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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


The only thing they have in common is the Cilantro.....
otherwise this all totally random!
Sometimes I like to pretend that I am a great photographer and make the attempt
to inspire fellow bloggers to become
as great as I am at taking an awe inspiring photo.
NOT! Ha! Who am I kiddin!
So what you see is what you get!
Let's talk HERBS. I LOVE UM! Nothing adds such a nice FRESH flavor to a dish
like fresh cut herbs. I planted a bunch this year in containers and have them on the deck where they soak up the full sun and are right off the dining room so I can go and easily snip what I need when I am cooking!
My favs are: SWEET BASIL, GLOBE BASIL, CHIVES, OREGANO, ROSEMARY, CILANTRO, CURLY PARSLEY, and THYME. I use these all the time! I encourage you to plant a container Herb Garden and REMEMBER...HERBS LOVE TO BE SNIPPED!! It keeps um comin on!
In review....Herbs+full sun+water+snipping= delicious dishes!

I know, I know these are zinnias~ they asked if they could have their picture taken during all the Herb fuss...I felt bad they were being left out.......

That varigated oregano gets a little cocky sometimes because it's one of the few herbs that has two tone color and adds a splash to your container. Gets a big head over the whole deal.
ONTO FISH TACOS! I can hear how thrilled you all are! The suspense has been unbelieveable!

Tuesday night is Seafood Night at our house.
WHY you ASK?
Long story.
Okay, it's not so long.
We LOVE to watch Deadliest Catch.
Deadliest Catch is on Tuesday nights.
Deadliest Catch is about catching crab.
Crab is seafood.
Deadliest Catch+Seafood+Tuesday Night
We are dorks~ (do you see a pattern yet?)
The end.
Sooooo...I got inspired by that little Martha Stewart Food Magazine that had Fish Tacos on the cover. I Googled Fish Tacos and combined two recipes and I am telling you.....
in a word....

Here it is in case you wanna try um!
Olde Tyme Marketplace Fish Tacos
(just humor me okay?? :0)

1-2 pounds Tilapia
salt and pepper
oil for frying
Red cabbage ( shredded)
Avocado (sliced)
Pico de gallo
Buritto size flour tortillas
Poppy Seed dressing (this is the little secret that puts these OVER THE TOP!)

Coat the fish with flour, salt and pepper and fry in oil until crispy on both sides about 5-7 minutes. Remove and pat dry. Start piling it on the burrito with everything else! Smother with the Poppy seed dressing and roll it up into a big wad with everything shooting out the sides and
A great side dish for these is Cheesy Rice.
Okay, I am pooped and need some beauty sleep. I am putting my next post together of little "sneek peeks" of what you'll see that's NEW in the shop for ShopKeeper Sunday this weekend May 16th!! RAIN OR SHINE!!
Gotta go catch some zzzzzzzz'ssssssss!


Amy said...

it all looks so fresh and tasty
Maybe we will have fish tacos tomorrow for dinner, you make it look so good

Carmen C. said...

Love the beautiful herbs and zinnias, and those tacos look good, never had those before, thanks for sharing the recipe:) Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Southern Lady said...

Your tacos looks yummy, and your herbs are so full and beautiful! Carla

Beckyjean said...


Love your beautiful herbs & zinnias. I just love reading your posts. Such a sense of humor you have. The fish tacos look yummy. I would love to try them, but know my family would take one look & turn up their noses.

Looking forward to seeing your next post. I just love seeing all your wonderful "junk".


Gracie's Cottage said...

Love your herbs; it's about time for me to get a few planted here. We are HOOKED on Deadliest Catch too - (sorry, couldn't resist!), although since we got the big screen I sometimes get a little seasick watching it. :)
P.S. - Didja hear that Captain Sig wants to get on Dancing With the Stars?

Sue said...

The rain this year has definately helped all of our gardens do well. I too love fish tacos!! Alot!! I make more of a low cal type with browning ahi in a skillet with seasoning and then just fresh avocados sliced, Tapatio, and lowcal corn tortillas that I heat on over the burners on the stove. Quick, easy low cal and so good. Think that is what I'll be making for dinner tonight!!
Take care, Sue

Kelli said...

Mmmmm, these do sound amazing! Who would have thought!
I'm a new follower...from just up in Monroe=)!
Love your store!!
Feel free to visit me at www.sustainingcreativity.com.

Angie @ Ranch Dressing said...

Thanks for the recipe...I've wanted something for tilapia. Sounds wonderful!