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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Garden.........

Hello Friends!

When winter rolls around~it's often hard to say good by to all the beautiful colors that once graced your yard, porch and deck areas.

Just because all that goes away doesn't mean that you can't create some wonderful winter displays in those same areas.

Here ,I am sharing with you what I do on our back deck area.

Since we have french doors that lead out from our dining room ~ this area is very visible and I always have it loaded up with containers and baskets in the summer months.

Once winter gets here, it gives me the chance to do something different!

This year I chose to utilize all my specialty pumpkins instead of tossing them into the compost pile just because Fall was over! (If you did that, you can probably still go rescue a few!)

I wanted a natural look and something E*A*S*Y and low maintenance.

I started out with this adorable handmade small wheel barrow. I had petunias in it (you can still see one in the front) this past summer. I pulled out all the dead stuff and left the dirt as a base. I started with the pine and stuck some of the branches right in the dirt to act as an anchor for the other pieces on top. After the pine I added the super cool white kinda flat white pumpkins (real) and the huge pine cones (fake). I like the look of mixing the real and fake stuff. In this case it's what I had on hand and I thought it looked great!

This was my $10.00 real Frasier tree from the North Carolina mountains that only cost me $60.00 for the tank of gas to pick it out! Every year I always like to put a tree out there for the birds. I usually have little suet ornaments on it but they had wiped me out before I took these pictures. Yes.....we have other trees in the yard and yes I put feed in those bird feeders (Mr. OTM likes to point out this fact every year.) BUT...I like that this is closer to me on the deck and I can see the birds better while I am eating my breakfast.

I've got it sitting in an old galvanized tub surrounded by more pumpkins, pine cones and statuary.

Not alot of effort needed to pull this look off. Just work with what you have and watch the scale of size.

See this little concrete cat? I just saw one in an antique mall yesterday for 150.00 bucks. If this one is missing off my deck I am going to come get you! lol!

My rosemary is still goin to town so I didn't have the heart to yank it out to make this arrangement balanced. Who cares right?

I am lovin it anyway.

If I could have white pumpkins to decorate with all year round , I think I would.

They have got to be the cutest little things and I love the color.

Eventually all these will start to get mushy, but until then I look forward to being able to enjoy them for a few more months.

This particular pumpkin is nestled in a pine bough nest inside a big old wire birdcage. Sorry for the lack of a full on shot of that but it's easy to picture it. You could easily get this look on a much smaller scale using a standard size birdcage with the small white pumpkins.

I hope this inspires you to create some winter beauty for your outdoor spaces. The only thing that is lacking for me is a beautiful dusting of snow. A good 16-24 inches worth.

What's that?

You think I've lost it?

What can I say......I'm and Ohio girl!

Enjoy your Winter Garden!

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cityfarmer said...

you just KNOW I love all your forever junkin goodies piled high!!

keep it comin'

Faded Charm said...

I'm loving the combo of pumpkins with greens and pinecones. Great idea. Unfortunately, my pumpkins have all rotted by now:-(


chateau chic said...

I really like all your outdoor containers and arrangements.
Your newest follower, Mary Alice

trash talk said...

I think it's high time you tried your hand at pumpkin farming. Yeah...I really do...just add it to your resume!
Love the idea of continuing the use right on thru the cold months. My problem is they go mushy in November...blasted Texas weather.

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

beth, this is so pretty! love that the rosemary is still there!!! great job!!


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Wonderful vignettes on the porch, Love the white pumpkins with the pine boughs, a perfect combination & Love, Love, Love those pine cones, are they pottery?
Hope you'll stop by my blog when you get a chance....

Back in Time Treasures said...

Beth, I know I love white pumpkins too! Here is an idea??? I took some fake orange pumpkins I had and painted them black and a puddy color! They were being scratched up so I brought then back to life! I put black checked ribbon and rafia around the stems and they came out great! You could get some white paint and do the same with the store bought pumpkins and have them forever! Susan