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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

How to make THE PERFECT HARD BOILED EGG...Seriously!

Since my neighbors put up a coop and got 4 hens around Christmas time~ I have been on cloud nine with helping to take care of them, watching them in the yard and most of all, enjoying their eggs.
Since the arrival of warmer weather the egg production has been fantastic.
I been making egg salad, eggs for breakfast, egg whatever!
But my sole quest of late has been to make a perfect hard boiled egg.
Sounds like it should be easy right?
Anybody else with me on this?
I can specifically remember my Home-Ec teacher standing over me as I made the perfect egg and got an A.
That was in 8th grade and could have cared less about hard boiled eggs. And apparently I must have just lucked out that day because since then, I've struggled.
They either come out over cooked with the dreaded  GREEN YOLK...ick!
Or, you wind up peeling all the white off with the shell!
Soooo, a little research was on order and the experiments began.

Here is the result that I have found WORKS THE BEST for a perfect hard boiled egg:

Eggs that have been refrigerated for a few days work way better than "fresh from the coop eggs."
Place all the eggs in a SINGLE LAYER in the pot.
Pour water over the eggs to be sure they are completely covered.
ADD a TBS. of white vinegar (will not affect taste)
Bring the water to a rolling boil and then TURN OFF THE HEAT.
Cover the pot for about 15 minutes ~ no longer.
Drain the hot water and immediately pour COLD COLD water over the eggs. You can even add ice if you want. The shells are porous and soaking them in water will help to release the shell.I also tried cracking them a little before I  put them in the cold water, but found that it wasn't really necessary.
The result of all of this is: THE PERFECT NON GREEN EASY TO PEEL EGG!!!
My Home-Ec teacher would be so proud.
Oh, and for all the eggs shells?? These work great in your compost pile OR put them in the hole you dig to plant your tomatoes in. They love um!
Good luck on your egg cookin!
Let me know how they turn out OR if you have other TRIED and TRUE TIPS!

1 comment:

Karen said...

I know what you mean about the green yolk....
I've been doing this method for years - seems my sister in law never heard of this method and she knows everything...LOL