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Monday, May 16, 2011

How I put a Junk display together!!

Hey there junk fans!

I feel like I've been away from this blog for eons!

Physically yes......mentally NO! I am ALWAYS thinking:

what can I do next?

what can I say that's interesting?

what would you like to see?

what kind of post will generate some comments?

what will get the lines of communication flowin?

Welllllllll, here's what I come up with!

I took you( in my heart) and my camera (in my tote bag) the other day to the shop.

I needed to create a new display at one of the entrances to the shop, so I decided to snap some

"display in progress" photos to show you how I went about creating this display with some of my recent junk finds!

If you have to go potty, throw in a load of laundry or grab a cup of coffee, do it now cuz this post is gonna run a tad loooooong!

Okay. Ready? Here goes!!!

My backdrop for this display has been the same for quite awhile. I found these HUGE OLD CHIPPY WHITE BARN DOORS for 15.00 bucks each a couple years ago and have used these ever since. They provide an excellent neutral background that allows me to add color with the other pieces I choose to use. In this case I wanted a bright , summer kind of feel so I decided to go with a red, white and green garden type theme.

Display is all about LAYERS......Say it with me

LAY......ERS!!! Once you wrap your noggin around that that little tid bit

the sky is the limit!

In this case I started my layers with an awesome old red barn door, an old and EMPTY hornets nest, and some branches......

To get the color theme going, I then added a super old green park bench and the most adorable little desk I've seen in a long time. These three items are the BONES to the display. The red door adds needed height, the bench breaks up the line and the desk provides a flat surface in which to add much needed accessories.............

Here we go with the fun stuff...ACCESSORIES! This is where you get to play and have fun. Add some , take some away. Put some up, stand back, take a look, rearrange!
I liked the addition of the hanging scale because it really stood out against the red door. The old cooler was a MUST for this display and the big over sized red gingham pillows I actually made from recycled drapes. There is still a "hole" that needs filled above the bench and I removed the hornets nest because it kept falling down and ticked me off.

I always like to use lighting if possible because it adds another dimension to any display. Here a cute little accent lamp enhances a wonderful handmade chippy birdhouse and an old textile bobbin along with tree branches.

It's coming together slow but sure. That "hole" that I mentioned earlier I filled in with a handmade barn wood sign. It's one of those things that while I like it....I don't love it but I didn't have anything else at the time that made me happy. I think it's just a tad to small for the space and could use something a bit larger to help fill in the void. The sign will work for now. (UPDATE.... the sign was replaced by an AWESOME old chippy bed spring from a crib but it sold too fast to get a picture ! And guess what? The sign sold too! Now what am I gonna do?? lol!!)

The sunflower was one of my favorite additions. It added a perfect jolt of color and helped to set the garden tone for the display.

With the addition of these vintage garden tools....

and comfy pillows along with old baskets.....

I think it's just about there!

To me a display is never done! It's always evolving until you decide to go with an entirely different look! This display has already changed alot. The green park bench sold as well as the garden tools! To me that let's me know that the display did what it was supposed to do....inspire and SELL!!

Inspiration + purchase=successful display.

This display lasted 2 days. I will be back at it this week to hopefully create another one that will work out as well! I plan on keeping the color theme going so that let's me plan on putting in even more recent junk finds for you to discover!!

Thanks for joining me on my display how to!

Let me know if you liked seeing how things were put together and if you have any questions...fire away.

That's it for now!

I've got a couple surprises for you this week that I can't wait to reveal!

Stay tuned and THANKS FOR READING!!



Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Beth, your displays are always AWESOME!

afistfullofweeds* said...

Loving it!! Really!

kim@ A Thyme Remembered said...

Really enjoyed seeing your thought process here! I love to do new displays in my booth...but although exciting for it to be demolished (because of a sale) :)) it can get frustrating also!
You go girl....everything is beautiful!!! Hope to be by to see you SOON!

SANDI said...

I really LOVE your display.

Angela said...

I so loved the lesson on how to put a display together. You had such neat items to work with. I am not surprised it didn't last long. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and look forward to visitng. Have a great day.

RanchDressingHandmadeAndVintage said...

Always inspirational! I had a hard time watching my favorite displays change at first...never in just two days...but I love merchandising too. Thanks for the peek.

Passionate for White said...

You make it look so easy!

Beckyjean said...

Lovely displays!! Thanks for sharing. I can't wait to see some more.

Enjoy your day~Becky

Terri said...

What a talented eye you have! To take it one step further and share your how to's. I can see why things are forever changing.Congrats and thank you! Terri

Gail said...

Thanks for the EXCELLENT advice how to get the viewer's eye to move throughout a display using color, line, and light without cluttering up the vignette. Thanks

A Cottage Muse said...

I bow my head to the display queen!
Looks Fab U Lous!!!

Tammy said...

Great Post! Displays are so much fun to do! You gave some really great tips! Way to go my friend!!
and as usual I see a few things I'd love to have!!
See you soon!
Junk Wild

Anonymous said...

I would say if the majority of your display sells in 2 days you are definitely doing everything right. Thank you for sharing the [process. It reminded me of the way Christopher Lowell builds a room design. Start with your foundation and then accessorize.

Heaven's Walk said...

Incredibly inspiring, Beth. Your displays just rock my world, girl! Thanks so much for your awesome tips. I learned alot from your photos! :)

xoxo laurie