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Monday, October 18, 2010

Show Pics! Part 1

This past weekends SoCo show was entirely too much fun! Everybody in charge of the show: Susan~Wendy~Chet~Michelle went above and beyond to make this quite THE event!
It's hard to believe that they whipped this all together in 2 1/2 months.
When I decided to get a booth I got excited about what I was going to put together to sell!
I had alot of great finds from out of state that I had set aside and it was awesome watching them all come together!
The theme for my booth was "Were You Born in a Barn?!"
I have been dying to use some hay and while it can be messy it sure does add to feel of a booth. I have seen too many outta this world pictures of Barn House events that had inspired me to want go this route.
So here ya go.
I present to you the
Olde Tyme Marketplace
"Were You Born in a Barn Booth"
at the Southern Comforts
Fall & Antique Show 2010!
Old mail bags....last minute garage sale find! Can you believe that? 12 of um!
The doors. Oh the doors! I didn't have these suckers until I got to the show to set up. I didn't even know they existed til then. Chet comes up to me to tell me that they have a bunch of doors they think I might like. With numbers on them.
Spaz attcak ensued and I bought up 9 of um and as Mr. OTM was going to put them in the truck I holla~ "WAIT!!!! Design intervention just hit me and I decided we are going to use these as the backdrop for the booth!!"
White chippy paint flakes were everywhere!!
Didn't care.
THEY LOOKED FABULOUS and I am in love with them and we will never part. Ever.

More numbers and hay...

This is an old cadet cot from Virginia Military Institute (VMI) in Lexington Va. ( says so on the bottom). THE perfect thing for a porch. Flop on some old pillows and you have the best spot in the house to take a little nippy nap.

None of this stuff is screwed together, nailed up or supported in anyway! Good grief! It is all just leanin together but is was so solid I forgot to even worry about it. Sometimes my booth and shop for that matter can be one giant boobie trap.
What exactly is a boobie trap? Who thought of that word? Where did it even come from?

This big old white box is actually an old produce crate! We just tipped her over and used it as a table type shadowbox type display. Worked for me!

The garden cart is one of my best favorites . It has THAT LOOK and on a scale of 1 to 10 the chippitude factor is a 9!
Cream color ladder didn't last long. I probably should have kept it because I am already jonesing for another one. Couldn't do a show with SOMETHING to do with a feedsack..............

The topiaries were METAL....

Antique chippy mirror on my fav door........
Framed sugar sack...
Old vintage handmade Polk Tourist Home Sign......too die for!

Rusty metal gears.........More Hay.....

Old rusty crusty hanging planter basket filled with goodies...

Plenty of old ticking pillows filled with feathers!That little round frame was also one of my fav things. Chippitude factor = 8

Gotta have some birdies.....

Had never seen these kind before.....

So there you go friends! I have lots more to share with you of my fellow vendors and as soon as I upload all those pics I will get um on here so you can drool over all their stuff!
See ya later!

OH~ OH~ Wait a minute!! Hold on!! For even more pics hop on over to my friend Tammy's blog Junk Wild!
Now I'm done.


Angela said...

Wow!! Just when you think it couldn't get any better...the perfect doors show up! Looks fantastic!

Tammy said...

Hey girl...I had such a good time at the show! Your space rocked the house!! There were about 50 things I wanted to buy from you...I may see you on Sunday @ Shop Keepers!!
Mailed the pic CD to you today...
Have a great week!
Tammy : -)
& thanks for the shout out about my post on JUNK WILD!!
We <3 YOU!!

Kristin said...

oh.my.everlivin'.goodness! i will take one of everything please!! ;0)
how do you part with anything???
absolutely amazing; so wish i could have joined you!!

prairie hugs,

btw~that feedsack pillow with the wheat on it wouldn't still be available would it?!? i think it needs to come live here on the prairie...let me know! :0)

Imseeingraggedies Nutt said...

OMGosh!!! Your booth looks awsome!!! Would love to shop there!!! I would be broke!!! Do you still have any of the mail bags left? Those are adorable! Also, I noticed you liked #'s. I was trying to remember who it was that like them! I was at Taget and they have white canisters and plates with #'s on it. And they are on clearance! Just thought I would let you know!

Cindy B said...

what a great set up.. loved seeing all your neat stuff...you know what? I have that cart also..the sides a bit higher tho.
I have the feeling that I need to swat a fly...good sound effects!!LOL

Tanya said...

I LOVE it all. Those doors really need to come to my house! And how in the world did you luck out with those mailbags? I love 'em.

Theresa said...

Your booth love fabulous! The doors are a junkers dream and everything is displayed beautifully! Theresa

Primsue said...

OMGoodness, Beth - what an awesome display. Sure wish I lived closed enough to attend your show. I love it all.


Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

OMG, it looks awesome! Love the boobytrap description, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the doors!

Faded Charm said...

Wow! Beth, you're booth looks fabUlous.......with all it's white chippy wonders. I know I would have been drawn to your both right off the bat and see many goodies I'd love to bring home. And those doors......how do your get so lucky????

Take care,

Dawn said...

Hay...boy can you inspire a girl to head to the shed to get some junk and bring it right on in! i love it all. I could have spent all my $ there! Love all the hay and the galvaized. The doors are to die for. Love the bed. Love it all!!

Carmen at Primcatshouse said...


Carmen and the Primcats

time-worn interiors said...

The doors where the icing on the cake! Everything look amazing!

Brambleberry Cottage said...

You did it, Beth! You definitely captured the Barn House look perfectly! Seeing all your wonderful chippy treasures makes me even sadder that I wasn't there in person. :(

I hope the show was a huge success for you.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

WOW! is your booth gorgeous, before the doors! what a style you have. Your displays are incredible. and those doors- oh my...


Tamarah said...

Oh Beth your space was STUNNING....I see many pieces I would have relieved you of....Your 'last minute' door find is the kind of thing 'junk legends' are made of....hahahahaha....LOVE those for sure....!!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Sooo many wonderful things!! Please tell me you'll ship to California... :D
Read the above post, then came to look at this one. Those doors are fantastic, but I LOVE your ticking pillows and that framed grainsack... gorgeous!
Have a great day~
Jo :)