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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Call me crazy.....

Hello Friends!

So on my last post you found me boo-hooing about my lost camera.....

(which still remains lost by the way.)

I decided that I just needed to take the plunge and go ahead and get a new camera.

Just jump on in there and spend the 400.00 and have a nice big ole fancy hi-tech

number loaded with thing a ma jigs and doo dads.

So I began my online assault of all things "camera!"

I hit Amazon....

I hit Best Buy.....

I hit Overstock.....

I hit ebay......and that's where I found.......


My old camera.

And I bought it.

For $74.00 plus shipping.

I know...I know...You can't tell me anything I haven't already told myself BUT I have this totally rationalized (in my head...)

See, I have a BOATLOAD of awesome items to get into my etsy shop....

I have a new nephew to meet in a few weeks.....

I have NO time to sit and figure out my ISO and aperture right now on a new camera.

I need to take pictures NOW!

See....alllllllll rationalized.....

Call me Crazy?



Faded Charm said...

I can totally relate. I just got a fancy and might I add, expensive new camera that I have no idea how to use and NO time to figure it out...uugghhhh!!!

My old one stopped working and I was using my daughter's CoolPix, but at least it was easy. I thought I'd get a good one and the photos would look beautiful ....like everyone elses out in blogland. wishful thinking!!!

Better go read my manual...hahahaha


Sweet Magnolias Farm said...

I've got the Cannon A 570 3 years old and it's just simple to use and I love it. I kept thinking about that Cannon Rebel everyone is chatting up until I totally fell over and croaked at the price at Costco last week. For me I've got better use for that kind of money ..LOL !!! I'll stick with my little $200- point and shoot and use my photo software to fancy em up ...!

There's something said for sticking with what you know in today's busy busy world..

Happy New Year ..


LibbiesHome said...

This is so something I would do, too!
High tech and fancy are fun - when there's time to learn. If not, go with what you know! Great deal, I think. :)

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Well, I've always thought your pictures are just fine. No sense stressing out over a new camera until you have the time to figure it out (and maybe take some classes).

Take care, Beth, and I wish you any blessings this new year!

trash talk said...

Yeah I'll call you crazy...like a fox! I'm sitting on the same horns of a dilemma myself. My little point and shoot got dropped and now I'm facing having to learn how to work a new one or get the same one I'm used to. I think I'll do what you did...and call it done!

Primsue said...

Not crazy at all - I would do the same thing. There's something to be said for familiarity.

Have a blessed New Year,

Diana said...

And now, you will find your old camera hiding in plain sight. Sigh. Happens all the time. LOL
You have a beautiful blog btw.


Diana said...

And now, you will find your old camera hiding in plain sight. Sigh. Happens all the time. LOL
You have a beautiful blog btw.


Jen said...

Now that sounds like something I would do, I hate learning new things, it drives me crazy and makes my brain tired!

The Feathered Nest said...

I LOVE IT!!! You go Beth!!! You know what....you don't want to be an amazing photographer...you just want to sell your STUFF!!! That's all I want too, is to take pretty photos of my stuff and what I want to sell ~ hugs and love, Dawn

The Kramer Angle said...

Comfort is not a bad thing! You were comfortable with your lost camera and you wanted it back! Now you're getting it! Awesome!

(I was comfortable with my old body - 20 pounds ago - but I don't see myself getting it back anytime soon! Unless I stop eating donuts...and burritos....!)


Pam at Antique or Not said...

Beth, you're so funny...nothing like the tried and true, right?

I may be in the market for a new camera, too. I was getting ready to take a pic of a cabinet in my laundry room for a blog post, and went into the other room to do something first. Left my camera on top of the washer, which was running, not thinking that the spin cycle was coming up soon. Yep, the vibration walked that puppy right off the edge onto the tile floor.

I wouldn't be so upset if it were my backup camera, but it's my good DSLR. And now it's making funny noises when I turn it on.