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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Just tinkering.....

I was tinkering out in the garage last night when I got home from the shop. It seems that when I am at the shop I can't wait to get home to work on the projects there and then when I am at home I can't wait to get to the shop and work on what waits for me there! This is a busy time of year for sure!I am having a great time getting all my stuff together for the shows that lie ahead.
The Southern Comforts show is new and this is the first time I have done an antiques show in awhile and my creative juices are flowing like crazy! Alot of my Ohio finds will be at this show~ I have saved some killer chippy pieces to use there. In addition to that show I am also going to be selling at the HOLIDAY MARKET in Greensboro NC for the first time. I am excited to do these new venues and to see what happens. I normally do the Southern Christmas show but that event lasts two weeks and I can no longer be away from the shop that long.
Anyway...while I was tinkering I glanced over to this charming little display on the workbench done by none other than MR. OTM! I am so PROUD! Here is how the master decorator describes putting the look together:
"Um...well I had to sand those wood boards and I didn't think you'd want your mini pumpkins getting all dusty so I stuck um under that big glass thing...that little metal number plaque fell on the floor about three times and it was beginning to tick me off so I just stuck it there!"
I know...I know....AMAZING right?? He has such vision! And the expert placement and the Krylon can in the background is subtle yet bold! LOL!
I love all the dust on TOP of the big glass thing...makes the pic truly gritty.
Hopefully you can get out to your space and tinker away the day!
Have a good one!
P.S. This look will be for sale at the SoCo Show...who knows Mr.OTM might even be there to offer even more design tips! See ya!


lowcountryliving said...

Hilarious! I love this post! Gotta love a man working hard!

Amy Kinser said...

Love it! What a man!!!!

Tammy said...

Love it Beth! Way to go Mr. OTM! You two make a great team!
I'll see you at the SoCo show and maybe in Greensboro..when is that show?
and..are you just loving this weather!!!
Tammy :-)

nysher said...

Hi Beth,

Great story and it sounds like a guy too!

The Southern Comforts show is the 16th and 17th. Your blog shows the 17th thru 18th. I can't wait to see you there!

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Thanks so much fo letting me know I had the dates wrong!! Geez!! I fixed um in a hurry!!
See You There!