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Thursday, May 6, 2010

14,003 things.....

It's not a secret that you can find the BEST stuff at garage sales. I am going to be honest with you....something I have never told anyone else.......The REAL SECRET is sometimes after you (meaning me) buys something it gets "lost" among my utterly clean and organized garage ( please read with as much sarcasm as possible) and well it gets unearthed at a later time.

Such is the case with this little book. It was .25 cents at a garage sale where I bought a bunch of other stuff and I remember clear as a bell now that I put it inside this wooden box I got and that's where it stayed until this morning!

I am so glad I found it because it got me thinking all day about reasons to be happy.

One of my reasons was being invited by my neighbor to go to her Women's Banquet at her church this evening. What a great time we had. Wonderful food, a fabulous speaker and so much fun being around so many talented and creative ladies. That makes it 14,001 reasons to be happy.
Reason 14,002......you'll never guess........okay maybe you will.....TOMORROW NIGHT IS THE PIONEER WOMAN BOOK SIGNING!! Yippee! I already sent her a message on Facebook to apologize if my hair looks like crap because it's been so darn hot already. I am SOOO EXCITED!! I better scoot and try to figure out what I am gonna wear!!!
Oh....P.S. ...reason 14,003.......All of YOU!!!
What were your reasons to be happy today??


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

I have such joy and laughter everyday when my almost 20 year old and 3 year old play around in the house...I'm so blessed to have had 16 years with her and now as she spreads her wings I can have joy with devoting my time to him...God is so good!!!..And of course being in remission for almost 8 years...Pausing on the way to and from school for Luke to spend a moment looking at the water fountain...It's all the little things!!~~hugs,Jen

Southern Lady said...

Have fun tonight. I plan to be there too. I have my cookbook ready to go! Carla

~Leslie Lemke~ said...

Such a great post you had today! If we look around we can always find something to be happy about! I especially have lots to be happy about today, such as we are celebrating my husband's 45th birthday today, along with the sunshine that God has provided us!
Have a wonderful Mother's day!

Anonymous said...


Artsy Fartsy Junkin Finds said...

I know you were too excited, you made me laugh as always! Hugs, janna