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Saturday, January 3, 2009

What I Did This Holiday Season!

curious cat booth
curious cat booth

curious cat booth

kiosk at mall

Kiosk at mall...can you say
looooooooooooooog hours???

Southern Christmas Show

Southern Christmas Show

At the shop!

At the shop again!

olde tyme snowman at the shop!

antique skate wreath

One of the candle displays

still shop...........
I know that this is LATE with a capital "L" bit I just now had the time to sit and download all my holiday pictures. So many of you have emailed me requesting pictures of the shop, my booth at Curious Cat, the kiosk at the mall and the Southern Christmas Show booth. I tried to give you a good sample of each. It was a very blessed holiday season being busy non-stop and running ragged some days...espicially with having the kiosk (cart) at the mall. The hours were KILLER! We only were there for a month from Nov. 27 to Dec. 27 and that was long enough!! UGH! With that said we were so glad we did it really. It was nice knowing that there was and end in sight. We met a ton of new customers and were able to send them down to the shop! It was wonderful advertising and now we have met some great new shoppers for the store! Well, enjoy the pics and Happy New Year to All!!!


Dawn said...

Beth, Wow! Those pictures makes me what to pull all my Christmas out all over again!!Your stuff is so CUTE! I interseted in your candles. That they burn down all the way is incrediable. Im sure they smell wonderful. I may have to order a couple. I love candles! Thanks for the pictures! Dawn

Tammy said...

Found your blog on Backdoor Primitives, thought I would come by and visit. Your shop looks great. Im in NC too, I think I need to make a road trip. I wonder how far you are from me.

Im about 2 hours from Charlotte. I think that I will have to put you on my list of places to visit.

jdeere1 said...

LOVE THE PICS!! Thanks for posting! Makes me miss your presence in Ashtabula all the more...sob sob!
Miss you tons!!

Lisa said...


Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Oh yes...Country Gatherings is my FAV. I don't live close, but my parents live in New Philly so that is only about 20-25 minutes away and every single time I go visit my parents we go there. We use to like Homespun Treasures, but I am not sure if someone else started the buying or what...we don't care for it anymore. We always eat at Rebecca's for lunch and go to the antique mall right next door afterwards. Oh, I love Amish Country.

By the way... I love your Old Thyme Snowman (CUTE CUTE).

Happy New Year!!

taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

I came across your blog!!..Just wanted you to know I love it!!...Many blessings this New Year!!...Jen

Linda said...

I could do a little shopping in those spots!! Great stuff!!