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Monday, April 12, 2010

A FIRST for ME!!

Good Morning bloggies!! I am off to do a Design Consultation today (one of my fav things to do!!) and before I head out I wanted to share with you what I did yesterday FOR THE FIRST TIME!
I have done my fair share of craft shows in my day, set up at numerous antique shows, always putting together a great inventory and worrying about the display.
On the spur of the moment Mr. OTM suggested we get together some of the "crap" we have laying around (mostly mine...go figure!) and set up at a flea market! Wow...I ahve never been a VENDOR at flea market before...hummmmmmm!
Now...I have been a regular flea market SHOPPER since The Waltons were still on tv every week so I knew that it "don't need to be pretty!"
We loaded up the truck with as much as we could. Our table was a slab of wood and two work horses plus another beat up folding metal table, and a rug!
I had a BLAST!! It took us all of like 15 minutes to set up everything! NO tablecloths on the tables, no fancy schmancy anything!
The best part about being there as a vendor was I could still be a SHOPPER TOO!
Here's what I snagged.......!

THis BEAUTFUL Lobelia came from our friends Mitch and Pat at
They will be filling the front porch at the shop with all their wonderful plants and flowers for our Spring Open house April 23 &24th!!

Okay friends...gotta run!
Hope your day is GREAT!


Gypsy Purple said...

What fun you had!

cityfarmer said...

now this is what i call funnnnnn

can I purchase the iron three way caddy?????

cityfarmer said...

p.s.check out a few things in my stash for the barn show in May ( nada farm sale)

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Boy you got some good junk finds!! Sounds like it was a blast! Janna

One Cheap B*tch said...

Well done! Love that tape measure!


La Vie en Rose said...

All Hail Mr. OTM, you go boy..

Linda said...

FUN day...and you found some great goodies, too!

Debby said...

What a beautiful blog, so glad to have found you.