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Monday, March 29, 2010


First off... STOP THE PRESSES>>>>>>this is a MONUMENTAL post of sorts because...if you look closely you will see that there are NINE.....yep 9 pictures all within one post!! Many of you have had to listen to my constant frustration on only being able to upload 5 pictures at a time and FINALLY a blog angel named Julie swept in an rescued me from blogger turmoil! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH!! WHEW!!
With that said...let's roll on to the pics!
Found this old hand made tool box with a flip down front! Great color, cute little drawer and it was loaded with cool junk inside too!
One of my MOST FAVORITE FINDS EVER has GOT TO BE this stand. It was used at a camp as as check in stand. The paint is gray~ ish over white and it is PERFECTLY CRACKLY!!

Just got in some of these cool chippy metal pots (perfect for herbs) and they are lookin like they have belonged with the stand forever...

Notice the pussy willow branches to the left! We have loads of those in and look perfect in an old milkcan, crate etc... We have them stuck everywhere and they add that perfect spring accent...instantly!

Our popular GO GREEN and THINK GREEN canvas bags are back in stock!
They are 9.95 each and WASHABLE!

Oh yes...the stool! Let me just say it is a faded blue, metal, crackly paint and the perfect height to go under the camp stand if you would want to use it like that. Yummy!

Yep...more pussy willows and the cutest darn old vintage wicker sewing stand! It swings open and the lid lifts open and it oozes chippy charm! Makes a great side table too!

Our black STAR dishes are always a fav and I have them all re-ordered and back in stock! Come in for one piece or get a discount when you buy a whole set!

HANDMADE BUNNY PILLOWS are ready to hop on out! Vintage wool bunnies sewn on an antique quilt squares~ 9.95 each!
Hope you all have a great day!


Lori Katies Rose Cottage said...

YAYY !! Don't you love it when you can post lots of pictures ! Yours are just beautiful !



julie miller said...

YAAAAY--good for you that you figured out that whole picture thing!! I'm glad I could be of help to you coz I know how frustrated I was!! Your stuff is great and I love that old stand! Have a good week, Julie

kathi @ traybella said...

love all your finds...especially that blue tool chest. how cool!
cheers...to junking!


Looks great Beth. Fun finds for sure. I love the pussywilows...if only I could find some around here.
Easter Blessings.
Deb :)

Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

Ok... I need me some of those metal POSTS?? I tried a calling you but no answer! The shop looks wonderful. I am gonna make it back there someday! Hugs, Janna

Olde Tyme Marketplace said...

Thanks Janna...I just changed it to POTS!! duh...

The Whistle Stop said...

Oh, I wish I lived closer. Your displays look so wonderful! I think the "camp stand" is a favorite! Your blog and store is an inspiration for me with my store. It looks like you have A LOT more room then I have. Keep posting pictures they are so fun to see.

Linda said...

Great stuff- my favorite is the chippy stool!

creekside rummager said...

Great finds. Love the stand.

cityfarmer said...

I'll take it all ...
sniff sniff ... looks like we'll be comig to the south for a fall color tour .... take heart

call me sometime

Burlap Luxe said...

Hello Beth,
What would be my favorite find? Well all of them I can see why you scooped them all up.
I really love the stand, I would not have been able to pass that one up, it would be on my garden porch as fast as I could get it there.

Love your site, and keep teasing us with your inpiration and great treasured finds.

PS. you are on my blog roll and have been for a while, see I do love your site :)


Kate said...

What absolute beauty!!!! Terrific post, thank you so much for sharing.

Have a wonderful Easter holiday.

Warm wishes