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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bella Rustica Barn Sale Photos!!!

Hello Friends!!

The wait is ov-ah!

Bella Rustica photos are here!

I gotta tell ya.....this is a looooooooooooong post

filled with LOADS of photos.....

(you've got time to throw in a load of laundry...trust me!)

Before we get to the photos of my booth....

I wanted to share with you part of the overall experience!

This is how I started out...

I told you that I would be leaving a chippy white paint chip trail from here to Tennessee!

I'd LOVE to know what goes thru people's minds when they pass me on the interstate!
See that wheel right there in the lower left corner of the photo??? Huh ??See it??

Well that's the one that decided it wanted to FALL OFF two hours into the trip.
(thankfully, I pulled over just in time!)
Adorable isn't she?

I was so flippin scared!

Note to wheel(s)....please don't EVER do that to me again.

Thank You.

Here is the Early Bird line starting on Friday!

This is the glorious Barn where Wendy and I lived for 3 days......

Susan who owns the farm told me that I had the honor of being placed in the birthing stall where all the babies are born! How sweet is that? Her parents were the most adorable folks. They welcomed us with open arms and hearts. They couldn't believe how their farm was transformed.

They openly gave thanks to the Lord though out the show for our wonderful weather and for all the folks that were there. And let me say this....when you see a couple who have spent a lifetime together and still hold hands......that is the definition of precious right there.

The tire swings were in constant use.....

Meet Hazel! This adorable vintage camper belongs to the equally adorable Michelle (and her husband) of Vintage Junky! I was so excited to meet her and see her amazing talent first hand. As soon as you stepped into the barn, it was her things that greeted you! A perfect beginning (which I didn't get a photo of...duh!) To see her amazing booth all you have to do it visit her blog and you will be drooling.Guaranteed!

Speaking of drooling....this is what I lusted after that entire time I was there ......

and these fantastic ruffled linens from Bella Vintage.

Carters Creek Station was just outside the back of the barn in their own little world! I was a great set up with tons of vintage chippy rusty goodness. It featured 3 separated shops all offering the best junk!

Like this.......

and this .........

(told you it was good!)

I am kicking myself by the way for not getting this wagon.

The gals from Three French Hens were our neighbors for the show and did a BLOW YOUR MIND job on their booth. This was one of my favorite displays they had. You can see more about these chicks in the current issue of Flea Market Style Magazine!!

It was such a good time being next to these sweet ladies. I can only imagine their shop!

simply adorable clothing from Little Cowgirl not to mention candles and cowboy boots!

Okay....are you READY FOR SOME BOOTH PICS???

Here we go!

Whew! The whole thing was amazing. Linda and Art from AGAPE were unbelieveable. They worked SO HARD. Oh.My Gosh. Two of the nicest people on the planet! We had so much help loading and unloading the truck and trailer. Talk about being grateful!! I can't even begin !

I got to meet some awesome ladies including Theresa from Time Worn Interiors, The Cranky Queen, Petticoat Junktion, SassyTrash (who I have blog stalked forever!!....love her!) and MORE! It's ALWAYS fun to connect face to face with a blog follower and talk live and in person!

Most of these bloggers have done their own posts on the show and have some amazing photos that they have shared!

I'd also like to give a huge thank you to my girl Wendy who worked her butt off helping me with everything and deciding to stick around even after the wheel fiasco!

To see even more photos of Bella Rustica you can go to their blog and for even more just Google it and you will be able to see lots of other blog posts that have been done and so on.

I was so happy to be apart of this event and will carry it in my heart always.
Except for the wheel part.

The end.


Anonymous said...

swoon!! as luck would have it I will be in Franklin, TN later in October but am marking my calendar to make it to bella rustica next year! your pics are wonderful!

Keep dreaming barefoot!

Faded Charm said...

Everything looks amazing Beth!!!! The horse stall was a perfect backdrop for your stuff and is a cool idea. Love, love, love the doors on the wall as well.

I'm sure your load was quite a bit lighter on the way home:-)


Cheryl said...

Wowser.....what a show! Love pics of your booth and all the other ones, too. How on earth did you lose a wheel? Glad you're okay.


Kristin said...

oh.my.ever.livin' girl!!! *love* it all...totally would have done some major damage to your shop!! :0)

beautiful as always, of course i always find something that i just can't live without...any chance you still have the dairy ration sign!?!? sigh...it is a must need!! :0) let me know if it is still available and pricing...keeping fingers crossed!


LindaLou said...

Hi Beth, I miss you already! Made so many sweet new friends at Bella. You stall was stunning! Thanks for ramping up the show! Hope to see you again and trust your trip home was uneventful! C'ya! Lin

Tammy said...

your booth looks amazing as always! I REALLY hate that I had to miss that show! It sure looks like it was a ton of FUN!!
Thanks for sharing so many pics!
Junk Wild

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ahhh....thanks for the vicarious sharing...That looks likes heaven. Think I could have stimulated the economy in your booth alone...that dairy ration sign is drool-worthy...and oh - that apothecary cabinet....Oh, oh, oh...Glad you made it home safely - sleep tight....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin (PS - you really met The Cranky Queen?? She does exist??) ;o)

Vintage Junky said...

I loved reliving it through your post! I also had a great time talking to you! Next time the show is here, we must make plans outside of the barn! That Dairy Ration sign is to die for... how did I miss that?
xo~ Michelle

A Cottage Muse said...

Everything looks fabulous! I met Tot in Brimfield this year which was lots of fun!

Back in Time Treasures said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Wish we had something like that here. Your booth was amazing as usual. Did you get that metal apothecary cabinet? It was sooooo coool!

Stacey said...

LOVED your booth! I just found your business card I'd held onto bc I knew you were from NC....I pass through Marshville all the time on my way from my BFF's in Charlotte to take our trips to Wilmington area! Now that I know about you, I'll have to force her to stop along the way with me! Love the doors. Love everything!!