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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lucketts was da BOMB!

If I had to describe Lucketts Spring Market in one word.....
it couldn't happen.
It was beyond a doubt one of the
And we're not just talking sales here either.
The creativity~ not to mention the JUNK that is sprinkled throughout the show
Seriously...."mind blowing, there's not enough money in the world to buy it all" JUNK!
PLUS.....the BEST part was the people....fellow vendors and shoppers!
I got to meet sooooo many other bloggers and I felt like I was at a retreat or some sort because I came home with that
sense of renewal. The kind of wonderful fulfilled feeling you get when you let yourself indulge in pure joy.
I share more of that in a future post!

Here's how the show started for me.
Remember my love seat and table?
I even might have teared up a little.
I was so excited and happy.
Here they are in the new owners booth lookin pretty smart don't ya think?
For more FABULOUS Lucketts photos of the show ( I have yet to upload all mine) hop on
over to the Lucketts Blog.

You can also find some other wonderful photos at Elizabeth & Co.
I can't wait til next year but I am also glad to be home.
We did some major buying at the show as well as some of our
favorite spots in Maryland and Virginia!
The shop and booth spaces are in for a treat!


Kirby Dunton Carespodi said...

Jealous! One of these days....
Also, Dennis and I are planning to do your July and August shows. (Which means I will be working all of June and July to get ready!) I plan on a day trip to Marshville as soon as school is out.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

So glad you had a good show. It's always encouraging to hear that a sale was 'da bomb'!

tattered elegance said...

I absolutly LOVED your Booth!!!! I gave ya a shout out on my blog too! You do such great work im def going to stop by for a visit next time i head to NC!!!

Kim said...

At the coat of sounding dumb....where is Luckettes?

sissie said...

Hi Beth,
One of these days I'm going to make it to this one!
My sister and I met at The Depot last week and it was wonderful....everything we expected and more. Your booth was 1die4. I just kept going back and looking at it over and over again.
My sister got a few things from you too.

We took two days to go through it all and we had so much fun. Took home a carload too.


Tammy of {Tattered and Timeless} said...

Hey Beth- so glad it was wonderful for you. One of these days I might be able to make it to that one. I am so happy for you- now girl get those photos uploaded and share..sharing is fun. :)
I'll see you on June 24 for the next marketplace. Save my spot..

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!!

Sue (Vintage Rescue) said...

Beth, it was sooooo awesome to hang with you again (and to finally meet Junk Hunk #1)! Russ is a keeper.

I knew you'd love this show; it's one of the best. Can't wait to come down and see you (and sell at Marketplace)! XOXOXOXOXOXOX

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Hi Beth, As you can tell, I really loved your booth! Lucketts is an event I look forward to every year. So much great stuff and nice people all in the same place. Next year, we will defintely have to meet!

trash talk said...

It never feels like work when you love what you do and it loves you back. You know I would have been there if I coulda.

Heaven's Walk said...

I feel like I missed out on some fabulous party or something, Beth! I sure wish I could'ave made the long trip to attend! Glad to hear that you had a successful time there! :)

xoxo laurie

Emily said...

I love that table!
No wonder it went so quickly.
Just found your blog and etsy shop.
Great stuff!