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Saturday, March 14, 2009




Last but not least a chippy old birdhouse! I was looking around my living room the other day and it occured to me that there are so many different textures of "CHIPPY"! I took these few photos and will post some more later. My first chippy item I ever bought was an old white cupboard that was 15.00 at a yard sale. I remember debating on it thinking" I don't know why but I love how it looks with the paint coming off!" When I went to pay for it the guy said that he hoped someone would buy it and take the time to refinish it. Well obviously the wrong gal came along because I never did do a thing to it except love it and let it catapult me into a free-fall of buying up anything that has chippy paint coming off it...especiallywhite! I used to go to an auction every Monday when I lived in Ohio. Usually it was me and a bunch of guys, English and Amish who were lookin for tools .If anything chippy came up the auctioneer would just look directly at me and start out the bidding at 1.00! Many of the guys picked up on my "habit" and some would bring stuff to sell specifically to me knowing "if it was chippy...it was me!" I used to get a kick out of them because they would say stuff to others like" don't even bother biddin against her!" or "she must have a money tree growing in her yard!" Goodness they made me sound ruthless BUT if anyone paid over 10.00 that was just outrageous to them!! (unless it happened to be something I bought that they WANTED me to buy from THEM!!!!) LOL!
I love how there are so many different tones of white and that it goes with everything! Loving a neutral color makes decorating sooooooooooooooo easy! Hope you are able to do some easy decorating this weekend!


Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

I love the old chippy top of a dresser, I'd love to have it for my bath make over.

Lisa said...

Love the chippy spice cupboard. yep, I think I could use that in my home : )


Dawn said...

I love anything chippy!!!! My old neighbor hood that I grew up in was flooded a couple yrs ago and the entire neighborhood has been listed to be demolished soon. My mom and I went down there yesterday and looked throught the old house. Oh my, now granted it has had many occupants in the last 35 yrs but I cant believe we live there! Anyhow the guy bulldozing them under said I could have naything off the old houses. I found a screen door and two window screens and an old mailbox! All chippy!!!! I enjoyed the chippy post! dawn

Artsy Fartsy said...

Love all that chippy stuff you got!!!

Janene said...

I too like chippy paint!
It gives the items character and the sense that they have been around forever and have a wonderful history to them!

UPON A HILL said...

I am all about that chippy stuff! It is just the best! cool stuff!

The Whites said...

Chippy stuff is the best! It's already got a design of it's own - no work involved!