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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Yesterday was one of those days...the good kind!
First of all Russ (the famous Mr.OTM) got called back to work after being laid off right before Christmas (Praise the Lord!! Whew...prayer at work again!)
Second of all the weather was ...BEYOND WONDERFUL! Sunny, 72 and no humidity so even though I was outside workin in my grungy clothes...my hair looked great! Down here in NC, that means somthing...let me tell ya!
Third of all...or is that thirdly of all...or just thirdly??/ Anyway because it was so nice, I got a BOATLOAD of projects done. A SERIOUS boatload....like 20 different things....D~O~N~E!
I was on a stool kick yesterday for sure. I have been itchin to get these buggers done and I really was lovin the way they turned out. Take a peek.....
Okay, the best part about this baby was the color for sure! I did nothing to that...just added the frenchy burlap pillow insert...
The bar stool was an icky yuckky orange~ the kind of orange that stains on your hands after putting on self tanner lotion...ackkk! Get the picture? So I did the ole whitewash and jazzed it up with a burlappy cover and hopefully someone will love the No. 5!

This little one is just a short squatty little thing , low to the ground with short little legs...she reminds me of my dog! Anyway, picture the worst tapestry fabric on earth and what was on here was worse than that! Puke Puke! I painted the little legs and did another burplappy cover and decided that the No.2 would surely rock someones world. I hope, I hope.....!

Then, since I had the white paint out~ I got to this adorable little wooden bucket and wire basket. I was thinking how sweet herbs would look in either of them. And can you see who is lurking in the background??? That's right folks....all the way from the garage to hearts all over America.... You all know her, you all love her.......

It's Miss Messy herself!! Ta-Da!! So after I stared at her for awhile ~ and before the neighbors thought I was a whack-job, I decided to leave her neck just like it was . I then took some watered down Tacky Glue and brushed that all over her um...boo...um..brea...um chest area and folded all the batting and fabric back up on her and decided that I love her just like that! Just by doing that small repair, it made a big difference and will help that fabric to last longer too! Thanks to all who left comments and suggestions!
So that's about it. I did get way more done than the pics but I was pooped and seriously, I almost didn't get this photo shoot under my belt before it got dark.
Most of these items I took to my booth at The Depot in Concord.
If you haven't been there yet.....holy moly are you in for a treat!
If you'd like to see a super amazing make-over on some chairs, hop on over to see what Theresa did at Time Worn Interiors! In a word....Unbelieveable!
Well girlies , that's bout it for today. I am pooped and just realized I have antiquing stain on my right earlobe.....since yesterday.
And yes...I did take a bath!
Go figure! :0)


Amy Kinser said...

I love your stools and I love that wire basket. You did a great job on all of it.

Masy said...

what a lovely house on your header! what is it?

Carmen C. said...

LOL, tacky glue works wonders doesn't it? Even on chest areas that have split their seams:) I love the stools and bucket, great job!!!

time-worn interiors said...

You did get a lot of stuff done! I love it when the weather is pretty and I can just work to my hearts desire! Thanks for the shout out!

Kate said...

Thank you so very much visiting and for the love & warmth in your comment. I am soooo tickled you did, I love your work, those stools are to die for!! I am excited that now your blog will be part of my mornings. Have a blessed & wonderful weekend.

Warm wishes

WhiteWhispers2u said...

G'Day~Thanks for saying "Hello" on my blog and your Sweet Comment about my Daughter.It has been a rough road that is for sure.

Those Stools are Fabulous! Great job.I am ready for nice sunny weather here can't wait.Great Blog! I'll be back to visit.~Kim

One Cheap B*tch said...

I love that French stool!

Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

Love your stools...but I loved mostly your comment about good hair! I am a little north of you here in Thomasville and also had a no humidity good hair day on Wednesday too! It is a super big deal for me not to have the frizzys!

La Vie en Rose said...

Awesome projects! Doesn't it feel good to actually FINISH things? Thanks so much Beth for visiting my blog. If you would like to join in on Fail Fridays, just let me know. When I get enough interest I will start it up again.

Anne (ashabbylife.blogspot.com)

creekside rummager said...

Now she is Miss Ta Da!! She looks good. You did a good job on her. Don't you just love days when you can putter and get all sorts of good things done.