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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


What a great weekend!!! Sunday was the BEST!!! Mr. OTM and I got up at 4:30 ( yep that's am!!) , met up with our dear friends Lisa and Dave at 6:30 and started our junkin journey! We had a blast as always and the JUNK was PRIMO!! Take a peek at what I found..... I am usually not a sign person ...really only because they are usually too darn expensive....I found this cutie for only $15 bucks and it's double sided too! I thought it would look good in the shop above the cash register area....would add a bit of humor to the place! The old chippy white kettle was a S~T~E~A~L....let me tell ya...when I asked how much it was the guy told me "Oh I am gonna have to get $48.oo bucks for that"....well thank you I said and was turning away...He goes "What did you want to pay...make me an offer! " So I tell him that I would embarrass myself if I was to be honest about how much I would pay and he says "Don't be embarrassed, just give me a number!......okay...here goes...'How about 10 bucks??" ( with a pleading tone and look in my eye) ...HE SAYS ...OKAY!!! Can you even believe that one??? I saved 38.00 just like that....I have no pride I swear!! The rusty wire old trash can was a fav too plus a great bargain

The old chippy bread box has a story too......it was being used to display Star Wars action figures. I asked if it was for sale...."NO, THAT IS FOR DISPLAY ONLY!!"...(can I tell you how much that phrase annoys the cr@# out of me!!!! why bring it to a show in the first place...UGH!!!.....I could do a whole blog post on that .....anyway...) So as I am saying bad words in my head, she says that I wouldn't pay what she asked for it anyway , so I asked what she wanted and she said "10.00!" so I whipped out a ten spot and got the darn bread box!! She took like 20 minutes getting all the action figures out and I was thinking to myself..."Seriously Beth....should a junk purchase be THIS difficult with all the drama of the relocating of the Star Wars stuff into a shoe box...do you feel bad AT ALL ........Nope, nothing, na-da"...so I continued to wait for the wonderful old chippy box.....I think it was sooooo worth it!!! The metal oyster basket is great! These make super cool light fixtures..........You can NEVER go wrong with old scales...and the little vintage garden pick is the perfect little addition to my collection.

Okay...now this table is one of my MOST FAVORITE PIECES I found....it is truly a one of a kind.....someone took an old REEVES wash tub stand (the kind that would house two galvanized wash tubs) and added table top! It is that wonderful great blue/gray color and it's on WHEELS!! What a great piece! The old wood wash tub on top is a piece that I have been looking for for a long time...I LOVED the colors on it!

These pieces all look so cute together!! The gray shelf piece needed a bit of work and a good washing but believe it or not there is a mirror in there! The old bottle with woven wicker cover and zinc cap is too adorable. The Smith Douglas sac will make a great pillow and the little old chippy cubby shelf just made my heart sing!!!

I was in desperate need to find a cupboard and was jumping up and down when I spotted this baby...it has green paint underneath too!! TOO DIE FOR! I got the old little hanger for $1.00 and was told it was the first one ever made!! LOL!
For even more pics..hop on over to my other blog JUNKIN ESCAPADES! Hope your day was great too! What did you find this weekend??


Barb said...

More great finds!!

good job.
all lovely, well, or should i say 'pretty shabby'.
barbara jean

The Green Pea said...

Super finds! That is always so much fun to finds cool stuff. Sandi

Rhondi said...

Hi Beth
What a great Sunday you had! I'm glad you found lots of good junk. The early bird gets the worm, right?
((hugs)) Rhondi

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I want to go junken with you! All your finds are fantastic, love the breadbox and the shelf with the mirror!

common ground said...

WOW, someone else displays their star war figures in a breadbox?! Just kidding. It's so annoying to see something fabulous in a sea of garbage and that is the only thing you want, but "Oh,no" it's NOT FOR SALE!
Great stuff!

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I love the bread box!! Janna

UPON A HILL said...

Great stuff as always!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Such beautiful finds...I'm so loving the bread box...how lucky for you.
The bowl rack is going to look wonderful all prim'd up!


Anne Marie said...

awesome! I loved hearing your story of your 'junkin' escapade....

what a steal on that bread box....
man alive that's a great deal.

hey- thanks for the info on the prim shop - I totally forgot about her shop!!

The Shepherds Fold said...

Hey there Beth! Love love the old cupboard here! Your booth looks great. Rock it out girl! ~Rachel