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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Before I started this post I re-read my last post and had to chuckle at the beginning sentence~
Today was one of those days, the not so good kind. I finally felt better this morning after having a doozie of a cold and I got alot of paper work and computer work done. My goal was to head on up to The Sleepy Poet in Charlotte where I have one of my booths. I got the car loaded up with some new goodies to take and hit the road.
Cruising along and jammin too some Let's Hear it For the Boy (80's at lunch)
all of the sudden it's Let's Hear it For a Flat Tire! .....ugh
and I am on 485...a major busy interstate...of course
all alone......of course
the tire was JUST put on this past Saturday....of course
my car is loaded with junk......of course
the spare tire is UNDER all of the junk.....of course
Okay...so what's a girl to do! Well I say a quick prayer and call roadside assistance.
They will be there in 45 minutes.That gives me PLENTY of time to unload all my crap along side of the road. I even thought for a TINY little minute how funny it would be to make a YARD SALE sign and lean it against all the stuff. YOU know you would have stopped right?
Well as it turned out I didn't have time. All of the sudden it was like I had all these people that I don't even know spring into action to help me.
FIRST~ the Roadside Assistance Guy called me to verify my location
SECOND~ As I am trying to describe my location a State Highway Patrol officer pulls up to see if I have help on the way. He was able to verify my location to the "T"
THIRD~I get another phone call from Roadside Guy....he is lost...of course
FOURTH~ As I am on the phone with Roadside Guy, a big ole truck pulls up behind me and the nicest guy walks up and asks me if he can change my tire for me. Roadside Guy says that sounds like a good idea. So Chad introduced himself and proceeded to be my knight in shining armor along 485. I asked him if I could please give him something for all his kindness. He said he has a wife and two kids and would want someone to help them out like that. He really made my day and made me stop and think. All these people crossed my path today for some reason. I may never see them again or even meet them face to face. I think about Roadside Guy and hope he still isn't lost. I think back to Chad and how proud his wife and kids would be for what he did for me today. I think about the State Highway Patrolman and what a relief it was to see him come to my aid instead of the the nervous feeling you get from being pulled over.
Oh~ and as far as the new tires? Those people are making it right with us as well.
There are good people out there. I met three of them today (almost three...Roadside Guy remember?) and I am so glad I did. It did my heart good and made me realize that I didn't have to go looking for them either. They just appeared. How cool is that? Today I felt blessed and thankful. What a great feeling. Today turned out to be one of those days~
the good kind.


luvtodecorate said...

That was a beautiful post! Made me cry..God sends his angels to watch over us...

Wanda said...

Beth - That was a great post. I truly believe we have experiences, like this, to remind us about the good that still abounds in others. Aside from you receiving blessings from those Good Samaritans, they received the blessing from that brief time with you! We're all in that big circle. Thanks so much for sharing this!

Linda said...

One of those days that starts out not so good, but ends up being so nice!

Mc Allen said...

wow, wonderful post, and perspective! Thank you... xoxo LA

The Green Pea said...

How nice that someone takes the time to change your tire. He was busy doing his work and stopped to help. My God Bless him. Hope the rest of your day went as well. sandi

Carmen C. said...

That's awesome! Not many folks in this day and age will stop to help anyone, thanks for letting us know there are still those who will and want to help :)

kim@ A Thyme Remembered said...

Thanks for sharing....I, too, have a similar problem...and on I-485!!! It does your heart good to know that there are thise people out there still...AND it spurs me on to BE one of those people...We are all so busy these days...and Preoccupied- and we don't always go that extra mile....a great reminder!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Beth I have goosebumps...what a sweet wonderful day you had regardless of the flat....there was a reason for it...TO REVIVE OUR FAITH IN MANKIND AND HOW THEY WILL COME TO OUR RESCUE OUT OF NOWHERE! There are kind, wonderful thoughtful poeople out there that we NEVER HEAR ABOUT...JUST THE BAD GUYS.

Thanks for sharing some of the GOOD STUFF WITH US!

Hugs, Kkaren

julie miller said...

Hi Beth, What a great story!! So glad you and your junk were OK!! Junkinjulie

Vintage Remixed said...

Hi Beth,

Thanks for visit to both my blog and Etsy shop. I really appreciate it. I'm off to look around your blog now. Have a lovely day!


Tamera @ the Stone Fence Cottage said...

Sounds like you had some angels looking over you!!

lakeffect said...

What a great story! I have heard it said that we attract the kind of people we deserve into our lives. In your case, it must be true.

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Ok.... did Chad look like a Travis???? LOL Was the State Troper a young one like the ones we saw on the motorcycles on 77 a while back, remember??? I have the story on the motorcycle ones to tell ya... we are friends now at the Depot, he is there all the time!! Hugs, Janna

Judi said...

You just never know whose paths you may cross or for what reason ~ you have a beautiful spirit to think of them and how they touched your life when you needed them! Judi

kathi @ traybella said...

loved your story today. that is one of my worst fears...that i'll be all loaded up with junk and get that flat tire. i had to laugh when you said "put a sale sign out" because that is EXACTLY what i was thinking!! too funny. glad everything worked out for ya and you met some angels along the way. ;)

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Isn't it wonderful when your faith in humanity is restored? :-)

Have a fabulous Friday!