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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June is almost OVER!!! What????

Time is FLYING!! So many things on my to-do list have yet to get done and June is already almost over!
Each year after Christmas I make this wonderful list of everything I want to get done in the next coming months. Here's a peek at mine:
Re-do Master Bedroom
Paint Spare Bedroom
Re-arrange furniture in Living room
Re-stain the Deck
Re-arrange the deck
Give Blog a face lift
Build a website
And that's just a peek.
Guess how many have been done.......

Re-staining the deck and re-arranging all my stuff on the deck.
I am VERY happy at least those have been scratched off.
I have finally been able to go shopping for plants and flowers to fill all my planters out there.
It was getting depressing seeing cute chippy white planters empty with no blooms !

So far this Spring had been filled with Shows, like Lucketts Spring Market (love!!) and filling etsy orders like my number bottles here. The shop has been busy (many thanks!!) and the junk finds have been.......

FANTASTIC!!! We have been all over the place digging, rummaging, picking, curb scrapping and shopping for great stuff. Both of our booth spaces at The Sleepy Poet and The Depot at Gibson Mill  have recently got some PRIMO junk.
As for the other things on the list, well progress has been made on trying to get a website built and the blog face lift. I had saved up some $$$ to get it done then the ole transmission decided to go on the truck so that's where that all had to go! We have to have the truck to go find then junk then haul the junk so the junk can sell and bills get paid~ so it was a no brainer. I am still excited to get this done and can't wait to be able to show you all the "new" old look!!
Til then I have added another thing on my to-do list:
Learn how to transfer photos from my smart phone (droid bionic) to my computer. If anyone knows how to do this....I have a feeling I am the last person on earth who doesn't know...please feel free to share the info!


Karen said...

Hi and welcome back Beth!
Your to-do list is similar to mine except I don't expect to get any of them done - I think they all need doing, hubby doesn't - so guess who wins..LOL
I love your number bottles and I see why they sell well. You can add them to almost any little cubby, gathering or line them up on a sill. Perfect.
Oh my why do things like icky ole transmissions have to get in the way of fun!!

The Whistle Stop said...

Know all about "to do" lists... they never seem to end especially when we are in the business we're in! Our stories seem similar... having to have truck work done too... website on hold once again! Oh, well... life's challenges. Good luck with your list!!!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

good luck on your list! one. step. at. a. time. my lists are never ending here...and it would help if I had deeper pockets to get it allllll done. ha.

lovin' your junk finds! I need to get out there more to find me some good junk. would love to come back to your neck of the woods!

happy summer!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Beth, everything looks great, but I was wondering if you still happen to have anything made by The Funky Tennessee Artist (Connie). I love her things! Thanks, Dawn

Allison Zoie said...

good fortunes on your record! one. step. at. a. time. my records are endless here...and it might be ideal in the event that I had deeper pockets to finish it allllll sleepy's coupon .