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Monday, September 5, 2011

Introducing BOWS!

Good Morning Friends!

This post is out of order.

It was scheduled to come tomorrow because I had grandiose plans of getting up bright and early this morning and taking photos of the TRUCKLOAD OF JUNK that we scored yesterday.

That didn't happen.

Instead I found myself sleeping in and dreaming of the hot dog I ate yesterday!

No joke...it.was.that.good.

Seriously...dreaming about a hot dog.

Funny thing is...when Mr. OTM woke up he comes into the living room and says

"Boy that hot dog we ate yesterday was really good!"

(Things like that just reconfirm we are meant for each other! lol!)

Okay...sorry don't click off just yet......

I wanted to share with you my new addition to my Etsy shop.....


Meet my first introduction...

The Gingham Burlap Bow in Brown and Cream.THE perfect addition to your autumn decorating......

not to mention weddings!

For the item specifics, just hop on over to my shop!

Any questions....please feel free to ask.

Well, I am off to the shop to unload that truckload of junk! WE WILL BE OPEN TODAY so come on down!!! Pictures to follow!


bettyj said...

Love that! Looks so prim. I happen to be one of those who like a few bows.

Cheryl said...

Yep, you were meant for each other!
Love the bow and the color is just right for fall decorating.

Terri at Finder's Keeper's said...

Love the bow....can I order a couple and have you mail.....to King, NC??


TheCrankyCrow said...

You're too funny....but I love a good hot dog....Really. Now you'll have me dreaming of them!

Sweet bow - love the simple colors....

Hope you had a wonderful holiday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin