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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

NEW BOOTH LOCATION ~ Southern Marketplace!

Happy Tuesday!

This week is all about booths. Particularly my booths. I have been busy giving them all a good once over and adding TONS OF NEW JUNK! The Sleepy Poet and The Depot Booths all got taken care of in the past few days! Big ole load of new junk taken into both spaces. Nothing like being able to rummage thru a new pile o'junk. Have at it!! It's waitin for you!

I also have added ANOTHER BOOTH LOCATION!!!

I was recently invited to show my stuff at a new shop:

Southern Marketplace!

It's located on 74 in Indian Trail, NC in front of Lowes.

I hope all you local yocals will go and give it a peek.

There are lots of nice booths in there with a variety of goods to pick from.

Everything from gifts , jewelry, collectibles to antiques.

Me.....well I stuck with what I know best.............


Here's a peek at how the booth turned out.

Using these doors as my background was probably my best idea. They make it unique while allowing me the perfect place to hang stuff. {Plus they are out of the garage which bring a smile to the face of a certain Mr. OTM}

I wish I had a tallow berry plant? tree? Which one is it?

Couldn't have a booth without a scale fo' sale......

These little grain sack pillows were easy and fun to make. They are the perfect filler for old bowls or baskets.........

Found this dresser on the curb~ already painted white! I added the numbers and love the results. A super easy project {for once!!}

Cloches are a must....

This little blue ticking piece is an old folding stool. Can you say....adorable?!!

Guess what? All this junk is for sale and if you see anything you gotta have just holler!

AND on a another booth related subject.....

We have booth space available for our Sunday at the Marketplace, May 15th {located at the shop}. If you have antiques,baked goods, handmades, vintage goods, or just good ole junk~ WE WOULD LOVE TO ADD YOU AS A VENDOR!!

A 10 x 10 space is yours for $15.00.

Just email me or give me a call @ 704-942-6258!


time worn interiors said...

Exactly how much energy can one person have? Girl you are on it! Great looking booth!

Mary Kay Andrews said...

Looks like another detour for me on my next run up to NC!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

OMG, your space looks awesome, awesome, awesome!! I want to come shopping in your booth :)

heather mize said...

I don't know where you get all your energy (and all that great junk)! Your blog is a constant inspiration for me. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Your booth looks amazing!! I would love shopping in it. I wish I could be part of the show this Sunday, but I wouldn't have enough time to get everything together in time. Maybe another time!!

Faded Charm said...

Please forgive all the drool as i scroll along your post. I am so envious of your doors as a background.....thye are soooo awesome and really make your booth:-) Love everything.


Pieces From The Past said...

Superb as always................You are probably the best looking booth in the place!

Heading to Italy Saturday....Check my blog or FB for pics!!

Trace4J said...

Beautiful!! Your blog is so inspiring. Wish you were my neighbor :)
Hugs Granny Trace

A Cottage Muse said...

Beth it looks amazing!!
Going back to soak it all in!
Thanks for the inspiration, I have booth envy now!

freckled laundry said...

You are awesome! $15 for a booth space? Wish I was closer. Heck, I might up some stuff and send it to you. I envision my tiny little basket sitting sad & alone on the floor of that booth! Is that THE chippy, white mantel in the background? Love it. He's perfect.

freckled laundry said...

...and your space looks amazing!