't go at all becasue as you know, when you decided to go flea marketing with no cash is when you find absolutly everything you have been searching for since you were born. I have been up to my ears preparing for the Southern Christmas Show and I just needed a distraction for a bit. This really helped let me tell you! As soon as I got home I got everything unloaded from the truck, got the camera started arranging it all it in the driveway and started taking some pictures. Just as I am doing all this my neighbors decided to go for a walk and I can feel them looking my way. So I just wave and say hi and they say hi back to me but it sounds more like a question!! Do you know what I mean? They must think I am nuts! I could understand this maybe had I been talking to my new found treasures or hugging them or something....geez! So I can imagine their conversation on their walk..."so what EXACTLY was she taking a picture of? All I saw was a pile of junk......no, dear that pile of junk is always there.....no this was a new one...well she has a shop or something, maybe it was for that.....Do you think she ever really sells anything?? ......everything looks like it needs a new paint job or it's all dirty and rusty........I don't really know what she does with it, I can't imagine using it for anything other than firewood...hahaha Oh that was a good one honey!!!...maybe we should move..................???"
Like I said ...I needed a distraction for a bit!! Back to work!!


Dawn said...

Beth, Oh, I so know how you feel. The excitement of the old junk finds. Im almost screaming inside for you! I literally shake from excitement when I find great stuff. My mom just doesnt understand. She thinks Im nuts when i find spots like you did. Once we had stopped and everything was half price. I literally was just speechless. i was looking around quickly because of the other shoppers, my mom was talking to me and I said"MOM, I need you to just let me scan first before I could speak. Have fun with all your stuff. Im so happy for you!!!! Dawn

Lisa said...

Oh how fun!!Thanks for leaving me a comment at Cranberry Flats. I envy all you ladies that come up with this cool stuff at garage sales and flea markets. Especially those of you that can make something out of nothing. I'm trying to get my knack back for primitives, but I think I get lazier the older I get. Ha. I love your blog, I'll be back!! PS, that Natural Bridge was great. I love the story behind it!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for stopping by for a visit, I've really enjoyed reading your posts.

Wow, what finds you found I love everything you found, what are your plans for the white stand with what looks like a mirrow would have been. Please show pics when done.

I'll be adding you to my favs:)

pinetrees on the moor said...

Beth, You lucky thing i know what you mean when you have come across lots of bargains,i can hardly contain my joy.Would love to see what you do with all the goodies.Have a great day~Kate~

Pots 'n Prims said...

Ok, like as of right now you need to REMOVE that Christmas Tree Countdown! Like I need that reminder?! LoL
See ya sooN! :)

My*Prim*Cottage said...

Oh my goodness! You found the motherlode of goodies! I wanna go to your fleamarket! Thanks for stopping by by blog and leaving such a kind comment, I really appreciate it! You were from Ohio, now in North Carolina? I lived in the Tidewater area of Virginia for 7 years. I miss living there! Well, you take care and I'll be adding you to my list! ~Beth~

Back in the Day said...

Love all your goodies! You are always so lucky at finding such great things! Good luck at the Christmas show!