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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Okay now IS THIS NOT PATHETIC??? This is what I turned around and saw laying on the dining room floor while I was trying to get dinner ready! This is Kitty....(I know pretty original huh?) He could literally eat all day long, and won't leave me alone until he gets some food in his bowl! He is particurally relentless when I am in the kitchen where his food is stored and I have to constatntly keep shoo-ing him off. Well on this particular day after a long day at the shop I just wanted to put together something quick for dinner and be done with the day. He would NOT leave me alone and I shushed him out of the kitchen only to turn around and see him playing dead in the dining room...totally wasted away to nothing...!!!! I mean he even waited while I went to go get the camera to take the picture!!! I mean really.....he is such a phony but I love him like crazy! He has been with me for about 14 years after I took him in when someone had shot him with an arrow in his tummy. As you can see the tummy is doing just fine!! Just so you know, no kitty was harmed during the photo shoot....as soon as we were done, he got some din din! Spoiled little cat!


Merrie. said...

that cat has sure got you trained; isn't it funny how they treat us? I noticed that you are near Waxhaw; there is another blogger who has a country store in Waxhaw; she has a bulldog like I do and she is into country/prims; now if only I didnt have mad cow and could remember the name of her blog!! I visit her all the time; shame on me!

Merrie. said...

I just remembered it; its Back in the Day!!! yikes!

Pots 'n Prims said...

Hey hun! Shoot on over to my blog - you've got an award!! hehe!!

My*Prim*Cottage said...

Oh what a pretty Kitty! We have one of those, nosey little under your feet kinda cats! We have had her for about 13 years. She is a card. She keeps us entertained, too! ~Beth~